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Handstand Kitchen

Real Cooking Sets for Kids

It’s fun for kids to get in the kitchen and cook. When the utensils and cooking accessories are kid-sized, the fun is doubled! Handstand Kitchen makes the greatest kits for kids to cook with. They are real cooking devices such as cookie cutters, fun spatulas, and baking pans.


Anytime you spend time with your kids, they soak up the knowledge you share. They need that time with their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Cooking with your kids helps them connect, to learn basic math, language skills and to boost their confidence. There are so many things that cooking with your kids can accomplish. With the tools from Handstand Kitchen, your little chef will be ready to bake the best cookies, mix up the best brownies and decorate the most beautiful cake that you will ever have a part in.


When my kids were little, I couldn’t keep them out of the kitchen. Granted, my husband is a classically trained chef, however, they loved to get in there and make a mess just to see what they create. My daughter was really the one who was inspired. She would get in there and “create” a potion by mixing spices together. She would have loved to have the smaller sized Handstand Kitchen products.


Your child will be in heaven learning to be a baking pro with the Deluxe Baking Set! This set includes a mixing spoon, spatula, pastry brush, a silicone bundt cake mold, a silicone loaf pan, 6 silicone baking cups, 1 flower-shaped cookie turner, a whisk, 4 cookie press molds and 8 recipe cards.

With these real products, she did help me make brownies and cookies. She told me they were cute, but I’m actually very impressed with them. Handstand Kitchen makes several sets of cooking tools to inspire parents and kids to get in the kitchen. These toolkits include silicone pans, cookie cutters, pastry brushes, mixing spoons, cookbooks, aprons and so much more.


Cookies for Santa Set would be a perfect set to give as a pre-Christmas Gift for any child. It includes 18 pieces for cookie making fun. Included in this set is 4 cookie cutters, 4 cookie presses, a gingerbread man cookie turner, frosting bottle, spatula, mixing spoon, pastry brush and 5 recipe cards.

The silicone pans can actually be put in the oven. Kids will love watching their mixtures go into the oven and bake in their cookware. It’s exciting for kids to see how the cooking process happens.


The Gingerbread Chocolate Making Set includes an adorable gingerbread man and candy cane silicone mold and four recipe cards. The silicone molds from Handstand Kitchen is 100% food grade silicone and dishwasher safe.


Does your little chef need a kid-size apron? There are several apron and hat sets that come with a pot mitten. The Farmer’s Market Chef’s Accessory Set comes with a fruit and vegetable inspired apron with pockets, a chef’s hat, and a pot mitten to keep little hands safe. All pieces are washing machine safe and 100% cotton.


What’s better? Each set comes with recipe cards. Not cards that they fill out like I originally thought, but cards with recipes already on them. They can make anything from cookies to chocolates to pizza. What child wouldn’t want to receive a Handstand Kitchen gift set?

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  1. This is a great gift for any budding cook. Ant child that enjoys helping in the kitchen would be delighted to find this product under the tree.

  2. I love that they are real kitchen tools that are kid sized, not cheap plastic toys. My 3 year old is just starting to want to help all the time and products like these seem perfect.

  3. I am a huge supporter of getting kids in the kitchen as soon as they can stand. I got my son a chef’s hat and apron when he was 2 and he still loves to cook!

  4. the fact that you can actually use these and bake a kid size snack is so cool. I can see my granddaughters baking every day for their parents and of course me “Helping” would be so much fun

  5. My daughter would love any of these sets! She loves to help bake (helped me with the pumpkin pies today!) and helps her grandpa bake every time she stays with him!

  6. My niece would love this set. She’s been baking frozen dough cookie but I think she’s love to use this to make them from scratch.