Marbotic Numbers and Alphabet Excites Children to Learn


Marbotic – Blending Traditional Wooden Toys With Modern-Day Technology

Technology draws children in ways like no other. As a mother, I try to limit screen time. Although, when I know that their screen time is filled with constant learning, I even get excited about screen time. Just like with Marbotic!


Prepping for Kindergarten With Marbotic

These days, children are expected to learn SO much even before Kindergarten begins. My 14-year-old son knew very basic information when he first started school. My 10-year-old, I felt pressured that he needed to know more before starting Kindergarten to be in the same level as all the other kids. Needless to say, I am STRESSING about my daughter who will start kindergarten in a little over a year! They have so much more expectations now before they ever step foot in the classroom!


Marbotic is quickly becoming a great asset to all my little tricks of helping my daughter, who will be four in just a couple weeks, learn her letters and numbers. With kids, it isn’t difficult to encourage learning when there is 1. technology and 2. something to fidget with!


What is Marbotic

Marbotic is a mix of wooden toys with modern technology. Each letter is recognized by any on of the three free apps that can be downloaded onto your tablet.


Marbotic is sold in both letters and numbers to encourage children between the ages of 3-8 to learn:

  • letter recognition
  • number recognition
  • phonics
  • how to read
  • writing their letters


My daughter is already starting to pick up on what letters words start with. We were sitting on the couch just yesterday and I said something about a dog and she automatically said “D like DDDDDog”. From there she made it a game all on her own. She started quizzing me on what letters each word started with. If I pretended to not know she would sound it out for me and tell me what letter it started with.


How It Works

Smart Numbers and Smart Letters work without WiFi, Bluetooth or batteries. They are passive pieces, that are powered by the static electricity of the body. This makes them both very reliable and safe for kids.


The wooden letters and numbers have an easy to grasp metal handle. I was a little concerned when I was first learning about the product because I wondered if it would mess up the iPad. Kids and wooden pieces being placed on the iPad… I just wasn’t sure that was a great idea. Absolutely no worries of it messing anything up though. Each piece has rubber stopper pieces on the back! Even if they are a little rough with it, it protects the tablet.


If learning is made fun for your child, not only will they be EAGER to learn but they will also retain the information better! Give Marbotic a try! Your kid will love it!

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love this combination of old with new technology. It would make learning more fun for the kids too.

  2. Children soak up so much, so easily during these younger years. I love this product!

  3. This is awesome and looks fun for the kids as well, it will keep them interested.

  4. Deborah Cochran says:

    I love the concept of combining old school with technology. My son is homeschooling his 6 year old daughter and I think this would be a perfect addition to their curriculum!

  5. I love the fact that the Smart Numbers & Smart Letters work without WiFi, Bluetooth or batteries. Great road trip activity for kids.

  6. Deanna Straub says:

    I love learning toys. This is a great idea. Thanks for the info.

  7. My grandchildren would totally adore playing with all of these.

  8. Shaunte Oakley says:

    What a great thing to possibly incorporate into my dd’s homeschool.

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