Glasses USA – 4th of July Sale!

For all of us who wear glasses we all know how sometimes it can get quite expensive to get the frames and lenses that we want so that we are satisfied with the comfort and look. Fortunately today compared to years ago there is a large variety of styles for eyeglasses. There literally is something for everyone today to suit all style needs and in fact sometimes people who don’t even need glasses will get a pair of fashionable frames with non-prescriptions lenses just because they look so good.

I personally like the rimless glasses as pictured in the example above. I like them because they are light and suit my face shape and you can choose the shape of the lenses that you like. Unfortunately for me some of the more popular styles today just don’t look good on me. One of the best ways to save on money is to buy your Glasses Online as costs saved by the retailer for online sales is usually passed onto the buyer.

One such online retailer is who is knownfor their high quality frames and best of all the offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee! How wonderful is that you don’t have to scour high and low for the best prices as they guarantee them! For people who may be worried about buying glasses online and wondering how those frames will look on you here is a fantastic tool to test drive some frames without having to go to a store. GlassesUSA offers a Virtual Mirror feature check it out below!

I gave it a test drive myself and thought it was very cool indeed,  I only had one picture to choose from where I’m looking at the camera and am not wearing glasses to try this out. Still it gave me a very good idea as to how these frames might look on me. I love this concept! I tried to grab the image to show you what it looked like on me but couldn’t save it. The best thing to do is for you to go and try it out yourself it really is so easy to do!

Here’s some great news is giving all Powered by Mom readers a DISCOUNT!!! Here’s the information below!

Fourth of July Sale:
Get 30% off prescription eyeglasses (or sunglasses), FREE Shipping + $30 Cashback with the code: 4THJULY

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10
Go check out the virtual mirror and if you like what you see use the above codes to get a great discount and free shipping from who already guarantees the best prices out there!

I was compensated for this post however all opinions are my own and I only bring information to my readers that I feel would be a good match and that I think you will be interested in.

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