How I Got My Inner Mommy

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I’d been thinking about writing this post for quite a while. However, like many of you I’ve just been so busy with being a mom, working, and well life that nothing happened until now. It just felt like the right moment to finally sit down and write this. So what do I mean how did I get my inner mommy?


My Mom

Let me share first what I mean about “my inner mommy”. For me it means nurturing, helping other, supporting, encouraging, teaching, sharing and well everything that so many moms do naturally and not just moms but women and men too. However, I’m focusing on women today.

My Mom

My inner mommy came from my mom Vy, my paternal grandmother, Beryl and it truly blossomed when I became a mom. I admired and learned from my mom’s courage to come from a country at war (Vietnam) to Canada where she did not know the language, her ability to adapt to a new culture and at the age of 23 with a child in tow to boot. From my grandmother, it was her grace and quiet strength and unconditional love of her seven grandchildren that also contributed to my inner mommy. However, my inner mommy truly blossomed from the birth of my daughter who has taught me what it’s like to want to put someone first, unconditional love, whose stubbornness tries my patience but makes me love her all the more for it.

Rose girl 2

My daughter

Like many young women (not all) when I was in my 20s I was a good person, somewhat thoughtful but focused on myself, my boyfriend (now my hubby) and my life. My family was always important too but my “inner mommy” was not quite developed. I can say this now as I look back and think of my friends who had children before me and how I would be irritated at how it was so hard to get together with them and when we finally did get together they could never stay for very long etc….

mom and michelle

My Mom & I

Then I became a mom and I understood. You can’t just drop everything to go out, you have to make arrangements. Your child comes first, you have to think of someone before yourself now, always. I became more aware of the needs of others and I like to think I became more thoughtful too.

Mom & I again

It’s not all about being thoughtful as I’ve said but it’s instinct too, putting others before ourselves, the sharing, the caring and so much more. Some women I knew or have known whose inner mommies were so amazing were not enough mommies themselves but that had that maternal instinct and maternal love in them.

My husband had such an influence someone who like his older sister and a second mom to him but she was not a mom herself. She had her inner mommy as she truly just wanted to help him and support him to be the person he is today. In fact, our daughter’s middle name is a combination of my mom’s  maiden name and my husband’s “big sister/second mom”.  This post is in memory of her too and all the women out there who are moms and have that inner mommy in them.

I never thought I’d want to help someone more than myself, put them first and enjoy and take pride in their growth and accomplishments. Women we are awesome and let’s not forget it rejoice and celebrate being a mom and/or your inner mommy! Without all of you the children of today won’t grow up to be the fabulous adults we know they can be as everyone needs to be encouraged, nurtured, supported and so much more of which our inner and outer momminess will help them with. 🙂

Here’s to all of us!

Feel free to leave a comment, tell me about your inner mommy and/or who influenced you growing up?



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  1. Kirsten says:

    Beautiful post Michelle!

  2. I loved this post. It is always amazing when we take a second to look back at our life and those of our family. Your mom is stunning and still so as well.

  3. Cavla J says:

    Very touching posting.

  4. thanks so much for sharing – this was a really great post. “I never thought I’d want to help someone more than myself, put them first and enjoy and take pride in their growth and accomplishments” – I never thought I would either 🙂

  5. Angieleigh says:

    What a beautiful post!

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