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Empower Children to Explore Medical Occupations With Little Medical School #Review

Little Medical School Encourages Children Learn About Medical Occupations

As a mother of three children, I have seen a vast difference in each of my children’s personalities. One common trait that ALL three of my children have had over the years has been a love for science and the medical field. I have no clue what career they will choose later in life but I firmly believe in pushing your children to love those things that they already have a love for EVEN MORE. Little Medical School is a GREAT way to give your science-loving child a deeper love for the medical field!

Little Medical SchoolThe Class Options

Little Medical School offers classes, after-school programs, and summer camps for children in a variety of locations all over the US. During these classes, Children will receive a box full of supplies for the class.

  • The Little Veterinary School
  • The Little Medical School
  • The Little Nursing School
  • The Little Pharmacy School
  • The Little Dental School

During the class/camp, students will learn about the different medical fields and get some hands-on training in the specific field. Classes are small groups allowing the trained teacher to have individualized time with each participant, as well as, group time.

Shop Options

Not all areas have a class available to them. For those who don’t or for those whose children may not like to attend classes, no problem! You can purchase supplies directly from Little Medical School to create medical learning at home.

Little Medical School

A love for animals is evident with my children but the Little Medical School Veterinary Kit brought out a greater desire to not just learn about the animal’s characteristics but also to learn about how to care for the animals.

Little Medical School

My son has rabbits. Once he started working on the Little Medical School kit, he went out in his white doctor’s coat to check out his rabbits, feeling like a real veterinarian.

Little Medical School

The Pediatrician Kit comes with a “baby” patient that is great for individual play time.

Little Medical School

My kids love to play doctor anyways with each other but having the doctor attire and supplies make it that much more fun! I believe that when children play doctor, it helps keep their fears of going to the REAL doctor for themselves much lower.

Little Medical School

Little Medical School will empower your children to learn more about the human body or the body of animals. The supplies in each kit will add excitement for your child while making learning fun!

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    My granddaughter would love this. Her name is Dakota Rose and she calls herself Dr. Rosebud. Thank you so much for sharing this

  2. Omg my granddaughter would love this! She goes around checking everyone’s heart with her play scope, and ears etc. With her toys

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