Make Bath Time Fun

How to Make Bath Time Fun, a Powered by Mom’s review of bath toys and more!

Giving baby a bath has a purpose, to get clean. But… it is also a great opportunity to turn into play time. We can occomplish this by including some innovative, silly, and fun bath time products.

Read on to find out how team member Amanda liked making bath time fun for her kiddo!

Make Bath Time Fun - Powered by Mom

Let’s make bath time fun with these great baby bath products!

Turning a task into something that is enjoyable for both baby and parents is a great way to approach bath time. Here are some fun toys, gadgets, towels and more that will make bath time fun time for you and your baby or toddler.

Submarine Spray Whale - Powered by Mom

Submarine Spray Whale by Yookidoo

This submarine toy is a lot of fun. This battery operated bath toy comes with a squirter nozzle, submarine, and blue whale. Push the button on the submarine to turn on the pump. There are two different settings, one of them allows you to use the nozzle by pushing the buttons to let the water spray, or you can use the other setting that allows you to have the water running constantly. It is a great option to have especially for younger kiddos who can’t quite operate the buttons.

My little man loves the submarine. We use it to not only play, but to wash as well. The nozzle helps rinse all of the suds away, and he gets a kick out of rinsing instead of dreading the task. You can hook up the end of the nozzle to the blue whale and water spews out of the whale’s blow hole!

Marcus & Marcus Mold Free Bath Toys - Powered by Mom

Marcus & Marcus Mold Free Bath Toys

Not only are these bath toys adorable, they are mold free too! These squirters come in a few different characters including Lola the giraffe, Marcus the lion, and Willo the Whale. You can easily take these guys apart for a quick clean. They’re mold resistant and easy to clean. Baby loves these cartoon animal squirters because they are squishy, cute, and they are easy to fill with water and squirt, making bath time fun!

Soapsox - Powered by Mom


Soapsox are a stuffed animal and washcloth in one! This snuggly character can tag along with your baby or toddler all day long, and when it is time for a bath, throw him in the water for some clean fun. Just add your favorite soap to the soap pocket and use like a washcloth. It makes cleaning your baby or toddler a breeze! And the most important part of all… these guys make it fun!

Bubble Whisk - Powered by Mom

Bubble Bath Whisk

Bubbles! They serve a few different purposes…. for one, they clean your kiddo, and two, they are a ton of fun. Make the bubbles the star of the show with a bubble bath whisk that whips up some huge bubble clouds! The easy to use spin handle whips the whisk around just like mom and dad’s retro kitchen whisk.

Rubber Ducky Family

Rubber duckies are the classic bath time toy that you just have to include. This set comes with baby ducks to make bath time even more fun!


Large Luxury Hooded Towel by E-Cloth - Powered by Mom

Large Luxury Hooded Towel by E-Cloth

And to finish the bath time fun, you’ll need to get your hands on this handful of softness. Baby will be met with warmth and softness when you use this luxury hooded towel. It comes with a hoodie to keep baby’s body warm from head to toe. Perfect for newborns to 1 year olds.

One thing that really helps me end bath time on a good note is to have all of your baby clothes, lotions, diapers, cream, and anything else you’ll need to get baby dressed set out and ready to go on a comfortable spot for baby.

Do you have any tricks to share about making bath time fun? Share them with us in the comments!

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  1. Amy Hall says:

    Somehow my kids always hate bath time, regardless of toys.

  2. These toys would make bath time so much fun! I especially like the Marcus & Marcus Mold Free Bath Toys!

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