Helping Kids Survive Long Car Trips

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Helping Kids Survive Long Car Trips

WhizRider Let’s Kids Travel in Comfort Absolutely Anywhere

With three young kids in car seats, it’s impossible to travel by air. There is just no way I’m lugging around 2.5 car seats through an airport and on and off of planes on top of our carry-ons. So we drive. Everywhere. When we lived in Washington state we would drive home to Colorado every holiday season. With kids, that’s a 20 hours drive.

This summer we went to visit my mom in New Mexico. This was a 13-14 hour drive with all the bathroom breaks (you know kids…). So, with years of experience I can say with some authority how to keep the kids entertained and comfortable for these long car trips. Our new WhizRider helped to ensure my oldest could remain comfy and helped ease his car sickness. So check out all the tips below.

Be Prepared

A few days before any trip I completely clean out the car. Completely. It’s a lot of work, but it is SO worth it. Then I go through and set the car up for the trip. Since my older two can now buckle themselves into their car seats and they sit in the back of the minivan, I can have the middle seats up so they both have back-of-the-seat organizers for their stuff.

We also get the organizers that have a mini fold-down desk so they have a surface to put things. Their window curtains also have pockets for lightweight stuff. It’s great to have lots of spots to put things as the kids tend to accumulate a lot back there. The WhizRider is compact and smooshes down into its own pocket-sized pouch, keeping it out of the way when it’s not being used and keeping it handy and portable for when we did use it.

Keep it Cool

One of the biggest issues my oldest has is he gets overheated and car sick. We run the AC, but in the back of the car, it’s always hotter. So this year we prepped with window shades (We got these cool curtain-like ones that have extra pockets too!), misting fan spray bottles, and the WhizRider. While my oldest found the Whiz Rider a bit hot to wear, he could move up to the middle seat where it was much cooler and there is less movement.

He simply buckles it on, threads the regular seat belt through the metal loops and he is as safe as in a car seat or booster seat for long car trips. While having this flexibility in seating and staying cooler and more comfortable int he middle seat, I can say he had ZERO instances of feeling sick this trip! This was a huge win.

Staying Entertained

Note: Don’t let your kids hang on the back of the car! LOL

We have a built-in entertainment system in our minivan, but if you don’t have that I highly recommend having something they can watch movies on. It passes the time so much easier. It’s the same reason planes so movies! My kids also bring their tablets for games, books to read, and paper and pens to draw. The WhizRider also gave my oldest the ability to switch seats. This means he could switch up his point of view and help me out passing snacks and stuff to his siblings.

Stay Hydrated

Yes, this means that there may be a few extra bathroom breaks, but this also works in your favor. When my oldest was wearing the Whiz Rider it was quick and easy to put on or take off. And it was just as simple to buckle it in. I may have had to stop an extra few times this trip, but it means I could keep each stop shorter in duration and they still have a chance to stretch their legs and work off some energy.

I always have a cup full of ice and some water. This way we have cold water all day in the car as the ice melts. We get plenty of snacks as well, though I’ve found we only need 2-3 varieties to keep them happy. I keep all the snacks on the passenger seat so I can reach them easily while driving and toss them back.

Stay Safe

WhizRider ensured that my oldest stayed safe on the trip. When he was in the middle seat he could help me with his siblings during the drive, but I knew he was secure. The setup of the metal loops ensures that he is held in the seat properly, with no sliding, like in a booster seat. This way my other two kids could stay happily in their seats safely and still get what they wanted and needed while I was driving on the long car trip. WhizRider also makes a smaller size for younger kids as well. It’s great for traveling and ensures a safe ride whether you are in your car, a taxi, or a plane. Just about anywhere!


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  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any little ones but you really do need to prepare if you are taking little ones with you. I don’t recall ever taking my daughter on a really long trip. Don’t know that I could survive a long trip with whining kids

  2. You really prepare well for these long car rides. We once drove from Washington State to New York with a 3 year old and an 8 year old. It was long but we have good memories.

  3. We are planning for a road trip to Niagara Falls . Its a long distance from our place. Whizrider looks amazing. I need to try this for my son. I am sure he would love it.

  4. Wow, very innovative product! I wish they had this when my son was little, he was terrible about sitting still and often would escape from his seat and join me in the front while I was driving. Which meant quickly pulling over, re-sitting Houdini in his seat and listening to him whine how hot he is, etc… I like this idea for older kids and glad they make for younger ones too.