How to Make Healthy Crispy Food

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It Can Be Easy to Make Healthy Crispy Food

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Trying to eat healthier can be tough. Because, of course, everything that is not healthy seems to taste just so much better! Air fryers have luckily made it just a bit easier to get the tastes we crave while sticking to healthier meals. This Power Air Fryer Oven Elite has helped around my house so much to get us away from processed foods and still enjoy the foods we love. Healthy crispy food like some deep-fried foods are possible with this nifty little device and I love that it has also completely transformed the eating of leftovers forever as well.

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Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way. 

Healthy Crispy Food

Power Air Fryer Oven Elite Healthy Crispy FoodMy kids love chicken nuggets and fries. I think we could put our local fast food drive-through out of business if we stopped buying fries. And they taste oh so good but we all know that they really are not that healthy. I, personally, am a sucker for fried dumplings. I can just eat a plate of those for a meal. And while I have to boil them first I’d then have to pop them in a pan of hot oil to fry them up.

So, I thought I give them a shot in this handy little countertop oven. It has a frying basket, trays, rotisserie basket, and rotisserie skewers for whatever you might want to cook up. After boiling them I laid them out on a tray and set the oven for 10-15 minutes and let them go. And they Were Perfect Crispy, with even a little browning on the outside just like I like them.Power Air Fryer Oven Elite Healthy Crispy FoodI also love sweet potatoes. They are very healthy too so we made up a basket of sweet potato chips. I simply sliced up a potato with a mandoline slicer, sprinkled some salt on them, popped them in the rotisserie basket, and cooked them up. Let’s just say that I didn’t get many. My kids ate them all. Now they ask for these more often than french fries from the drive-through. Seriously. And it is SO much healthier! You need little to no oil and they come out crispy and crunchy and satisfying.

Endless Options

Power Air Fryer Oven Elite Healthy Crispy Food

There are so many things you can cook up in this countertop oven. It’s so much more than an air fryer. I have started using this much more than my regular full-sized oven. I can bake in it, make my own rotisserie chicken, make “Kabobles” as my kids call them (skewers), and even enjoy my leftovers. While I have to keep the top clear for the air exhaust, I find it doesn’t emit a ton of heat. The oven itself gets warm but never hot. And the Power Air Fryer Oven Elite is very much a set it and forget it device.  I can pick the best-premade selection or quickly set my time and temp and let it go to work.

So Fast

Power Air Fryer Oven Elite Healthy Crispy Food

Since it operates as a rotisserie and convection oven, it cooks incredibly fast. I don’t have to wait for it to warm up either which really cuts down on time. And with three hungry kids, time is of the essence. Do the kids want crispy chicken strips? Sure, no problem. And in no time! I simply pop them on the tray or skewer, set the oven, and go. Tasty, healthy chicken strips in no time. No overpriced processed foods either, I can make it up myself without any real extra trouble. I even made up my own Chicken Satay, which I’ve never had outside of takeout. It was great!

My daughter and I love quesadillas for a quick meal. Making them in the microwave leaves them soft and floppy though, getting cheese and salsa everywhere. Now I can make them in the air fryer oven and they turn out crispy and solid. The tortillas are delicious and hold all the fillings in place without being too crunchy.

Transforming Leftovers

Power Air Fryer Oven Elite Healthy Crispy Food

All too often I make too much food. At least for one meal, and I usually do this intensionally for an easier meal down the road. Usually, however, I expect the reheated leftovers to be slightly subpar. They usually taste good but reheating in the microwave changes the texture. Now I can just put them in the Power Air Fryer Oven Elite and they are heated evenly and crisp right back up to perfection. No more soggy leftovers reheating in their own oils. It’s been pretty life-changing.  This Power Air Fryer Oven Elite is getting much more use than all of my other appliances combined now, it’s just that handy.

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  1. I have an air fryer, and really enjoy it. However, it does not have this rotisserie function that this air fryer does. I also love how much food you can fit in it. I will certainly consider this air fryer when it is time to upgrade, because it can do so much more than my current air fryer. It also looks super easy to use.

  2. I like that this air fryer has a rotisserie basket and rotisserie skewers. I would make chicken strips and French fries first.

  3. I was looking at one of these today . Thanks for explaining more of how you have used yours. I have wanted to get one for the fast cook time but wasn’t sure what brand to go with.

  4. I have been looking at getting an AirFyer for my kitchen. I love set and forget type appliances. I loved reading about all your successes with your Power AirFyer Oven Elite.

  5. I never thought of doing homemade sweet potato fries/disks. That sounds so good – I love sweet potatoes and this would be a delicious way to mix it up!

  6. I love what this has to offer and cooking time is amazing. I can definitely see myself
    cooking chicken or beef cubes in here.

  7. I have learned that you can fit a intire Checken in it and cook it and a lot of things a lot faster tjat would be nice

  8. I wasn’t aware this took the place of so many different appliances! It would certainly clean up my kitchen counter. 😉

  9. Sweet potatoes! Wow those look awesome! I hate how much oil they soak up frying them and the oven never gets them crispy enough… this looks like the perfect solution! Wonder how kale chips would do? My hubby could stand to have his wings with less fat, too! I thought air fryers were gimmicky…. looks like I was wrong…I think I need one!

  10. The food really does look good. I love the idea of having crisp left overs. The microwave sure doesn’t do that.

  11. I like showing me how an air fryer can help my have the crispy food i love without the guilt. Love seeing all the uses of the air fryer.

  12. I absolutely love how all-inclusive this multicooker is!! I am planning on spending the rest of my life on the road, living in a “mobile” home. I truly hate fast food, I cook dinner every night of the week. I think this would be a great space saving appliance that would allow me to make food similar to having all the traditional kitchen workings but confined to a small area.

  13. I’ve been doing some comparison shopping because I really want an air fryer. The size of this one really moves it to the top of the list. And all of the accessories that are included are a wonderful bonus.

  14. Wow, this seems like such a healthier way to make my food crispy without deep frying my food in a ton of oil. I love the clean design of this fryer as well. My mom is really into making sure all her meals are as healthy as possible, so this would be a great way to cook chicken and other stuff without having to go outside in the freezing cold NY winters to use the grill.

  15. I learned that it not only works as a convection oven it works as a rotisserie oven also… And I really would love to have one of those

  16. I never thought about making quesadillas in an air fryer. I love how versatile this appliance can be and is able to make so many foods healthier too.

  17. I am currently following the WW program and this would be awesome to use. I didn’t know it had a rotisserie option and basket. What a great addition to an air fryer. Cooking with less fat is healthier for anyone.

  18. Chicken wings are my favorite! That’s the main reason I want an air fryer, but I read an article about making cookies in one and I want to try that too.

  19. So many things you could do with this appliance. I really like your idea of making quesadillas with it. We love having those as a quick meal during basketball season at our home.

  20. It’s a really beautiful design, I think it looks really slick. I love the endless cooking options and clean up looks like a breeze.

  21. I try to fry stuff in my Dutch oven and it’s a slow, tedious process. With this I could make crab rangoons and pot stickers super easily! With less guilt too since it’s a healthier option 🙂

  22. I love the idea of the rotisserie for cooking chicken, so it would be even on all sides. It would be great to get away from eating fried foods.

  23. Wow awesome! Im 31 and i honestly had no idea what an air fryer was untill now id love to use this baby to make healthy fried foods my new years resolution is yo be much healthyer!

  24. The Power Air Fryer Oven Elite is much more than just a regular air fryer. Not only is your food healthier you have so many more options. I would use the rotisserie and convection oven options as much as the fryer. This truly sounds amazing!

  25. Mm, I love fried foods and I think this would be a great way to make then a bit healthier. I definitely need to try this, looks great!

  26. I have wanted one of these because my son is a huge fisherman and I am so tired of messing with a fryer pot and oil. Also, my son has one and honestly with just sprinkling a little salt and pepper on wings, they are the best wings I have ever had in my life.

  27. Wow! I have never seen an Air Fryer like this! So many different attachments and ways to be versatile in all the foods it can cook!

  28. This would be great to have and would replace a lot of appliances. The added bonus is that it would provide healthier options for cooking meals. I hope I win!

  29. I’d love to try preparing seafood with one of these. I love fried shrimp and calamari without a bunch of oil. Great post.

  30. I’m not big on buying too many kitchen appliances…because they can sometimes gather dust, but WOW! I’d never have thought a few years ago that you could get a taste of healthy fried foods without using oil! This is definitely on my list, fingers crossed as a Christmas gift from family!

  31. Wow I didn’t know that you can bake in this. I love baking desserts and would love to bake up some delicious desserts using this Air Fryer oven.

  32. Drooooling while reading this review! Air frying would be an excellent way to make tasty veggies that everyone would enjoy!

  33. I learned that the fryer can fit a whole 4lb chicken in it!! This is super exciting because I would be able to use this not only to make family meals but also for pot lucks at work!!

  34. I love that you don’t need to warm it up like you do with an oven. I also like that you don’t need oil and that this air fryer is a healthy option.

  35. I really like that you don’t have to wait for it to warm up and also that it doesn’t emit a lot of heat into the room….this would be so great in the summer when I don’t want to tax the air conditioning by turning on my oven.

  36. I would love to own one of these. I would love crispy fries at home. They never get crispy enough in the oven. I even bought one of those basket thingys for the oven to let the heat circulate all around. Nope. Still not crispy enough for me.

  37. Air fryers are perfect for reheating foods especially chicken and pizza, makes is taste so good. And no sogginess is a plus. I really like that making a rotisserie chicken is an option with this model definitely makes me want one.

  38. Using less oil to make your favorite food is such a plus! I need to read more about the airfrier , where the the cooking oil go when your using it?

  39. I want to be able to cook more healthy meals, so the air fryer would do that. Additionally, it would use less energy than heating the whole oven.

  40. I would love to be able to make healthier versions of our favorite fried foods. I finally got my hubs to throw out his oil deep fryer, so we need a replacement appliance like this.

  41. I hadn’t thought about using one for leftovers. I’m always trying to figure out ways to reheat food without losing the texture and drying out.

  42. I would love rouse the dehydrator to make jerky. I am excited to see everything that can be done in this appliance.

  43. i love it when i can eat all the sinful stuff and not feel guilty about it – thanks to the air fryer for the guiltless pleasures that i can cook with you!

  44. I love the accessories & versatility of this air fryer. Making healthier meals that my family loves would be a great relief of my shoulders.

  45. I enjoy fried foods but seldom have them due to concerns about fat and calories. This looks like a good alternative.

  46. I learned that this air fryer “is very much a set it and forget it device. I can pick the best-premade selection or quickly set my time and temp and let it go to work.”

  47. I was impressed by not only the speed of this air fryer, but the many options available to make healthy meals!

  48. I love that you can get the fried food texture, without all the negative health benefits of traditional frying by using this Air Fryer!

  49. I’ve heard that using an air fryer is healthier than deep frying. I’ve also heard you can roast veggies in an air fryer which I love too!

  50. I had no idea the versatility of the Power Air Fryer Elite. I haven’t every fried foods the traditional way, too much mess, but this method seems amazing.

  51. I haven’t really looked into one of these until i saw this review, but we eat a bit too much fast food. mostly because well, it taste good and its my guilty pleasure. I’m a mom of 4, id love to try one of these for a healthier alternative to all the fast food that we eat!

  52. I have a small air fryer that I use at my Dad’s house to make him a quick batch of “fried” chicken tenders (he likes his with a corn flake crumb crust). I used it a LOT during the summer months to avoid heating his tiny kitchen. I’d love to be able to do a whole chicken in a bigger unit, I need more carcasses to build up a stash of chicken stock for winter soups.

  53. I love everything it can do. One appliance that can do just about anything I want to cook. We are trying to eat better, and this would be perfect.

  54. I love how much versatility that this offers and all the amazing things you can make. Would fit on the counter nicely

  55. I love that you can reheat leftovers in it! I usuall put them in the microwave, but they always taste gross. This sounds like a good solution. I love the basket that comes with it too!

  56. Of all of the air fryers I have seen in giveaways and on her in sales ideas this is the nicest one. I really love this one. The others don’t compare

  57. I love the features! It’s a 7-in-1 multi-cooker, uses little to no oil, it’s digital with cooking presets, and has rapid air technology.

  58. Love that it is a multi cooker and is oil free. Also, with it being multi functional, it would eliminate having many appliances 😊

  59. I’m fascinated by these. I’d love to make those sweet potato chips! Also, I stink at making fried chicken the “regular” way – but maybe I could make fried chicken that’s tastier AND healthier with an air fryer!

  60. Besides the obvious – cooking crispy food with a lot less fat, I like the rotisserie option of the Power Fryer Oven Elite.
    To be able to make a crispy on the outside/moist on the inside, rotisserie chicken at home, is GREAT!

  61. I have been avoiding cooking fried foods because I feel guilty feeding my kids that because of the fat and unhealthy aspects but with the air fryer I can go ahead and make some fries and fried chicken and the kids will love it and I can be guilt free.

  62. I want a healthier way of eating. There are lots of healthy recipes. I never tried to cook without oil. This would be a challenge

  63. Love how big this is. My current air fryer is on the small side so it’s hard to make enough to feed everyone (and be able to eat at the same time).

  64. This Power AirFryer Oven Elite could just change my life!! This sounds too good to be true! I am a Diabetic. Cooking with this could help with my weight and my sugars. Of course, this is pin worthy and I shared on my Facebook page. Thank you for sharing!

  65. Everyone who has an air fryer seems to love it. I’ve tried food cooked in one and it was delicious. I like that it is so much healthier.

  66. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. I don’t usually make fried foods, but it is tastier as maybe I’d eat more with one of these.

  67. This looks so great. I love that I can make fried foods that taste amazing without all the oil and fat. Easy to clean up too.

  68. All of the food you made looks delicious! This looks like one kitchen electronic that I have to have. It can do so much!

  69. I love that this has the rotisserie feature. I know i would use this to cook a lot. I have been wanting to try a air fryer to make healthier food for my grand kids

  70. I think I love this air fryer then the one I actually have and haven’t quite used just yet. I love chicken and would love to make boneless chicken strips for my fajitas.

  71. I have always wanted a air fryer but seeing this 6 qt. Power Air Fryer Oven Elite makes me want one of these now! My kids loves french fries and fried chicken so this would be so much healthier, faster, and less messy!

  72. I love that the oven has the frying basket, trays, rotisserie basket, and rotisserie skewers for whatever you might want to cook up. My old one didn’t have any of these features which i find useful. Mine also got very very hot and my cat walked behind it on my Island and had to go to the emergency room for burns. This one sounds like my new replacement for my old one!

  73. I didn’t know you could reheat leftover. That is great because we have that problem also, getting good food with chewy texture. I love that it actually gets things crispy and not soggy. Great Review!

  74. I would love to be able to make my own onion rings without all the deep frying and fat. And being able to reheat them to still taste good would be so helpful.

  75. Oh my goodness. I want to try that chicken. It looked so good. I would like the sweet potato slices also. I have not thought of doing them like that

  76. This sounds absolutely amazing!! I love that it has so many attachments and options so you can pretty much cook anything in it! I love how much faster it cooks things as well, this is a must when you have a busy family and hungry children! I would love trying to make steak kabobs in it, and sweet potato chips sound delicious!

  77. I love all the attachments and how easy it seem to be to use. I’ve been wanting to get one, but the cost keeps holding me back.

  78. As die hard southerners we LOVE our fried food. We now are aware of the healthy issues attributed to frying.
    This air fryer is a nice alternative to be able to still enjoy our faves. Chicken, chops fish etc.

  79. I love the fact that it can not only air fry but it can also bake,toast,grill,reheat and especially dehydrate since I’ve always wanted to dehydrate some fruits & veggies!

  80. This is the way that I would love to try so I could eat healthier. I have probably gained 20 lbs. since I got married and I really need to loose it.

  81. I have heard and read about recipes for air fryers but had not heard about the ease of heating up leftovers in the air fryer.

  82. I like that this includes all of the accessories for anything you want to cook and that it is pretty fast. I would like to try this as a healthier option for all of our favorite foods.