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Memories can be good OR bad. Those good memories are ones that you hope you NEVER forget, right?! Visual reminders are one of the best ways to keep those memories alive. Magic Memories photo books, mugs, calendars, photo prints, and more is a great way to embed those great memories into your minds.

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Photo Books

Photo Books are a great way to compile all of your digital images into one hands on book. With everything being done digitally these days, too many people (myself included), take a ton of photos but never print them. Printing them directly into a book is something you and the generations behind you will be glad that you did. Very rarely do people look back through all the photos stored on their computer! So, get them printed!!

Magic Memories

Magic Memories allows you to quickly build a book and have it printed for a very reasonable price. I was a photographer for about eight years and dealt with a lot of publishing companies. I was pleased with the quality of the book itself, as well as, the quality of the print job.

Mugs by Magic Memories

We took some really fun trips this summer. We were calling it the Epic Smith Summer because we were able to experience a lot that we had never experienced before, had a ton of fun, and laughed a whole lot! One of my favorite moments from one of our trips was going into an 80’s store in Branson, Missouri. My kids dressed up and posed without me saying a word. I snapped a quick picture. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures from our trip. My kid’s crazy, fun personalities shine in this photo. Now, I get to wake up every morning smiling while sipping my coffee, thinking back to the laughs and smiles that moment brought us!

Magic Memories


Another trip we took this summer was to Boone, NC where we camped out with my husband’s parents for a weekend. We do not take many trips with them but were able to make our schedules work this year. I made a calendar full of those photos for my mother in law so she can reminisce and look forward to our next trip together (hopefully again next summer).

Magic Memories

While making the calendar, you can customize the photos but also the specific dates. I was able to add in all of the important birthdays on the calendar so they stand out above the handwritten daily marks she typically adds on her calendars.

Magic Memories

Magic Memories has more customized products to meet different needs. Memories are made to keep and to share with others!

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  1. Michelle S says:

    My cousin gave me a photo mug with the pictures of her wedding (both my kids were in it). I have it on my desk at work and use it as a pen/pencil holder. I just love seeing it every day.

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