Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you’re planning a vacation with your pets, you will need to do a bit of extra planning and research. You can find a pet-friendly hotel that will allow you to bring your pets along, but you need to do some research first to find out which ones are best for you.

Below is our dog Little Zeus (aka LZ) who thinks he should be pampered wherever he goes. He has been spoiled by many a pet-friendly hotel and we appreciate them letting us bring our beloved dogs with us. pet-friendly hotelDon’t worry we didn’t let LZ sleep on the bed even though he tried but we did give him a few minutes of snuggle time and since he’s only 5lbs we figured no harm. We would never let our bigger dog on a hotel bed.

Most pet-friendly hotels will allow dogs (check out BringFido to search for places), but some do not allow cats. Some don’t allow birds or rodents, either. Some will allow any pet that is kept in a cage or a tank, but not pets that run free. Again, you need to look into the details of their pet policy, not just whether or not they allow hotelWe even had an amazing pet-friendly hotel in Seattle the Sorrento (read our review here) welcome our two dogs Luna & LZ with this fun sign. They even had dog beds, dog dishes and treats for our pooches. Now, I wouldn’t expect that from every pet-friendly hotel (in fact few do this) but the Sorrento which is not a large chain hotel, it’s more a boutique hotel was amazing when it came to our dogs.

Here’s what you can do to find a pet-friendly hotel:

  • The first thing you need to do is know where you’re going. You can’t look for hotels when you don’t know where you’ll be.
  • Then you want to find out the pet policies of hotels you’re considering staying at. If there is a specific hotel or chain your family likes to stay at, you need to find out if they accept pets before your planning goes any further.
  • Call them up and ask any questions about their pet policies, fees, and more. It’s not enough just to read their website, since sometimes info can be outdated. Call the exact branch you’re wanting to stay at and make sure you have all the details.
  • Once you find the hotel you want to stay at, you may need to book your reservations early. Many pet-friendly hotels have limited rooms and space available for pets, so you will want to be sure you get one of them.
  • Once you pick a hotel, you’ll also want to pack your pet’s supplies and have everything your pet(s) needs before you go. Bring favorite toys, blankets, or other special items to make your pet feel more comfortable even while away from home, too.

When investigating the right hotel for you and your pet, look at more than just the fees. You should also look at what amenities they may offer, and how convenient it is for your pets and the rest of your family.

Our dog Luna enjoying the plush dog bed provided at a pet-friendly hotelSome well-known pet-friendly chains include:

  • La Quinta
  • Hotel Indigo
  • Red Roof Inn
  • Four Seasons
  • Kimpton Hotels
  • Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

These are just a few to consider, but there are certainly many more out there, sometimes it’s a boutique hotel, or cabins at a resort, there might be more options than you think. Do your research, plan your trip, and find a great pet-friendly hotel in the area of your hotel tips

Make sure to check out our travel and pet sections for more great articles and reviews!

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  1. I have not found it difficult to find a pet-friendly hotel. I have found though, that since my boy is not people or animal friendly he is more comfortable if I have someone come and stay at the house with him while I am gone. I would prefer to have him with me but it is more important that he be comfortable in familiar surroundings.

  2. Sometimes it is hard to find a hotel that will take pets. We were at the Grand Canyon and decided to spent the night and see more of the canyon the next day. We stopped at 4 hotels as we pulled up pick sign NO PETS. The last place had the sign but we went in to see if they could help find a place. They said we take pets, but the sign says. We take pets just a $50 deposit on them. Lesson learned never hurts to ask.

  3. My dog Chi-Bear is 10 years old and we hate putting him in a kennel. So, hard to leave on a long vacation without him. Thanks for the awesome tips. Now I can find a pet-friendly hotel and he will travel with us to Florida!

  4. Its so wonderful to know there are great places to stay where your pets can enjoy it too. Great information of things to think about when going places with them.

  5. Thanks for the advice, it will be really helpful as I plan on moving to a different state and I will be moving with my dog.

  6. I love your pet pictures. They are adorable. I always take my dog with me and always have yo cal around to find a hotel that will allow him. Thanks for the tips.

  7. I did not know the hotels mentioned were pet friendly. We usually get a family member to come over and take care of ours. May take him with us in the futue.

  8. So glad to read all the tips. Especially helpful are the hotels you listed that are pet friendly in some areas.

  9. Little Zeus is very adorable and certainly glad he gets pampered. I am glad there are dog friendly hotels also.

  10. Thanks for all helpful tips. I love taking my pets with me on vacation. I must say your dig pics are so cute.

  11. I love that they actually have pet friendly hotels out there. It’s so nice to be able to bring your pets along. I hate to leave mine behind.

  12. I absolutely love this my Dog-hter is named Betsey she is my hairy second child. Being a chiuhuahua she would definitely appreciate the oppurtunity to travel with us her pack. Thank you for the useful tips tricks and cute doggo pics!

  13. It’s true that there is often limited room for pets, so always calls the exact hotel and make sure they have room for your pet.

  14. My friend always plans trips that include his dogs, so finding hotels/motels that accept dogs is very important for him to find out in advance. I will let him know of the information you supplied in this post. Thanks.

  15. My sister use to have a dog that looks just like the tan colored one in your photos. His name was Taco! haha

  16. Those are some good hotels. I’ve stayed at some of them in the past before I had pets. I am very happy that they are accepting pets as guests.

  17. Thanks for the info! We take our dogs when we travel often — this will make planning a little easier.

  18. Thanks for the good information. It’s nice to know your furbaby doesn’t have to be left behind when you travel.

  19. I never travel without my dog, if she can’t go I’m not going. In the past I always stayed at Motel 6, they’re pet friendly, but last one I stayed in was not very nice. There was night security but not enough so will rethink if & when I travel again.

  20. These are good tips here. We have not really traveled at all in the 3 years we have had our dog due to health issues that popped up. My husband is in good health now and we would like to do a little traveling this summer and I can not imagine boarding Zoe.

  21. I always look for a La Quinta first because most of them allow dogs but I always call first and make sure before making the reservation.

  22. Love the pictures on this post– so cute. Traveling with our cat is pretty challenging. He likes routine and is very vocal about it. haha

  23. These are great tips. We don’t travel much and when we do we don’t take our cats. This is a great post for those that do!

  24. We took our dog with us on one of my husband’s business trips. We were able to find a pet-friendly hotel not too far from his meetings and I was really surprised. It certainly beats the expense of boarding, not to mention not all boarding experiences are the same.

  25. I love your tips and idea here, I think its so important to find that hotel or room that is going to not just
    accommodate people but also have that extra for your furry family members.

  26. Our old doggie has passed away, but this is geat information! I know I’ll have to find somewhere pet friendly during hurricane season when we get another dog.

  27. That is great that there are hotels specifically for pets! I know a lot of people that do not travel because they do not want to leave their dog or cat at home so this is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing!

  28. It’s so nice when a hotel WELCOMES your dog instead of just tolerating her! Another small pet friendly hotel chain I love is Larkspur Landing.

  29. These are great tips. We are taking a trip this summer with a pet and I need to find a pet friendly hotel.

  30. Great tips! Even when I see a hotel is “pet friendly” I still call and ask specifics. Is there a place to walk my dog, what are the extra fees associated, etc.

  31. Thanks so much for the list of pet friendly hotels. This will be a great reference when we travel with our fur babies.

  32. Thank you for the tips for Finding A Pet-Friendly Hotel. I could really use these tips for road trips and traveling, as well.

  33. We usually do not go to many places Because I hate to leave our pup at home or with friends. Thank you for the tips how to find a pet friendly hotel. We will be using this this summer

  34. This is good advice! Whenever I travel with my beagle, Remington, we usually stay at LaQuinta Inn. They are all pet friendly and there is at least one in every major city. They are pretty nice too.

  35. Our dog is such a big part of our family. We like to take her with us wherever we go. She does not like being left behind. Thank you so much for sharing this

  36. Thanks for this information. I travel with my small dog quite often and finding pet friendly lodging can sometimes be hard.

  37. Red Roof Inn is my favorite- My husband, Myself and both our cats stayed there for three weeks while waiting to move into a home ( Milwaukee WI)

  38. I love the picture of the dog under the covers. It makes me smile, so I keep coming back to be happy. And I am not a dog person; I just loved seeing my cats like that. Keep it up. Funny.

  39. Love the picture of your little fellow, my niece’s dog looks just like your furbaby. Passing this information on to her they want to do traveling with their furbaby.

  40. If a pet likes traveling, or has to, this is great. I’ve only taken my cat (she’s long ago deceased) on one trip. That was because there was no electricity within 100 mi. of us one Winter. We had to travel to keep from freezing. And I refused to go unless I took her with me. She would have frozen to death, as did all my flowers, if I had for the 5 days no one had power. I didn’t know, or care, if they took pets. I was giving no choice. Turned out they were fine with any well behaved pet, so I needn’t have worried. I really think most are okay as long as you have a well behaved pet and you take total care of them. That’s how it should be. Yah to all motels/hotels that allow our sweet pets, our family.

  41. I think more and more hoels are becoming pet friendly and I am gla of it. You may have an elderly dog or cat with special medical needs you cant leave at home, or they may be emotional or support animals. Nice list I will keep it in mind. Our dog is blind now and diabetic.

  42. If I go on vacation with my son and grandchildren, we would have to take my son’s ferret. I wonder if there are any hotels that allow ferrets. I will have to do some research.

  43. Really neat, I think this is allowed in some places, I have thought of travelling with my cat, but I never did, he gets scared and stuff. I think this would be for the pets that love travelling.

  44. We have a long haired Doxie and he goes everywhere we go. I love that your precious furry family got a great welcome, that’s so neat. We have to check that hotel out next time we hit the road. It’s so hard to find good hotels, but we use La Quinta. They always have a little goodie bag for Buddy, which he loves because we get a snack and water and it makes him feel so special. We keep a bed for him in the car already, so we just take it up with us. The only thing that we have noticed is some people don’t pick up after their dogs and some of the hotels have mentioned that they may discontinue their program if it keeps happening. We understood at one place when there was limited grass around the hotel and I stepped in a little mess while walking our dog. For all, you lucky people that have furry family members, remind people if you see them not picking up after their dog, so others that take their animals won’t lose that privilege. Our dog is a rescue and we have to take our dog because of his nerves. and because of hotels that allow pets we actually get to take a vacation. But THANKS for the list, we have to try some of those out also.

  45. If you are ever in the Sarasota, Florida area and need someone to watch your lovely chihuahua, I would gladly do so. You may never get him/her back though. Just a warning. We have a very good pet hotel just down the road, but my chihuahua goes where I go.

  46. Thank you for the informative post. I am so very glad that some hotels have become pet friendly. I hate having to leave my beloved pets at home.

  47. I appreciate the list of hotels that you provided as well as the link to the travel site that helps find pet friendly accommodations! We don’t always know where we are going to land for the night when we travel (weather issues and such) so it is a big help that you provided brand name hotels where reservations can be made and we know the dogs are welcome!

  48. I didn’t even know there were pet friendly hotels . Always get my mom to babysit the dog . Will have to look into it next time we go .

  49. Great tips, it’s always important to make them feel as comfortable as possible being away from home. I love my fur babies and wouldn’t want them to be scared, i try to make trips as easy as possible for them.

  50. I’ve noticed that there are more hotels lately that our pet friendly which is such a plus. How nice to have a nice plush doggy bed.

  51. Great tips. I have never travelled any long distance with my beloved canine boys. I have a new cocker puppy that I plan to take with me. I just don’t believe I can leave him! I am saving this post for future adventures.

  52. Thanks for sharing your tips! We have booked pet-friendly hotels a few times and always appreciated the option of it!

  53. very interesting,,ill be traveling 1200 miles with my dog next month and this is sure good to know,,he travels well

  54. Great tips. We always board our dogs and this last trip they all got sick. I was heartbroken. I want them with us. Thanks for the tips!

  55. I would love to take my dogs on vacation. We boarded them once and I felt horrible about it. They are used to being with people all day not in a cage. I would definitely consider a pet-friendly hotel for our next vacation.

  56. Good thing our dog is quiet because we never seem to mention that we have a dog when staying in a hotel at night. So far so good. You do have great choices here. I’m sure to check them out next time we are needing a hotel with our pet.

  57. Thanks for the tips! We usually travel with 2 elderly dogs and it’s difficult finding places that will take both of them in. A lot of places will take one dog but not 2. Can be frustrating at times!

  58. this would be wonderful love to travel and love my dogs. its hard to find a place so we stay home a lot thank you

  59. Great tips we usually travel with two dogs and it can be a real challenge finding some where that will accept them,

  60. That is so nice that alot more hotels are dog friendly. In my past experience, the dog friendly hotels would up their rates, which can be annoying. Glad there are more choices than there used to be for dog owners.