Infused Coconut Oils and Super Teas

Primal Essence brings you Infused Coconut Oils and Super Teas

Step up the flavor of your foods and beverages with Infused Coconut Oils & Super Teas!

Thanks to Primal Essence it’s now easier than ever to add amazing flavor to your meals and snacks with their infused coconut oils from the savory to the sweet the flavors will tantalize your taste buds. They don’t stop with your foods they also want your hot and cold beverages to taste amazing with the natural flavors of their super teas! I warn you, you will become hooked!

You are going to want to try all of their flavors. Luckily right now, you can get FREE shipping AND you can save 15% on all Primal Essence products by using the exclusive code blog15! Go HERE to order. 

Primal Essence infused coconut oils and super teas

Infused Coconut Oils & Super Teas

Before I received the flavorful batch above I had tried the Italian Herb, Garlic Onion and Thai Curry coconut infused oils. For the teas I had selected Lemon Ginger, Peppermint Splash and Vanilla Chai. They are sooo good. You can read about these super teas and infused coconut oils and see how I used them in a smoothie and some of of favorite meals, GO HERE to read about them.
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Infused Coconut Oils – A little goes a long way

This was the first time I was trying some of the sweet infused coconut oils. I selected cinnamon, vanilla and one savory chipotle. Before I go on though I want to tell you that with both the infused coconut oils and the super teas, a little goes a long way. When I used the Chipotle Chili Infused Coconut Oil I can use just over a teaspoon to flavor a pound of hamburger meat for chili! Most of us know that coconut oil has a ton of healthy benefits and you combine that with a boost of flavor, you have a partnership made in tastebud heaven.

Primal Essence chipotle infused coconut oils

Boost of flavor

It was the same for the Italian Herb one which I would mix in with the pasta instead of olive oil and/or put in my spaghetti sauce, giving it all the flavor it needed. I was most eager to try the cinnamon and vanilla infused coconut oils, finally some sweet flavored ones and the endless possibilities of what to use them with. Whatever you might use but on like toast, bagels, pancakes, muffins, waffles and more you can use these infused coconut oils. Just remember use less!

primal essence cinnamon coconut oil

Cinnamon Sweet Infused Coconut Oil

When I thought of the Cinnamon Sweet infused coconut oil cinnamon raisin toast came to mind along with baked apples. Oh imagine, baking an apple with a bit of brown sugar and some of this Cinnamon Sweet Coconut oil AHmazing. On top of any toast or bagel let alone cinnamon raisin is soooo good. I love cinnamon which also has some great health benefits so for me this is a power combo. I love cinnamon raisin toast and I like to kick up a notch the cinnamon flavor. Done with this infused coconut oil.

primal essence cinnamon toast

Super Tea Time – Chai Tea

You use half the amount you would when spreading butter but it’s so moist and packed full of flavor! Since I was on such a cinnamon kick, naturally I had to make some tea with the Chai Super Tea. You can see the color of the super tea in the small bowl. If you have a blender you can easily make your own froth. Warm up your milk, put it in the blender and blend for 10-20 seconds, you’ve got amazing froth.

super tea chai

DIY Froth

Add the warmed milk to the super tea but like a barista, hold the froth back with a spoon. Mix the team with warm milk & top with your froth. If you’re cinnamon crazy like I am add more cinnamon. You don’t really need it with the Super Tea but it looks nice and hey I wont’ complain. I’ve made iced Ginger tea and more with all my super teas. They come in the following flavors: Classic Chai, Vanilla Chai, Lemon Ginger, Ginger Zing, Peppermint Splash and Turmeric Tulsi.

1Group Savory-Oils7

If you want your food to have tons of flavor with next to no effort you want to try infused coconut oils. Love your tea hot or cold? Super Teas are perfect for you.

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  1. Amy Hall says:

    I’d never heard of the infused coconut oils, I like the idea of them.

  2. Calvin F. says:

    Never heard of infused coconut oil.. interesting. I love the health benefits of coconut oil, I wish this was unrefined and cold pressed like the one I use.

  3. I would love to give these a try.

  4. janet mah says:

    Thank you for the awesome review about the infused-coconut-oils-and-super-teas:) Looks like a large variety of flavors of coconut oils.

  5. These are amazing I never knew all the things you can do with this

  6. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    The infused coconut oils sound like something I want to try

  7. Kimmie B. says:

    how have I heard of these? I get bored very easily with the same bland food and teas so this sounds great for me. I’m a huge tea drinker so adding something for flavor that is so convenient is definitely something I’m interested in.

  8. I can think of countless ways I would like to use these. From garlic bread, cinnamon toast, to beverages. This looks wonderful and the idea of knowing a little goes a long way is great.

  9. Lisa Ogle says:

    I have heard a lot of good things about coconut oil but I have not tried it yet, this product has me excited. I have been sitting here and thinking of all the ways I could use it; those teas too!

  10. I would love to try the flavored coconut oils! Especially the Chipotle Chili one! They all sound so good!!

  11. gloria patterson says:

    I have read a lot of reviews on this coconut oil but yours is the first time read or noticed
    “”” I want to tell you that with both the infused coconut oils and the super teas, a little goes a long way. When I used the Chipotle Chili Infused Coconut Oil I can use just over a teaspoon to flavor a pound of hamburger meat “”

    I just assumed 🙂 that you used it like regular coconut oil, boy would I have got a surprise. It reminds me of the flavors that have for broth in a jar.

    would love to try all of these new products to me

  12. This would be just perfect to add more spice and flavor to my husbands dishes while I like less.

  13. Angela Mason says:

    I think I could create at least 50 new recipes if I had these. I will have to look for them next time I am out and about. Can’t wait to try them! Enjoy your week!

  14. I’ve been using coconut oil for it’s health benefits, but had never even considered infusing it for a variety of flavors.

  15. Angelica Dimeo says:

    I have never heard of infused food. I think it is awesome that there is so many different flavors you infuse into food

  16. These are such good ideas for so many different ways to use the oils and teas. It would be fun to try and see what my family thinks.

  17. Kellie Gracie says:

    I’ve learned that they make a lot of nice products to make staying healthy more enjoyable.

  18. Using the coconut in a smoothie sounds good.

  19. The chipotle chili sounds pretty intersecting,the vanilla coconut would be my fav.

  20. It never occurred to me to use coconut oil on toast. The sweet infusion oils sound yummy!

  21. Michele Cupp says:

    I love that a little goes a long way. Love using coconut oil and that it has so many health benefits.

  22. susan smoaks says:

    the cinnamon sweet really does sound good. these all sound amazing.

  23. Michelle Proper says:

    What great products! I want to try them all! So many ideas!

  24. The CInnamon Sweet sounds good to me, especially if it would remind me of cinnamon raisin toast!!!!

  25. I never thought of Chipotle Chili Infused Coconut Oil for chili meat.. it sounds so amazing and it would probably be so flavorful. This is a must try… and the sweet cinnamon on toast?! Seems like a healthy option than butter /cinnamon/ sugar.

  26. natalie nichols says:

    I’ve never tried infusing food before but wow, this would be so great. The chipotle chili coconut oil sounds amazing.

  27. DENISE LOW says:

    Thank you for sharing. I would like to try the DIY Froth. They all sound wonderful.

  28. Robin Abrams says:

    These sound amazing. I am glad you said that you use less. The Cinnamon Sweet infused coconut oil cinnamon raisin toast sounds so good.

  29. Kayla Klontz says:

    This all sounds amazing, I’d love to try them all!

  30. Crissie Woolard says:

    I started using coconut oil about six months ago as an alternative. I absolutely love it I use it and everything now. It’s so much healthier for you and it makes your food taste so yummy I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a healthier alternative

  31. Sheri Ferguson says:

    I’ve recently added coconut oil to my diet. Actually taking two Tbsp each morning. I have memory issues, essential tremors, high cholesterol (coconut supposedly helps with that by upping your good levels). Many many health benefits.

  32. Jennifer M. says:

    Love this as I am avoiding trans fats!

  33. Ashley C says:

    Those infused coconut oils sound absolutely amazing!

  34. Jordan D. says:

    That’s such a great idea to spread the cinnamon coconut oil onto cinnamon raisin bread! I want to try those teas!

  35. Yum-peppermint splash sounds good!

  36. I’m dyi g to try all of these awesome sounding products.

  37. The tea is loaded with robust flavor and a full complement of precious phytonutrients and antioxidants.

  38. The vanilla flavor sounds wonderful! It looks like a great product!

  39. Amanda Alvarado says:

    These look and sound great! I’d love to try them in my cooking and baking!

  40. Paula Standley says:

    I had no idea these even existed! All I knew about previously was plain coconut oil. I would definitely love to try some of these!

  41. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    The chai sounds very good. I like to drink chai lattes so that would be great. Using the one for chili would also be flavorful and yummy.

  42. They sound really good. I would want to try the Vanilla Chai.

  43. These products look so interesting . I love learning new cooking methods that are tasty as well as healthy. I’d love to give these items a try.

  44. jeanette sheets says:

    these look amazing so glad i read your review ,i had no ideal about this

  45. this would be a great addition to my cooking

  46. I’d like to try the Lemon Ginger tea first and work my way through all of them.

  47. I love all the different things these can be used for! It would go good on English Muffins.

  48. belinda bell says:

    Them sound amazing. Can’t wait to try them

  49. Linda w. says:

    The flavors sound wonderful. I’m already thinking of foods I can make with them.

  50. Jen Dantuma says:

    I haven’t tried infused foods before. I love tea and am really intrigued by these. Your ideas for using in recipes sound great. I like it that a little goes a long way.

  51. Michelle Castagne says:

    I learned that it’s easy to add flavor to your food using infused oils. It gives food tons of flavor.

  52. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I wanna try all of these they look amazing the ones for the teas oh I want lol going to be looking for them.

  53. Catherine Lewis says:

    I like the zings that you can add to your tea. I love all different teas and this would be fun!

  54. Alicia Hewitt says:

    They all sound wonderful! I’d really like to try the super teas!!

  55. belinda bell says:

    I love using coconut oil. But I have never heard of these before. I would love to try them. Where can I buy them?

  56. Elissa A Rogers says:

    These products would fit in great with my current kitchen staples. I have been using coconut oil, so the jump to infused coconut oil would simplify my cooking. The teas would also be fun to try.

  57. Lorraine F says:

    I love the fact that these products are artificial ingredient free, GMO free, and caffeine free. I would love to win this prize package to infuse my foods and beverages with all natural goodness and lots of flavor!

  58. The lemon pepper one looks appetizing.

  59. Dying to give these a try..
    They all sound great for jazzing up my daily cooking

  60. monique s says:

    these really look good. I like coconut oil and read so much on how healthy it is. So, combine the coconut oil with seasoning to use on food prep seems a no brainer

  61. Maryann D. says:

    I can think of many ways to use the infused Coconut Oils. I recently started loving using coconut oils, but to cook with these wonderful flavors would be terrific. I would be happy to try any of the Super Teas also.

  62. Peggy Nunn says:

    I would like to try all them but especially the coconut oils. I love their flavors.

  63. rochelle haynes says:

    Looking good love to try them

  64. Angela Saver says:

    I would love to try their oils, especially the Indian Curry! Sounds delicious!

  65. Susan Hartman says:

    I never knew all of these products existed. I’ve heard a lot about coconut oil and its benefits. I would like to give them a try.

  66. Mya Murphy says:

    Wow.. this concept is totally new to me.. I would love to try it out!!

  67. Jeanine Carlson says:

    I hadn’t heard of flavored oils like this before. I’m really intrigued by the Super Teas, though. I wonder if there are any health benefits from them.

  68. I haven’t seen these before. They sound great. I would love to try them especially the Cinnamon Sweet Infused Coconut Oil, Thank you for sharing.

  69. These look like some really awesome products,id love to try the teas

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