Mama says give yourself a Break!

That’s right Powered by Mom says give yourself a break!

We can never have too many reminders to just give ourselves a break! I needed that reminder myself today after getting up at the crack of smack as I like to call it (5:25am), having had next to no sleep to get ready and going to work. As you can imagine I started my day out very tired and just couldn’t make the tiredness go away.

Here’s where I wish I was this morning instead of tired and at work 🙂

give yourself a break chair

I continued to toil at work, sitting in front of a computer,  walking around the office doing my normal work stuff and feeling more and more depleted of energy every minute. I tried eating as my tummy was growling too but that made me even more sleepy, nothing was working and I was beginning to have a yawn fest. Then I remembered my own words about how important it is to give yourself a break, even if you just take 30 minutes. I usually could be found saying I’m taking my 30 and would go outside to read or go for a walk. This has not been consistent the last few months.

So guess what I did? Put on my sunglasses, grabbed my phones and earbuds that I try to keep in my bag when I go to work and I headed outside to the sunny world. Seriously this week the weather here is glorious! It’s sunny, warm but not too hot which makes it perfect to give myself a break and take 30.

Okay this wasn’t from today but doesn’t it inspire you to walk? 🙂 This is just up the street from my home.


I went for a walk, listened to my music and ignored everything else but the sunny weather and just breathing in the air and relaxing. At first I still kept yawning but as I continued my stroll the yawning became less, I enjoyed the gentle breeze and could really listen to the song coming out of my earbuds. Ahhhh I really felt so much better, what a difference, I finished work without yawning once and got a bit of my energy back yay.

Oh by the way after work and picking up my daughter from school I gave myself another break and made it that chair outside and sat back this time and just soaked it in!

give yourself a break mama

So try and remember on the days you feel tired and even on the ones you don’t it’s always good for you to give yourself a break. When you think about it 30 minutes is not a lot of time so you can usually afford to take it. If the weather is not that great there are still so many ways you can take 30.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Read a book you’ve been dying to start or finish
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Try some meditation
  • Do some stretching and/or yoga
  • Sit at the window or on the porch and just take in what’s outside, nature watch, people watch whatever catches your fancy
  • Have a tasty or healthy snack
  • Do your nails if that’s something you like to do (it’s not for me but I know gals who love to do this)
  • Listen to you favorite music
  • No one is around dance away!
  • Just do something you enjoy that puts your mind at ease and raises your spirits

So today it was two 30 minute breaks for me but it helped me get through the rest of the day, well I’m almost there as it’s just evening now as I write this. Good news I’m nowhere near as tired, both breaks gave me what I needed, first the energy and the second the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun and the view.

Here’s the view by the way, I couldn’t quite capture them but at one point I heard some noise looked up and there were two eagles flying above 🙂 now that’s a view!

view while taking a break

What do you like to do to give yourself a break? Feel free to share we love to read comments 🙂

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    We do need to take a break while working. Get away from what we are doing for a while. Taking a walk is probably the best thing to do as we can breathe in the fresh air. You have alot of great suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are some great suggestions. We all need to be taking some breaks throughout the day. Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks so much for the Wonderful Review on Mama says give yourself a Break! I know exactly what you are coming from. There are times, probably like tonight, that I don’t crawl into bed before 3:30am! Now, if I’m not awake, the kids know what they need to do to get up and out to school. They are having 1/2 days now and are almost done! My husband on the other hand, makes sure that I’m up and moving at a “normal” time! He’ll either stop home when he’s out on a delivery or he’ll call me. He yells at me all the time about getting to bed at a “normal” time! So, when I take my 30 minutes, I generally put something interesting on the TV, grab a nice glass of iced tea and maybe a pack of crackers and sit on the couch! It generally works, unless someone is bellowing for me to help with one thing or another! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful review, the beautiful pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Mama says give yourself a Break with all of us!! You know that I always appreciate your reviews!!!!! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  4. I love your advice and ideas for taking a break. This is a great thing to do ever so often. I know I get busy and it is nice when you slow down and just let it all go for a while. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Lisa Green says:

    Crack of smack…..too funny!
    I agree we all need a break once in a while. I love to just sit outside and meditate.

  6. I love all the tips, but I have to say, if I’m tired and start reading a book, I’m out cold in no time at all lol. A break outside or at least standing and looking out my door if the weather is too hot, works best for me. If it’s cold, I can always wrap in my electric blanket and plug in on the porch.

  7. Betsy Hartmann says:

    I like to make myself some tea and sit out on the back deck, listening to the birds.

  8. Claire D says:

    I can’t wait to someday have my own yard where I can relax! When I get home, I usually take a short break, lying on my bed under the air conditioning, cuddling with my pets, and playing games or catching up on news on my iPad.

  9. brenda disimone says:

    You deserve a break ! I love having coffee while relaxing !

  10. Sandy Vanbuskirk says:

    yes so true everyone needs a break for sure

  11. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    great view where you were walking

  12. I need a daily reminder to allow myself some down time and to rest! Taking a break is hard since I’m a graduate student and work full-time. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  13. crystal lane says:

    I defintely feel you on this one I so need a break from everyone and everything.If my niece doesnt have her baby soon I might go crazy.

  14. Amber Rizer says:

    I need to remind myself more often to take a break! It’s important to make time for “me time” you need to take care of yourself! For Mr I like to work out listen to music of even just sit on my porch. I’m a busy wife/mother so I definitely would love to enjoy some relaxation !

  15. Tammy Schweitzer says:

    love this one so true mom does need a break mom time for themselves I agree

  16. Gale McCarron says:

    Great suggestions, and ones I intend to pass along to my Daughters who are non-stop with their careers, Family and home. Free time for yourself is essential to maintain good health.

  17. Tammy S says:

    Great ideas! I do yoga 3 times a week and love it. There is nothing more relaxing.

  18. Yes, even the smallest little break can have such a positive effect on you! I love to spend it by listening to my favourite music

  19. nancy chipriano says:

    Thanks for the reminder to stop and give ourselves a break! As moms, we can get so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves. To relax, I like to use my footbath with a little Epsom salts and lavender essential oil.

  20. Lisa F. says:

    I feel like I never give myself a break anymore. It’s always a rat race to catch up, be it work, social media, etc. Then, I just end up dozing off or something. I need to find a constructive way of decompressing. I should start up my walks at work again, even though I usually use lunch to catch up on the social media stuff. Wish I could learn to just let it go.

  21. gigi borden says:

    i need a break too, and some piece and quiet, especially with baby #4 on the way! just one day of solitude doing what i want! LOL

  22. Betsy Hartmann says:

    First I take a slow walk through the really tall pines at the back of my yard. Next I lie down in the hammock inside the fenced-in garden area and just listen to the birds.

  23. What great advice! “We all need a break” is so very true. Thanks for sharing the pics along with your “reminder.” They were very relaxing to me. 🙂

  24. Heather Garcia says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have had no energy for the last couple of years. I have had issues with sleeping during the night but I have to take naps during the day. Rather than take a nap I will try one of your suggestions.

  25. Birdiebee says:

    My daughter’s are hard-working parents and I give them a break whenever I can to watch their kids and pets to get a much needed break away from home.

  26. Elizabeth Kasson says:

    This is a must read for all moms! We really do need to find little ways to give ourselves a break!

  27. good reminders. a bubble bath is a great stress relief!

  28. cheryl c. says:

    I like to read a romance novel. It’s a great way to leave the real world behind for a little while.

  29. Linda Treadwell says:

    I enjoyed reading and smiling as I read this. There are very good suggestions for me to relax and enjoy the now.

  30. This is so important, I actually wish my husband and daughter would take this advice. That is WAY cool that you saw two eagles! Absolutely incredible!

  31. no matter what got to try and have that first cup of coffee in peace lol

  32. md Kennedy says:

    You’ve inspired me! Tomorrow morning I am going to take a mini=break before the day starts for real: I will sit out on our balcony as the sun rises and do some meditation.

  33. Anne Marie Carter says:

    Taking 10-20 minutes, sitting outside with a cup of coffee is a wonderful way to un-wind from the hectic world.

  34. kristen visser says:

    i am taking a break right now cause the girl is napping lol. that is my time to just sit down and relax

  35. I lie down for half an hour daily. An hour if I’m lucky. I don’t fall asleep but I close my eyes and relax.

  36. Dorothy Boucher says:

    its what i have been doing, getting up in the morning and going for a nice long walk, to think about what my plans will be for today and so on,,

  37. Victoria Ess says:

    Good for you for going for it! I often resist taking a break for as long as I can, and when I do, I always regret holding out for so long as I find I am much more productive after taking one!

  38. Karen Beckett says:

    Everyone needs the occassional break from whatever task they are performing. Not only does it break the monotony, it helps to refresh you so that you can perform to the best of your ability.

  39. Holly Thomas says:

    I like to take a break everyday by playing with the kittens we have in our shelter.

  40. Mahdi Martin says:

    I have to remind myself to relax too. My favorite way to unwind is to do a nice workout. I guess that’s not really relaxing. I enjoy playing computer games, but the one I’m excited about (Dragon Age Inquisitor) isn’t coming out until October.

  41. sandier says:

    I like to take a few minutes and read outside in the sun. I also used to like to listen to music and walk in the rain, but I don’t do that anymore due to a disability.

  42. Great suggestions, every busy mom needs a break on a regular basis.

  43. Sue Hull says:

    Oh my gosh that’s a beautiful view! I can only imagine how beautiful it is where you live. I live like 5 minutes from the marina and so I go there once or twice a wk. I love feeding the ducks and watching the weirdos. Lol! I do love to bring my frap and a good book to just relax. There’s a marsh there so it’s fun to watch all the different species of birds.It has lots of awesome trails and the pier with tables where people can fish. I feel blessed to be close to it. I love bald eagles and I’ve never seen one in person just on TV. You’re right we all have to take time out for us, to recharge 🙂

  44. Brandi Dawn says:

    Good for you! I am so glad you took some time for yourself. A long time ago a friend gave me an oversized bouncy ball. It fits in the palm of my hand and looks like a soccer ball. It gets passed around the house for whatever reason, kids, cats, guests playing with, etc…Usually ends up in a drawer or cabinet somewhere. The purpose of the ball was so that everytime I happen upon it, I am suppose to stop whatever I am doing, breathe, and make a little plan for some “me time” in the very near future. I love that ball!!!

  45. Taking a break gets easier as you age!

  46. Randi Van Doren says:

    I try to take a break and relax a bit everyday while the baby is napping so that I am not to easy to anger later in the afternoon

  47. rochelle haynes says:

    I need a break bad!

  48. cheryla lister says:

    I can relate to the lack of sleep! Good advice – I will try taking a short break away from work next time for some mental refreshment.

  49. Brigid OHara Koshko says:

    Thank you for this post. I am not working right now (summer vacation) and even though I am not teaching every day I am at home watching my kids, doing housework, cooking, running errands, doing side work etc. but also carrying a lot of stress knowing the budget has changed for the summer. Thank you for giving me the push I needed to leave the housework and head outdoors and play in my garden. The laundry can wait.

  50. Sarah Elyce says:

    I try to remind myself of this constantly. We are no good to anyone else if we aren’t in a good place physically, mentally, and emotionally. A little break can be a huge game changer.

  51. Natalie Brown says:

    Hello! I’m so glad you wrote a post on this subject. it’s truly is vitally important to take some breaks for ourselves. When my son was growing up, I rarely, if ever, did this and it took it’s toll on my health. People laugh and say “Yeah, I should or I need to do this” without fully realizing how physically and mentally important it is. I’d certainly take a walk amongst those beautiful flowering trees!!

  52. Kathy Lane says:

    I love your post! We all need to take a break to help clear our minds and refresh our body.

  53. I find praying for others is a good way to forget about myself which automatically makes me calmer.


  55. I read this and thought….yes! I deserve a break gosh damn it! And soon!

  56. Debra L. says:

    I have been nonstop on the HARDEST week at work ive endured ever…in probably the entire 16 years ive been working!! I got to watch my son play baseball tonite- which was ok- but knowing that im running around like a banshee tomorrow and sunday (I have a 2nd job on weekends singing for my church)- I can only sigh and say, “please, Lord, grant me the serenity.” I do thank my lucky stars they are here to chauffer all the time!!

  57. linda Bradshaw says:

    I have been so stressed this week. I really need a break. I need some time alone with just me!

  58. Shannon says:

    I like to chill out with my kitty (the one in the pic) or make my fave recipe. I also like all of the stuff you mentioned.

  59. Rebecca Swenor says:

    It is relaxing me thinking about your advice. It is so important for everyone to just stop and do something for them. 🙂

  60. maria medeiros says:

    I totally need a break! I only take a break after the kids are in bed. 🙂 Lovely post as a reminder to take good care of our selves. 😀

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