Finders Seekers Puzzle Game Review

Finders Seekers Puzzle Game Review

Escape rooms and subscription boxes are both huge hits right now. Finders Seekers combines elements of both into a fun and challenging time. The Finders Seekers Puzzle Game arrives at your door and takes you to a special destination somewhere in our world. It could be New Orleans or Sydney. Solve the puzzles and figure out the next destination! Plus you can win great prizes for solving it.

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Your puzzle arrives in a plain box with a cool sticker of their logo. A plain white envelope is inside.

Finders Seeker Puzzle Game

The Puzzles

Every puzzle comes with an intro letter that lists everything that should be included. That way you know you’re not missing any important clues! Then you get a stack of clues. These can be maps, overlays, napkins, items, plane tickets, or just about anything really. And that’s it! You do not get anything to start you off. For those who love puzzles, this is an interesting challenge, as it’s an extra level of figuring the whole thing out. For those not so familiar with puzzles like this, it can be admittedly frustrating. Finders Seekers does have a Facebook group that can help you out if you are stuck though. Most people there warn if there are spoilers in their posts, but not always, so proceed with caution.

The Process

Finders Seekers Puzzle Game

I started with Sydney, though after opening the other two I have I learned that this is actually the second one in order. Sydney is rated a 4 out of 5 difficulties. You start with a travel guide that highlights many of Sydney’s main attractions. You have to go to the accompanying website listed for each site and solve the puzzles to collect souvenirs. Once you have all souvenirs it gives you the answer to the final puzzle. The items you get in the envelope aid you in solving the puzzles.

My 7-year-old and I went through about 5 of the puzzles and managed to get two of the souvenirs in under an hour. Even if we haven’t cracked all of them yet, it is still very fun and incredibly interesting to learn about these sites in Australia’s signature city. The next night I went back and did the first puzzle game. This one was New Orleans. This was extra fun for me since I recognized some of the sites from having visited there! It also helped a lot with that one that I speak and read French. For those of you that don’t speak other languages or are not familiar with cities spread across the globe, you are fully encouraged to take advantage of the “Google-machine.”

The Conclusion

I ended up solving New Orleans in about an hour on my own, and I look forward to completing Sydney! At the end of the game, you enter your info on the website given to be in the running for a prize. You also learn about the next destination for the next month’s game.

A Finders Seekers Puzzle Game can be great for doing on your own or in a group to come at the puzzles from different perspectives. You never know when you’ll need a musical ear or translator! As always, the creators of the games are super supportive in their Facebook group and always take the feedback from their subscribers to put towards future puzzles. They offer a month to month, or 3/6/12 month prepay subscriptions. These are geared more towards adult level puzzle solving, though older kids might like to get in on the fun.

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  1. I like the games during the holiday season. I’ve not heard of this. Will have to try it out.

  2. This sounds pretty fun actually. I do enjoy a good brain teaser and puzzle game.

  3. Looks like fun but looks like you could get easily frustrated

  4. my father in law is very into this type of thing he really enjoys

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