Hawaiian Chicken Kebab Recipe

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This Hawaiian Chicken Kebab Recipe is perfect for summer!

We love summer not only for the warmer weather but because we can grill on the barbeque every day! One of our favorite things to do is to make kebabs like our Hawaiian Chicken Kebab recipe! Whether you call them skewers, kebobs or kebabs they are fun to make and even more fun to eat!Okay I admit I have no idea if they make these in Hawaii but whenever I think of pineapple (and coconuts) I think of Hawaii. I lvoe the sweet taste of pineapple mixed with a spicy BB sauce on our chicken.

 Chicken Kebab Recipe

One of the many reasons we love chicken kebab recipe or any kebab to be honest is that if there’s something someone doesn’t like it’s easy to leave it off a few kebabs for you. No need to make a separate meal for my picky eater or changing the menu because someone doesn’t like something. My hubby loves onions but my daughter and I don’t. That’s okay hubby can add onions to his chicken kebab, I can add mushrooms and my daughter likes this Hawaiian Chicken Kebab recipe with just the chicken and pineapple. She’s a girl of simple tastes when it comes to her food.

Chicken Kebab Recipe

You can add whatever veggies you want and use your favorite BBQ sauce, it’s all up to you. I like a little bit of a spicy BBQ sauce myself but a honey or mesquite one works too. Really almost any BBQ sauce tastes great on this Hawaiian Chicken Kebab recipe. Now let’s get to the recipe shall we?

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Hawaiian Chicken Kebab Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs
Serves: 3-4
  • Kebab Sticks
  • 1 skinless boneless chicken breast
  • ½ cup of BBQ sauce (Any favorite of yours)
  • 1½ cup of cut up pineapple
  1. Place your kebabs on the grill and close cover.
  2. If you want you can use the rest of the BBQ sauce and put a little onto the whole kebab for extra tangy flavor.
  3. Flip sides every 2-3 minutes until the chicken is cooked through. It took me about 10 minutes but every grill is different.
  4. When they are done, let them cool a few minutes and then serve. ENJOY!
I recommend soaking your kebab sticks in water for a few minutes just before you use them. This prevents them from burning

As always we like to show you a few in-process photos.

Chicken Kebab Recipe

Add vegetables if you want it’s all up to you but this Hawaiian Chicken Kebab reicpe is yummy with just the chicken and pineapple too.

Chicken Kebab Recipe

Now that is easy right? As I’ve said you can add any vegetables you want to this chicken kebab recipe. That’s why we love doing kebabs they are so versatile! We hope you like this recipe as much as we do. Feel free to PIN it for later. If you try this one let us know how you liked our Hawaiian Chicken Kebab recipe and if you added anything.

Chicken Kebab Recipe

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  1. This sounds amazing, I love kebabs! I am also a big fan of grilled pineapples. 🙂 My family is also not very big on chicken unless it has a lot of flavor, so this would be a great meal to make them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These look really good. I love recipes that are easy for weeknight meals.

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This recipe is so good. My family really enjoyed it. I love pineapple. Thank you so much for sharing this

  4. This looks very tasty. I’d like to try it with chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce.

  5. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing your recipe. This is something I would love to make for the family. It really looks delicious.

  6. Uhunoma Aguebor says:

    These look so good! I can’t wait to make them! 🙂

  7. Tina Buhrman says:

    These look wonderful! I agree that part of the enjoyment of kabobs is that they can be tailored to each persons own preference. They’re also easy & fun to make

  8. Calshondra Williams says:

    Yum the Hawaiian Chicken Kebab looks so delicious. I love to prepare a variety of kebabs. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Veronica S says:

    Looks so yummy, can’t wait to try it!

  10. I love how easy this recipe is! Love making kebobs.

  11. Ohhh, these look so good! I love grilled pineapple! I think it makes it sweeter. I can’t wait to make these! Thank you for sharing.

  12. Martha Waugh says:

    I’m definitely going to try this recipe. Not only does it have my favorite fruit, it only takes half an hour to make. Can’t beat that for a healthy weeknight meal.

  13. Michelle S says:

    These sound yummy! I might even add red or green pepper to the kabobs.

  14. These kabobs are some of our favorite to make. They make great warm appetizers or snacks, just use the small skewers.

  15. Gail Williams says:

    I would definitely make this because I am adding more pineapple to my diet. Also I do not eat red meat. I love chicken and this looks easy to do.

  16. Holly Thomas says:

    This is one of my favorite recipes to make in the summer.

  17. This looks so simple and good! Can’t wait to try!

  18. Margot C says:

    I make these on the grill all of the time, easy and everyone eats them.

  19. BILL HOFF says:

    These would go on the grill next to the rib eyes on the grill!!

  20. Jenna Hudson says:

    What a fun appetizer for a tropical themed party! Kabobs are always fun to eat!

  21. Christina Graham says:

    This looks delicious! We are eating Paleo so this is definitely going in the line up. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Darren Scrubb says:

    A different style of chicken I have to try out.

  23. Looks delish! I love squid and pineapple kebab too.

  24. Nancy Burgess says:

    These look delicious can’t wait to make these.

  25. this looks amazing.. I will have to add this to the grocery list for next week! thank you for sharing such an amazing recipe! DELICIOUS! ! !

  26. Heather Burnett says:

    Looks SO yummy!!! I love pineapple & chicken (& easy recipes) This one is going on the Pinterest Board!!!


  27. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds so good. We eat alot of chicken and I love pineapple. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  28. Yummy

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