Have a Sweet Spa Day with Manuka Honey

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Have a Sweet Spa Day with Manuka Honey

It’s easy to have your own pampering spa day

As moms, it is very easy to get burned out quickly. We tend to focus on everything at the expense of ourselves, but it is important to take a break and do something for ourselves, even if we can’t go anywhere. It’s easy to put together a couple of hours worth of a DIY Spa Day with products you can find at home and a few nourishing touches from Pacific Resources International (PRI). Manuka Honey is special in that it is uniquely antibacterial from other types of honey. It is also heat resistant so that it’s properties do not change when exposed to the heat of our bodies. This makes it especially potent and healing. There are many benefits to not only ingesting Manuka Honey but using it on our skin and hair too.

Spa Day

Clean and Scrub

Spa Day

Start off your spa day by washing up. Use PRI’s Manuka Honey and Sea Salt bar of soap to cleanse and nourish your skin. It’s a fairly soft bar with very little foaming. It is perfect for washing my hand and even my face. My skin feels so smooth afterward. There’s no after effects of feeling filmy or dry. You can use it for your whole body.

Spa Day

Don’t forget to take care of your teeth as well. This all natural toothpaste may take some getting used to as it doesn’t foam up, but it certainly gets your teeth clean. The natural antibacterial properties of the propolis and tea tree oil kill off all the nasty germs and leave my mouth feeling fresh. I was hesitant as the flavor is described as a mild licorice flavor, and I DO NOT like licorice. It’s actually very pleasant though! Kinds of sweet and minty, and I can detect a hint of that licorice but it’s not overwhelming.


Spa Day

No spa day is complete without proper exfoliation. All you really need is pure Manuka Honey, sea salt fine flakes, and a little water and your favorite skin-friendly essential oils. My skin is very prone to breakouts, so a Manuka Honey scrub is perfect. The antibacterial properties can help clear my skin while the fine flakes of sea salt gently exfoliate my skin. Add in any benefits from the essential oils you add and this scrub is perfect. A little water may be needed to better mix it up, but you don’t want to use too much.

Mask It

Spa Day

It’s easy to whip up your very own facial mask. Add a scoop of Bentonite Clay, a pinch of activated charcoal, a good dollop of Manuka Honey and a sprinkle of sea salt. Feel free to once again add your favorite skin-safe essential oils, and add tiny bits of water until it’s at the proper consistency. I like my masks a little on the thicker side, but you can make yours a bit thinner in your want. Feel free to use any leftover scrub and simply add in the clay and charcoal. These are inexpensive ingredients and a little bit goes a long way. This particular blend is kind of the best of all worlds. It’s clarifying with the charcoal, clay, and honey, plus moisturizing with the honey and oils, and finally nourishing with the honey and salt.

Spa Day

This is your time to pamper yourself, so kick back and relax. Before applying the mask, warm a washcloth in hot water and lay it over your face for 5 minutes. This will help open up the pores. I then put on the clay mask and found that I had a cucumber leftover from a salad; perfect for refreshing the eyes. Put a towel down on your bed and relax for 15-30 minutes while your mask goes to work. Then simply wash it away with warm water. I waited to take my shower and wash my hair until this was all done. Then I brought my scrub into the shower with me for a full body scrub. It would also be very easy to make a hair mask with the nourishing Manuka Honey and other ingredients you can find in your fridge. Then you’ll have a nice hair treatment to add to your session as well.


Spa Day

Be sure once everything is washed away that you don’t forget to moisturize. This will help seal in all the benefits of your pampering session and ensure your skin is properly supple. It’s amazing how just taking an hour or two to pamper yourself really refreshes you. The kids had fun watching or even “playing” along or otherwise left me alone to rest. It was very nice. Pacific Resources International certainly has the highest quality Manuka Honey products I’ve tried and they made for an amazing spa day.

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  1. I’ve tried some of the PRI Manuka Honey products, and they are amazing! The caramels and hand cream are my favorite. I would love to try that facial mask. Manuka honey has so many health benefits for the entire family.

  2. I keep seeing these everywhere and I would love to try their lip balms and lotions to help my dry lips and skin! Thanks and God bless you.

  3. I am so interested in the toothpaste! I love healing & pampering products. I don’t get much time to myself so self-care is a must.

  4. I bet these work perfectly. I love honey , and I can only imagine how good these smell and help you relax.

  5. I haven’t tried any of these amazing looking products yet but would really love the pampering as I’m sure my skin would soak up all the goodness.

  6. Some pampering “me time” sounds like just what the doctor ordered. With such busy schedules around here I need this! I like that the Manuka Honey products are natural and they sound amazing!

  7. I am always on the look out for natural products and am a huge fan of Manuka products. Plus, who wouldn’t want a sweet spa day?!

  8. I’ve hear Manuka Honey is great for you, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to drop for the more cost, not having heard reviews on it

  9. I’d like to try the mask! Although I don’t know that I’d be left alone for 15 minutes! LOL

  10. Never would have though about mixing the salt with some honey………….. this would feel so good

  11. I would love to pamper myself with these great products! I can’t wait to try the Manuka Honey Moisturizing Soap, as well as many other products!

  12. I have heard a lot of great things about the Manuka Honey products. I would love to try the Manuka Honey and Sea Salt bar of soap

  13. I really love the manuka honey from New Zealand and now I’m seriously jonesing for a DIY spa day. Love how you incorporated the honey a variety of different ways – honey is one of those products that is not given enough recognition for all the amazing properties it has!

  14. What a nice and natural way to pamper oneself. I would love to try these products especially the lotion and soap.

  15. I am healing from autoimmune disease. Using natural products is part of the protocol along with a million other things. I would love to try this- I am trying functional medicine approach to my life and just had to throw out ALL my beauty stuff so this is wonderful!

  16. I would love to try all of these products because honey is supposed to have great healing properties. And I have tried the Simply Manuka Hand Cream and it works like magic.

  17. Wow.. I love natural products. These look so good. I have never heard of this line. I use a lot of home and natural remedies, and recognize a lot of effective ingredients in these products such as Tea Tree Oil, Bee Propolis, Bentonite Clay and Manuka Honey. I bet these are great products. The Manuka Honey lotion sounds heavenly.

  18. Love the moisturizing features of these products. Never thought about using it as a scrub before –great thing to get the healing properties of Manuka honey and a scrub to exfoliate.

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