Jennifer Adams Sheets – Lux Collection

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 Jennifer Adams Sheets The Lux Collection 

If you’re looking for luxury sheets that have petal-like softness, stay put and are 100% breathable then look no further than Jennifer Adams Sheets – The Lux Collection!

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Jennifer Adams Sheets As you can see our cat Oliver likes our bed so much that he plopped himself down in the middle of it while I was taking photos. In the six years he’s been with us he has rarely slept on our bed. Maybe once or twice a year he would sleep on our bed, that’s how rare it has been. Ever since we got some new sheets and a new mattress he’s been sleeping on our bed constantly. I can’t blame him between our Jennifer Adams sheets and new mattress it’s darn comfy.

Jennifer Adams SheetsWe were lucky enough to receive these Jennifer Adams sheet in their Lux Collection in the ivory color for our new bed. Their 5-Star hotel quality sheets are made from their most luxurious fabric. They also have a Soft Touch Guarantee, are wrinkle resistant and fit mattresses up to 18″ deep.

Jennifer adams sheetsMy daughter loved how soft the sheets felt that she “borrowed” the top sheet to put on her bed while she was lying down reading. Yes they are that soft and even after sleeping on them for hours they have next to no wrinkles.

Stay-Put Sheets

No riding up. A seamlessly stitched full 3/4″ elastic band keeps fitted sheet in place on up to 18″ mattresses. In addition to the softness I love this feature as my husband has always had a knack for having the fitted sheet come off on his side of the bed. I have no idea how he has managed to do that in the past but with these Jennifer Adams sheets he has not pulled them out once. Yay they truly are stay-put sheets.

You can see below the quality of the fitted sheet and why it’s a stay-put sheet with that heavy duty elastic banding. I can honestly say with all the sheets we have owned over the years I’ve never seen such major duty elastic banding as I have on these Jennifer Adams sheets.

Life-Friendly Fabric

Breathable, 100% extra-finely woven microfiber fabric protects against allergens. Softer with every wash, Lux is wrinkle-free + requires no ironing. Seriously what is not to love about these sheets? They feel wonderful sleep on, like you’re surrounded by silk but you don’t get hot and sweaty as they’re breathable. They feel absolutely luxurious. I have to admit I’m loving these Jennifer Adams sheets from her Lux Collection.

Now I’m going to have to get one of their duvet covers next. Make sure you stop by and take a look at all of their luxurious bedding items HERE.

jennifer adams sheets


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  1. I like the fact that the collection is wrinkle resistant and very soft, yet durable fabrics. Thanks for the awesome review on a quality product line.

  2. Lux is made from premium fabric, wrinkle-free + requires no ironing, the breathable, 100% extra-finely woven microfiber fabric protects against allergens as well.

  3. I like how the whole family reviewed the sheet including pets. Wrinkle free, stay put, colors and petal-like softness catch your attention.

  4. I like that the sheets fit mattresses up to 18” deep and that they keep getting softer with additional washes.

  5. I like that these sheets stay put because of the elastic band on the fitted sheet. I also like that they’re wrinkle resistant and petal soft.

  6. I love that these sheets are wrinkle-free and get softer with every wash. They look beautiful and comfortable. And all the sheets I have never stay put. I love that these do.

  7. That extra thick elastic is EVERYTHING. Sheets that slip off in the middle of the night drive me insane, and i WILL make my husband get up at 3am so I can fix them

  8. It is kind of funny that you say that these sheets do not need ironing. I have never ever ironed sheets before and I don’t know anybody that does. Still, it is nice to have wrinkle-free sheets to crawl into at night.

  9. I can’t tell you how often I have to wrestle with fitted sheets because the elastic is so wimpy. I mean, I keep looking for suspenders so I can connect the sheets together under the mattress. That elastic looks amazing. I’m hooked.

  10. I love that there Wrinkle Resistant and they look so soft. Would love to have some if they just cost less .

  11. Until now I have not heard of the Lux Collection but after reading your review it sure peaked my interest. I like the fact they seem to be so confident in their product. Also the softness, wrinkle free and stay in place elastic bands is something that is very important to me.

  12. I like that in your review you thought to mention the elastic band and how the sheets stay on. That is a big deal for me when I buy sheets because they always seem to come off. Thanks for the review.

  13. These sheets sound amazing, I love that they are wrinkle resistant and I also love the colors, they are so fresh and clean looking.

  14. These sound amazing. I love that they don’t ride up, we have terrible problems with our bottom sheet coming off easily.

  15. These sheets look amazing! There are tons of things that make them look appealing but that thick stay put elastic around the fitted sheets made my heart beat faster!

  16. These sound wonderful! I loved that they stay soft, and they don’t get those embedded wrinkles that the cheap sheets (like I have) tend to get, but when I saw that the fitted sheet stays PUT – Wow! (I have to reposition at LEAST 2 corners of my fitted sheets every morning – sometimes all four corners! THESE sound wonderful!!

  17. I like that these sheets are breathable and have a 100% extra-finely woven microfiber fabric protects against allergens.

  18. Not that I have ever in my life ironed sheets I like that it’s wrinkle free. I too always have my sheets come off on my side of the bed so I am definitely feeling the grip of the corners.

  19. I love that these sheets will stay put! We have a gel mattress topper that we love, but most of our sheets tend to come up when we sleep. These look like they’d stay!

  20. I like that they have an elastic band to keep the sheets from coming off the corners. I also like how soft they are.

  21. I really like how these sheets look on the bed and the thread count is so high which I learned on their website. I might start doing my sheets in the two tone/colors effect like you have above that is so pretty.

  22. Wow, these sheets really do sound dreamy! I love that they’re wrinkle resistant! And I also really like that they don’t cause you to get all hot & sweaty, I cannot stand that! I’m a hot-natured person so that’s always important to me when choosing my bedding! Thanks!

  23. I learned there are duvet covers available. Was impressed by the picture of the major duty elastic banding on the fitted sheet.

  24. Well, anytime a cat approves we have done something right. It looks like the Jennifer Adam’s sheets are wonderful and the cat agrees.

  25. They stay put, that’s a good thing. Wrinkle resistant even better. Always on the look out for good soft comfy sheets.

  26. It’s so hard to find quality sheets for 18″ mattresses that have that stay put thick banding! My sheets right now have them and they are literally the only sheets I have ever had that don’t pop off every second! I am always on the search for a back up pair of sheets with the same banding! These look amazing! Thank you for this giveaway! =)

  27. 100% breathable sheets which i love and they have a 90 Days money back guarantee. Deep corners too so they dont slide off at the corners.

  28. I learned that the fitted sheet doesn’t ride up which is a problem which I have now. Also I loeve that they are wrinkle-resistant

  29. What I learned about these sheets is why they are wrinkle resistant…I usually looked for thread count but these sheets are a microfiber material and that is what makes them also good for people with allergies like me…

  30. You are so lucky to have these sheets and I learned that they have the Soft Touch Guarantee and fit up to 18 inches!

  31. Breathable, 100% extra-finely woven microfiber fabric protects against allergens. Softer with every wash, Love that they get softer

  32. I like that extra wide elastic band to keep them in place. No ironing, get softer with every wash, these are like the superhero of sheets!

  33. You definitely got my attention, i love crawling into a warm bed with good sheets. Sheets are something i will splurge on because you definitely get what you pay for. I’m going to have to try these out, thanks for sharing!

  34. I love that they have deep pockets and don’t ride up. That drives me absolutely insane! Also the fact that they are 5 star hotel quality doesn’t hurt!

  35. I love the feature that they get softer per wash! we wash our sheets all the time so they would be super super soft.

  36. Like lots of others, one of my cats loves to sleep on the bed too. But the other one does not. Go figure. I love how the sheets are so wrinkle free… that’s really nice at the end of a long day.`

  37. Wrinkle FREE?! I love that. Both my husband and I get annoyed when our sheets get wrinkled. We like to have smooth crisp sheets every time we crawl into bed.

  38. I like that there is noo riding up and it is seamlessly stitched full 3/4″ elastic band which keeps fitted sheet in place on up to 18″ mattresses

  39. These Jennifer Adams sheets look so comfortable! Clearly they are if Oliver is snoozin’ on them – super cute picture, by the way. I like the fact that they’re wrinkle resistant, therefore iron-free. It’s awesome that they fit bigger beds – I’ve been struggling to find sheets to fit my bed due to the size of the mattress. I’m definitely going to have to look into a set of them for myself.

  40. These look amazing! My two main issues with sheets- riding up on the corners and allergen free! Thanks for doing the work for me, I am on my way to visit this website!

  41. My son wakes up every morning with the sheets off, I’d love to see if the heavy duty elastic banding is a match for him.

  42. I like the elastic on the fitted sheet! My hubby too somehow manages to have his side always come off! These look like they would actually stay put!

  43. Great review now i want a set even more than i did before l. Thanks for all your hard work testing out all these soft things

  44. Awesome cat! I know I would love these sheets. They look very comfy. It is also nice that they actually stay put.

  45. First of all, I love the kitty laying the on the bed…so cute. Second, I love that the sheets get softer with each wash.

  46. The heavy duty elastic band pleases me, because I hate it when you try to push the sheet corners down only to have it pop back out because the elastic band is to weak to hold.

  47. Love that they’re super soft and breathable. My hubby does the exact same thing with the sheet riding up and it drives me crazy! Would love sheets that stay put!

  48. It would be great to try the soft fabric. Most of my sheets tend to pop off on one corner or another, so something that stays on better would be great. I like the color choices.

  49. They definitely look like the softest, most luxurious sheets! I love that they are wrinkle resistant, and best of all that they actually stay put! 🙂 I have not heard of this brand before now, thanks for sharing!

  50. If learned they sell more than sheets..higher end of retail. A throw I liked was $199! Way out of my range for a throw ..pretty cool though

  51. I like how soft and breathable these Sheets are! The deep pockets, and the wide elastic band that keeps fitted sheets in place, without riding up, is a major plus!

  52. I like that the mattress pockets are deep 18″ and no riding up! I have never tried these before but they sound like a wonderful sheet set

  53. I want these on my bed right now! They look so comfy and soft. I am so tired of fighting with my ill-fitting fitted sheets. These sound like they’re worth every penny!

  54. I really love how much they talk about how soft they are. I love soft sheets that get cold ? I also like the fact that they are made to stay snug.

  55. I love that they fit the deeper mattresses. We have a pillowtop mattress & a lot of fitted sheets do not want to go on/stay on. These sound like great sheets.

  56. The breathability sounds like something I need these days. It’s no uncomfortable to wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. That and being wrinkle resistant.

  57. Wrinkle free, breathable, stay put, soft, 90 day guarantee, Oliver tested & approved, I mean WOW! We have a cat, Mocha. She would have to give us her paws of approval! I’m surprised that they don’t make the beds by themselves! Thank you for sharing & Merry Christmas!!

  58. I’ve used microfiber sheets for a while & I really like them. They really are soft & durable, so I expect these would be great sheets.

  59. I like the extra deep pocket so they don’t ride up. My husband tosses/turns a lot so having sheets that stay in place is really important (and difficult). These look awesome.

  60. I love that these sheets are breathable, made of 100% extra-finely woven microfiber fabric protecting against allergens. I also love that they get softer with every wash, and are wrinkle-free.

  61. I really that the sheets are made from 100% extra-finely woven microfiber fabric that protects against allergens, a big bonus for me.

  62. I learned that these sheets do not ride up. They have a seamlessly stitched full 3/4″ elastic band keeps fitted sheet in place on up to 18″ mattresses.

  63. These sheets have so many great qualities. They would make sleep extra comfy. I like that they are 5-Star hotel quality and are wrinkle resistant.

  64. Love these sheets! They have so many great qualities it’s hard to pick what I like best about them. Love that they are wrinkle resistant, will fit my 18 inch mattress and that they are nonslip. The nonslip feature would be hubby’s favorite feature since he tosses and turns a lot and ends up pulling the off the corner of the fitted sheet on his side of the bed every night. Would love to have a few sets of these.

  65. I love these sheets! I like that they are so soft and are 5 star hotel quality but one of the biggest reasons is the stay put sheets,I’m crazy about the heavy duty elastic banding because my corner pop off during the night and I have to fix them almost daily.

  66. These look like such good quality and so super soft. I love the idea of a fitted sheet that doesn’t ride up. I think I have to redo mine to stay in place everyday.

  67. One of the things I like about these sheets are the muted color palette that would have them go with just about any decor.

  68. Just by looking at the pictures you can tell how soft these sheets are. They look so comfortable and I love that they have an good quality elastic band to hold them on your bed. My sheets like to come off the bed too….

  69. The no ride sheets is what really caught my eye. I love the deep pockets. I love the fact that they start off soft and keep getting softer.

  70. I like that these sheets are wrinkle resistant and also that they fit mattresses up to 18″ deep. I have a very deep mattress and have found it hard to find sheets to fit.

  71. I like that these sheets ant ride up, it’s hard to find sheets for the pillow top and plush mattresses now days.

  72. I learned that they get softer with each wash and are wrinkle free thats awesome I hate wrinkled looking sheets.

  73. I have never heard of this brand these sound really nice and I love they stay put. I like that they are Oliver approved too! 🙂