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Lucas Davenport has seen many terrible murder scenes. This is one of the worst. In the small Minnesota town of Deephaven, an entire family has been killed—husband, wife, two daughters, dogs.

There’s something about the scene that pokes at Lucas’s cop instincts—it looks an awful lot like the kind of scorched-earth retribution he’s seen in drug killings sometimes. But this is a seriously upscale town, and the husband was an executive vice president at a big bank. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

Until it does. And where it leads Lucas will take him into the darkest nightmare of his life.

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  1. Teresa Thompson says:

    I loved the Hunger Games trilogy.

  2. Valerie George says:

    Alice in Wonderland

  3. anything by james patterson

  4. Donna C. says:

    My all time favorite book is “IT” by Stephen King

  5. Barbara Compton Kesterson says:

    My favorite book has always been ‘Red Moon Black Mountain’.

  6. Kasee Johnson says:

    My favorite book changes depending on how you calculate a favorite. Currently, I’m still obsessed with Divergent and Insurgent. But all time favorites, based on how many times I have read them are: Stephen King’s The Stand, Dean R. Koontz’s From The Corner Of His Eye, and Lord of the Flies.

  7. Michelle Martin says:

    Loved Beach Music by Pat Conroy. Best book ever

  8. Anna C. says:

    Anything by Mary Higgins Clark- she is my favorite!

  9. Laurel Klem says:

    All of Laurell K. Hamilton’s books.

  10. all of his prey books, but especially naked prey and hidden prey. i have all but the last four prey books.

  11. Marcia McGuire says:

    My favorite book is, The Birth of Venus.

  12. TRACY SIMMS says:

    john grisham can do no wrong by me 🙂 thanks,

  13. Rachel Robertson says:

    At the moment, The Hunger Games is my favorite book 🙂

  14. the breaking point

  15. Terri S. says:

    Kill Alex Cross by Patterson

  16. Crystal Warren says:

    I loved Lonsome Dove by Larry McMurtry

  17. All Jodi Picoult books!

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