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Nomadic State of Mind Rope Sandals Giveaway

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Are you a sandal lover? If you are, then you are among those of us that love nothing better than a comfy pair of sandals to knock around in! We have found the perfect ones! Have you heard of Nomadic State of Mind and their Homemade Rope Sandals? If not, then you are in for a treat! These sandals are so comfy, you will never want to wear anything else!Be sure and read our full review here! Then, we have an exciting opportunity for two lucky readers to win a pair!

About Nomadic State of Mind

Their apparel line uses organic cotton and recycled fabrics and the prints are inspired by Chris’ travel and photography over the years. The business is built from the heart and that’s apparent in the structure of the company as well. The company began it’s roots setting up sandal shops at outdoor music festivals throughout the country, and though the team and the company have grown, festivals are still a favorite activity for Chris and the crew and that’s where he can be found through much of the summer. Nomadic State of Mind is a growing team, and continues to design and build superb quality, affordably priced rope art sandals to market Made from real hands for real feet.

Toe Joe Rope Sandal in Camel

Toe Joe Rope Sandals

The original toe joe style sandal! Super soft rope, adjustable back strap, big toe loop- keeps the foot securely locked in for whatever activity you may be doing: hiking, boating, sailing, dancing, or just chilling! In camel color.

San Juan WITH SOLE in Camel

San Juan Sandals with Sole

The San Juan with vibram super flex sole is the same light weight sandal, same great feel, just with an added sole, non-slip and non marking.

Visit Nomadic State of Mind online to see all the wonderful styles for both women and men. *NOTE: These run a little small, so I would order a half-size or size up – you want them to be nice and roomy to be comfy 🙂


TWO lucky winners will win a pair of Nomadic State of Mind Rope Sandals!

One winner will receive the Toe Joe Rope Sandals and
the other winner will receive a pair of San Juan with Sole Sandals!
(arv $42-$58 depending on style)

Giveaway ends 5/29/17 at 11:59 pm ET! Open to US residents 18+ and older.

Enter using the Giveaway form below.

Be sure to return tomorrow to complete the daily entries!

Good Luck!

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  1. crystal gibson says:

    My daughter would love the San Juan sandals

  2. Kathy Davis says:

    I would pick the San Juan with Sole Sandals.

  3. Sabrina Templin says:

    I love the jc.2-with sole-black ones the best! 😀

  4. laura bernard says:

    love the toe joe!

  5. Anita Jude says:

    San Juan Sandals with Sole

  6. I like the jc sandal in gray.

  7. Elizabeth H. says:

    I like the San Juan sandals!! They look good!!

  8. Kell yWach says:

    I love the San Juan soles.. love them so cute and light

  9. Diana McDonald says:

    Sail Flop

  10. Toe Joe!

  11. Madreblair says:

    San Juan Sandals with sole

  12. I like the San Juan Sandals with Sole.

  13. Annmarie W. says:

    They’re both so cute, but I’d like the San Juan better. I’m not crazy about the big toe loop on the Toe Joe, and I would prefer the non-slip sole.

  14. Stephanie H. says:

    I would like the Toe-Joe-Black sandals.

  15. Megan Cromes says:

    i like the flip flops ty 🙂

  16. Arik Issan says:

    San Juan should be good.

  17. Viki S. says:

    I like he San Juan.

  18. Linda w. says:

    I like the San Juan pair.

  19. diana shenderovich says:

    like San Juan sandals

  20. Julie Murphy says:

    I would like the san juan sandals

  21. Tandi Caldwell says:

    I LOVE the San Juan with Sole sandal! I also love that this company uses organic cotton and recycled fabrics. The story of how the company began from handmade products in festival tents to a profitable company is amazing. That is the type of company I want to support, and look amazing and feel comfy while doing so!

  22. Kristen says:

    I like the San Juan.

  23. aaron reck says:

    Jc-DENIM I like this one best because I think it would go with more of my clothes.

  24. Jeanna Massman says:

    I like the Toe Joe Rope Sandals.

  25. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I think I would get the Jester-camel-WITH-SOLE since I would want something with a non skid bottom!

  26. I like both a whole lot..not sure which I’d pick.
    I have a pair similar to toe joe now..another brand..
    I love them and have worn for 15 years..about wore out now..haha.

  27. Lauryn R says:

    I really like the Toe Joe Rope Sandals because they are so cute and I have never had this style before. 🙂 I love that they are all handmade, that is awesome!

  28. monique s says:

    I like the San Juan sandals with sole

  29. rochelle haynes says:

    I am liking the flip flop ones

  30. Lisa Williams says:

    The Toe Rope Sandals are my favorite,so cute but I like them both!

  31. Robin Abrams says:

    I would love the Toe Joe Rope Sandals. These look so cute

  32. Anita Duvall says:

    The Nomadic Sandal that I like the most is The Toe Joe in Cafe and Camel. Love the toe and the back.

  33. Catherine Wooster says:

    I really love the flip-flop pair! So great!

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