Hugaboo Baby Seat Review

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Hugaboo Baby Seat Review

Hugaboo Baby Seat

My six-month-old son Tidus has not yet been able to sit up on his own, although he will sit up slightly unsteadily if we help him. When I saw that the Hugaboo baby seat can be used with babies aged three to eleven months, the Hugaboo seemed like it would really help him be able to better enjoy sitting on his own. It looked much more comfortable than other baby seats I had seen on the market. Happily, the Hugaboo baby seat was an instant hit with my son!

Hugaboo Baby Seat with Baby Playing

The outside zip-up case that the Hugaboo is kept in is plastic with fabric handles, which means it is quite light and easy to carry. Not to mention it is a breeze to keep clean while storing it in the car when we travel.

Hugaboo Baby Seat with Plastic Cover

The Hugaboo baby seat itself is covered in a fleece slip that velcros on and off the pillow insert for spot cleaning. There is also a pad on the bottom that is attached with snaps so that your child is not sitting directly on the floor. This also allows you to easily take it on and off for spot cleaning. I know that for me, the easier something is to clean, the more I am going to use it!

Hugaboo Baby Seat with Velcro Cover

Hugaboo Baby Seat Demo

Some other great features about the Hugaboo baby seat are the two toy attachments on the front for your baby’s toy rings. My son loved having his toys close enough for him to reach, and I loved that he wasn’t straining himself over the rim of the seat to grab his rattles.

Hugaboo Baby Seat Toy Attachment Loops

With the upright seating position and a 360° wrap-around my baby boy, I felt very confident that Tidus was safe and secure whilst playing in the Hugaboo baby seat. The fleece is velvety soft and the pillow insert is firm but with a slight bounce, making the Hugaboo super snuggly for my little one. There are lots of colors and patterns to choose from as well, so the Hugaboo baby seat is particularly stylish.

Hugaboo Baby Seat with Two Colors

An instruction card is included with the Hugaboo that shows how to properly place your baby into the seat, and how to safely remove them. By undoing the first two snaps on the removable seat, you can easily slip your child into the seat, and secure them back in by snapping the two buttons back up. When your baby is done playing, you just unsnap the buttons and carefully lift them out as per the instructions on your card. So easy! Please remember that the Hugaboo baby seat is only to be used on the floor and with adult supervision.

Hugaboo Baby Seat with Playing Baby

The Hugaboo has been a huge success with both mommy and baby. You can’t ask for a much better combination of support and comfort, it truly is “Snug as a Hug”! I will continue to use it daily for many more months as my son learns how to sit up on his own with the help of the Hugaboo baby seat.

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  1. This is such a cute baby seat, and so useful too!! I definitely wish that I would have had one of these when mine were babies. 🙂 I love that it is soft all around and the attachments for toys is awesome as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m always looking for different ideas for Baby Shower gifts! This really fits the bill! What new mom wouldn’t love this? Thanks for the idea and great review!!

  3. This is a great idea. I like the holes for the legs. Those would definitely keep the little guys upright, lol.