Keep your pet safe this summer

Tips for keeping your pet safe in hot weather and more

Keep your pet safe all summer long

Whether you’re on a walk or going on a road trip there are a few simple tips you can follow to help keep your pet safe this summer. With hot weather comes some dangerous conditions for your dog if you’re not prepared. The good part is, it’s easy to be prepared so that you can keep your pet safe and have fun together all summer long.

LZ pet safe

Above is our Little Zeus (aka LZ) going for a walk with us in the forest. While the shade of the forest makes it a great deal cooler than in the sun, it’s still warm temperatures. We don’t go anywhere with our dogs without water for them, it’s just one way we keep our pet safe. Whether it’s a short walk, hike or road trip.  We need to keep our pet safe and he needs our help to do it. Unlike humans dogs don’t sweat and they need help to cool down.

Keeping dogs hydrated

One important way to keep your pet safe is to make sure they always have access to fresh water. This is even more important in the summer. Dehydration happens quickly in hot temperatures. We always carry a water bottle or better yet a collapsible water bowl with us for our dogs just like the ones you see below. They are inexpensive, this set of 3 costs $9 and yet they invaluable. We buy these bowls from companies that also donate to pet shelters like the ones shown below. You can buy them on Amazon HERE. Carrying around a lightweight, collapsible dog bowl is such an easy way to keep your pet safe in hot weather.

pet safe

Road Trips

We’ve been known to take our dogs on road trips and as such we have a list of things we bring for them. When travelling we always bring a dog toy, enough food and treats and their own dog blanket. One of those treats they love are Petcurean’s SPIKE treats, another fabulous company that supports animal shelters. Their treats are a great on-the-go treat and they help prevent digestion issues. If you’re planning to be traveling for days, weeks or months, you may need to purchase dog food while you are away – many pet food brands offer store locators on their website so that you can plan where to get your dog’s next meal. Keeping your dog comfortable in new surroundings and while in the car helps to keep your pet safe and feeling secure in a new environment.

Hot Weather Safety 

In addition to keeping them hydrated did you know that dogs can burn in the sun just like people can? White, light-colored, and thinly coated dogs are particularly prone to sunburn. Be sure to regularly apply a waterproof sunscreen formulated for babies or pets. Find a shady spot to place a cool mat for your dog whether in your yard, at the beach, or during trail breaks.

Also, outside surfaces can heat up quickly in the summer sun and can burn your dog’s footpads. Walk your dog in the morning or evening, or in shaded areas. If it is painful for you, it will also be painful for your dog. Never, ever leave your dogs in a vehicle when the weather is warm, even with the windows open it gets hot quick for dogs. It’s best to either leave them at home or now some stores recognizing the dangers of leaving dogs in cars will let you bring them into the store.

Sadly we can’t always take our beloved dogs with us so when you want to keep your pet safe when you’re away from them check out these tips for selecting a pet sitter HERE. Check out some of our other tips when travelling with Dogs


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  1. Jana Leah says:

    I always carry water with me no matter the temperature outside. It’s good for the dogs & me.

  2. Amy Hall says:

    Thank you. Our biggest thing is just not leaving the dog outside when it’s hot. She goes out to do her business and comes back in.

  3. Bilger Susan Scribner says:

    I never understood the reason why people that have a yard find it necessary to walk their dogs in the first place. They walk them on hot concrete, why? Why subject their paws to the burns that can happen by doing so. My dogs get plenty of excersize in our yard and I always have fresh water for them. I also don’t leave them out in the heat for long periods of time even though we have plenty of shade because i worry about them getting heat stroke. Why have a dog if all you do is keep them outside 24/7?

  4. donna porter says:

    This is so true. I have a chow chow and with all the fur she gets hot so easy.

  5. desiree says:

    i dont carry food for the dogs but i do carry bottle water when i walk then we see the pond they go in get wet and then the dog do not go out more than 15 min at time

  6. Holly Thomas says:

    Most people don’t realize how hot it is on the dogs pads.

  7. Richard Hicks says:

    Sound tips that everyone need to be reminded!

  8. Those are great dishes. Good for traveling with.

  9. Audrey Stewart says:

    I have all the cats and we have put up ceiling fans everywhere outside. They don’t want to come in.

  10. shannon fowler says:

    These are such good things to remember. This is our first summer in florida, and its so hot and humid. I know our three are not enjoying it.

  11. Lisa Queen says:

    This was great! We just got 2 puppies that we are considering traveling with. This will help us out alot.

  12. patrick jones says:

    I can’t believe that people STILL leave pets in cars that get hotter than an oven…to run in the store real quick! I do have mine out earlier or later in the day/not in the full heat. Keeping plenty of fresh water handy for them 2.

  13. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. We take care of my sister n laws dog. So he has plenty of food and water.

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