Lorena Canals Machine Washable Decorative Pillows #Review


Lorena Canals Make Easy to Clean Decorative Pillows and Blankets

Having decorative pillows and luxury throw blankets makes a big difference in the looks of your living and sleeping space. However, keeping decorative pillows and luxury blankets clean can become a problem! Lorena Canals offers machine washable products which comes in handy for any room but especially when it comes to a child’s bedding without having to dry clean them.

Lorena CanalsMachine Washable Pillows

Without even having to take out the filler, you can throw these cushions (pillows) right into the wash without having a big mess on your hands from the stuffing all falling out in the wash! Plus, how adorable is this cloud shaped pillow?!

Lorena Canals

My daughter LOVES pillows and blankets. I honestly don’t know how she sleeps at night sometimes with all the pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals cluttering her bed. She loves it though. She also has a tee-pee in her room that she plays and reads inside of. I put the pillow from Lorena Canals inside her tee-pee but it gets moved back and forth from there to her bed. Knowing that the pillow rests on the floor at times and then is also in her bed, being able to wash it has been a huge perk for sure!

Lorena CanalsBlanket Ombre Nude

Throw blankets are a perfect touch to any living room set. They are great for decor as well as practical use. I throw this blanket across the back of the couch to make the living room LOOK even more cozy! Then, while we watch tv, it is a great lightweight blanket to share with my kids for some sweet snuggles.

Lorena Canals

The blankets are made of 100% cotton and non-toxic dye. My kids love the pompoms that are sewn onto each corner. My daughter especially likes to play with it while she is snuggling but, of course, for me, I love the character the pompoms add to the blanket.

Lorena Canals

Ombre Blankets come in 5 different color schemes.

  • nude
  • green
  • grey
  • mustard
  • terracotta

Lorena Canals

If you are ready to add an extra touch to your bedroom or living room, check out all the products from Lorena Canals. They also have machine washable rugs, baby blankets, and baskets!

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  1. I like being able to wash pillows. I’ve ruined a few putting them in the wash.

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