Monster High Giveaway ends 4/12 Canada Only

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Powered by Mom brings you a Monster High Giveaway ends 4/12 Canada* Only 2 winnersย #MonsterHighHaunted

As always Mattel knows kids and they know how important “play” can be in a child’s development. Using their imaginations and just having fun is an important tool that helps children to learn. In fact in this mom’s humble opinion learning through play is one of the best ways for kids to learn and we as parents are some of the best play advocates out there! It is why that ever since my daughter was just a baby we’ve always made play time an important time together, encouraged her imagination and have always encouraged her to just be herself.

monster high

We support our daughter and encourage here to know that each child is unique and to embrace their uniqueness, be kind and patient with each other and always encourage them to have when it’s possible. We think it’s important for them to know about community and what’s going on around them as well, as such we volunteer and now my daughter has decided she would like to volunteer her time at a pet shelter. I think this will be a wonderful experience for her to give back and to help others whether they’re two or four legged.

Even though my daughter has hit her teen years she still likes Monster High and collects the dolls. She was thrilled to receive this doll and comic book too. As she put it she may be older now but doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have her fun stuff around her. Now she says she’s collecting the dolls ๐Ÿ™‚

Monster high stuff

How do you encourage your children to be kind, patient and/or start a new adventure? The folks at Mattel want you and your kids to have fun so they have sponsored this awesome giveaway!

Two lucky winners will each receive the following valued at $40 for each prize pack!

  • Monster High Haunted DVD
  • Monster High โ„ข Haunted Getting Ghostly Doll

Enter on the Giveaway Tools below and remember to come back for the daily entries!

Powered by Mom received product as a Mattel play advocate but as always all opinions are 100% my own.

Giveaway excludes Quebec


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  1. my daughter is a great writer, so I tell her to write a story, then act it out. She’s come up with some pretty good stories.

  2. I let my daughter play with her Monsters and Pet Shops, she pretends her toys are friends and animal lovers. Very cute considering she is almost 12. Love the fact that she still plays.

  3. We can definitely relate to Dance like a Monster. My kids are always dancing and singing whenever music is playing and often when it isn’t, as well!

  4. I am always encouraging my kids to use their imaginations whether through crafts or stories or even doing things like pretending the shower is a rainforest.

  5. I like everything that has to do with counting and recognizing colors, I will ask them to grab items from fridge like celery and ask what color it is. etc.

  6. Oh I wish this was US too! I love the Monster High Dolls ๐Ÿ™‚ They are super cool, and I am really into all that stuff!

  7. We count blocks together, talk about big, small, etc. My kids also help me bake a lot which they love and we talk about measurements.

  8. i get the kids to count, read or talk about whatever their doing so even if its playing Monster High my daughter has to read me the names and spell them!

  9. My 2 girls have the most amazing imaginations! Encouraging them and providing various tools for role playing like building sets (lego and other), dress up clothes (both princess, pirate, monster, boy & girl characters), dolls, cars, kitchenware, doctor kids etc allows them to use their imaginations about what they might be when they grow up. Realizing there are no boundaries to what they can be!

  10. Thanks so much for the Terrific Review on Monster High! Even though it’s for Canada only! I know a lot of tween girls who collect these Monster High dolls! They are different and unusual and I think this is why the tween girls just love them! I particularly don’t think they are cute, however, the kids think they are! Thanks so much for sharing your terrific review and all the information you provided , both personal & professional, about Monster High with all of us! I truly appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I encourage learning during playtime by counting, use of colors and shapes. For instance, with Monster High dolls we play dress up and Skylar color coordinates with her Kiyomi Haunterly Doll.

  12. My daughter can relate to Sayonaura Draculaura because her best friend moved away last year ๐Ÿ™

  13. My daughter and I talk about the characters in Monster High and their interactions i.e. when Cleo isn’t being kind.

  14. When my kids are playing, I encourage a competition between them to see who can make up a new word, new strategies, or who a “chop” competition using playdoh.

  15. lots of puzzles with animals to learn the names and noises they make, books that are bright/colourful/educational, and any toys that can learn everyday techniques.

  16. When looking for a toy for my LOs I always looks for educations ones. We play school at home to get him ready for this September.

  17. I think my can niece relate to gholia yelps, in a matter of speaking where she’s smart in school
    has some shyness in her like Frankie too.

  18. I’d worked with kids before
    in a daycare everytime one of them has to disobey well you just have to make a challage game like I bet I can quiet then you and sometimes it worked I was only
    sixteen at the time

  19. We do a lot of social issues learning through play as I think it’s a great way to teach about respect, tolerance, acceptance etc.

  20. I just turn every oppurtunity to learn into a game. That way it makes it fun and they dont realize that any actual learning is happening.