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You can never be too prepared when it comes to fire prevention. First Alert is here to help you be prepared and are making it as easy as possible with this fabulous fire prevention prize pack!

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This giveaway is sponsored by First Alert and hosted by Mom Does Reviews

October is Fire Prevention Month and First Alert wants YOUR family to be ready! October is an important time to make sure your home and family are taking key safety steps and know what to do in case of emergency. The Super Prepared family is here to help! Practice fire safety and make your family “super prepared” too!

First Alert is offering this great prize pack to make sure your family is ready! Read Mom Does Reviews post about Fire Prevention HERE

One lucky reader will win:

  • 10-Year Atom Smoke & Fire Alarm (MSRP: $39.99)
  • 10-Year Dual Sensor Smoke & Fire Alarm (MSRP: $49.95)
  • 10-Year Alarm Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm (MSRP: $59.95)
  • 10-Year Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (MSRP: $49.99)
  • Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray (MSRP: $19.99)


One lucky reader will win the Fire Prevention Prize pack listed above.

The giveaway is open to US only, 18+

The giveaway will end 10/27 at 1159p est

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!

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  1. We are not prepared enough in case of a fire. After reading your post, I realize that we have not planned an escape route and designated a meeting place after getting out of the house. We also don’t have a fire extinguisher.

  2. I thought so, but now I realize that we need to replace our smoke detectors as ours are very old.

  3. wen budro says:

    We are prepared but we could be more prepared. Having the right equipment on hand and knowing how to use it in an emergency is so very important.

  4. Susan Wilson says:

    I think you can do all the right things but you are never truly prepared for an emergency,but having these products would really help

  5. Stacey A Smith says:

    not really we have 9 cat.think just break the windows and hope they get out.

  6. Sandra Watts says:

    No, I am sure my family could be better prepared for a fire.

  7. James Stringham says:

    We have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, so we’re pretty well prepared. I’d feel more prepared after I install a sprinkler system.

  8. We are somewhat prepared… have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, but they’re all old and probably not as good as they should be.

  9. Sheila M. says:

    I don’t feel well enough prepared. We have smoke detectors, but would love a carbon monoxide detector. Hopefully I wouldn’t freeze and would be able to open window and evacuate everyone promptly.

  10. I think so! We have fire detectors and an escape plan.

  11. Kelly Kimmell says:

    I hope so, I mean, we are on the 2nd floor so you never know for sure.

  12. Nicole G. says:

    I feel my family is prepared, I’m always asking my daughter questions about what she would do in the event there was a fire in our home. i try to go over different scenarios with her, because you just never know what can happen at any moment.

  13. Amanda Stovall says:

    We have an extinguisher but our smoke alarms need to be updated, so no, we’re not as prepared as we should be…

  14. Victoria Scott says:

    We have a plan and we change the batteries in our detectors. That’s as planned as we can be for something as awful as a fire.

  15. chris schneiderman says:

    I work in a group home. this stuff is perfect.

  16. Rhonda Tenderholt says:

    We have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher but we don’t have an escape plan or anything. Thank you for the giveaway and chance to win.

  17. Laurie Nykaza says:

    We are prepared with a plan if one were to happen lets hope not though. I do have a fire extinguisher too.

  18. Just have smoke detectors and fire extinguisher

  19. We are prepared with smoke detectors but I would also like to get a fire extinguisher.

  20. Jennifer M says:

    I think that we are ready as we take many precautions, but I hope that we never have one.

  21. jeanette sheets says:

    we try to be ,but im sure we need practice on escape routes and keep more of an eye on smoke detectors

  22. LeAnn Harbert says:

    We have some smoke detectors but could be better prepared.

  23. Angela Saver says:

    We have an extinguisher and an escape plan, but we do have a 2nd floor with no escape ladder, so we do need to be better prepared! Thanks for the reminder and the chance!

  24. We are very prepared for a fire. We have smoke and co2 detectors in our home. We also have a fire suppression system in case a fire does start.

  25. Robin Abrams says:

    No we do not have a smoke alarm or fire extinguisher. I keep saying we need to get some but just forget when we go to the store

  26. We have a meeting place outside and multiple ways out and new batteries in smoke alarms

  27. We are not prepared if we need to escape

  28. Sarah Oswald says:

    I think we are prepared as well as we can but the only thing I worry about is that we all get out in time including my pets.

  29. We are. We have smoke detector and there are fire extinguishers outside our apartment.

  30. Michelle Carlino says:

    Yes, we are prepared and have a plan due to the fact we have furkids..

  31. Stacey Roberson says:

    We definitely are not and that scares me. We could use a ladder since we have a 2-story house.

  32. rochelle Haynes says:

    Yes we are prepared for a fire got all the alarms put in

  33. Catherine Buell says:

    We have extinguishers on each floor, and our alarm is linked with our security system, plus regular home alarms. I’d say we are prepared as far as that goes, but I could definitely do better in preparing the kids on what to do. We’ve talked and practiced once, but haven’t kept up.

  34. Heather Sell says:

    Somewhat, though I need to come up with an escape plan and how to get my pets out safely.

  35. Stacey trim says:

    I’m not Prepared.

  36. We’re ready :).

  37. yes I feel we are ready but hope never to have a fire

  38. I feel somewhat prepared, but one thing that we not have that I would like to is a fire extinguisher. I homeschool my kids though, so we did do a project where we drew a diagram of our house and determined our escape methods.

  39. Marty Crosson says:

    We aren’t. We’ve never even talked about it.

  40. jessica garcia says:

    Of course not because i don’t think you can ever be prepared enough.

  41. Angela Patino says:

    No at all, we don’t even have an escape plan figure out

  42. Yes, we are as prepared as we can be. We have working fire detectors and a fire safety plan on where to meet. We need to replace our detectors soon.

  43. Kim Avery says:

    I think we are prepared. We have a smoke detector that we just changed the batteries in and double checked for smoke sensitivity. We also have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and living room.

  44. James Robert says:

    Since moving recently we are not but working on it. I bought a very old large home and we still need to work on evacuation routes.

  45. Anita Duvall says:

    I think so. We have only one fire detector in our living/dining room. Have a one fire extinguisher. We have our plan to get out and meet at a certain tree in our front yard.

  46. We are prepared somewhat and thank goodness we never had to use the fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage and we have smoke alarms upstairs and downstairs which are a must in any home and a plan for an escape route in case of anything including the dog.

  47. Robin Creager says:

    Somewhat. We have smoke detectors upstairs and downstairs and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. We would benefit with an escape ladder for the 2nd floor.

  48. Laura Royal says:

    No, I don’t feel we are prepared because we still don’t have an extinguisher for the house.

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