GetScreen Monitors Children’s Electronics

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Monitor Your Child’s Screen┬áTime with the GetScreen App

In today’s world, there are so many things accessible to our children with just the touch of a finger! As parents, our job is to protect our children from any and all harm. With inappropriate sites on the internet, photos so easy to send via text or social media, as well as conversations and music that we may not want our child involved in, GetScreen can help safeguard your child.


What Is GetScreen?

GetScreen is a FREE app that is downloaded to both parent and child’s electronic devices. Parents use the parental control app in which they can monitor anything and everything going on the child’s electronic devices. Parents can even lock a child’s phone at the shake of their hand! Rules can be set where all connected children’s electronic devices are locked for specific hours every day! (Great for nighttime, homework time and during school hours).


Parents can see current screen shots as well as have access to a screenshot history for every 10 minutes of use on every application used throughout the day! (Screenshots are unavailable for IOS currently). If your child tries to disable GetScreen, parents are notified.


How Do You Acess GetScreen?

GetScreen is an app available for iPhones, iPods, Android, Windows and Chrome. Parents have one app that controls all children’s electronic devices. A username and password are created by the parent to ensure children can not change settings. Next, download the app on each of your children’s devices by connecting with the same username and password. All devices are monitored from the same parental app!


My Thoughts

I am one of those “strict moms”. Knowing that I can at any point check in to make sure my children are not going against my rules of the activity that they can and can not engage in, keeps my mind at ease. I now have a 14-year-old! SCARY! There is so much temptation at any age but especially in the teen years.


We use “grounding from electronics” as a punishment for our older children because that is where it hits them the hardest. I can now keep their devices locked to where even if they tried sneaking them to use (which has happened), I know they can not open any of their apps if I have it locked from my GetScreen app!


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