Onyx Stainless Steel Containers Review

Powered by Mom says go litter-less for lunches with Onyx Stainless Steel Containers – Review

onyx containers with food

We love it when we come across a product that helps us to reduce waste, is not harmful to us or the earth and can last forever. Enter Onyx stainless steel containers! They’ve got a container to hold any liquids and foods you can think of whether it’s for the kids to take lunch to school, your lunch to the office or for the people like my hubby food he can take in his truck as he goes from job site to job site. Stainless steel containers would be perfect for my hubby so he doesn’t have to worry about breaking them, even for myself on those days I go to the office, I can pop them in my bag and they won’t leak, crack or break.

We all know that there are too many cheap plastic containers out there that aren’t good for our food so it’s nice to have a good quality option that you don’t have to worry about breaking like glass containers. The Onyx stainless steel containers can keep your food cool with one of their ice packs, the food is always sealed and they also have some great containers to keep food hot. We received a nice variety of containers so we could show how awesome these are for back to school.

My daughter is definitely going to have a litter-less lunch with these Onyx stainless steel containers. I couldn’t believe how much food some of these things can hold. So far my absolute favorite is the Divided Airtight Food Storage Container. This container can hold an amazing amount of food, especially for my petite daughter who doesn’t eat a lot at once. With this container though I can give he a variety of food items all in one container. I can see that some days I’d only have to send this container to school with her for lunch and snacks.

See how in the picture below I’ve got crackers, meat and cheese for lunch and some grapes for a snack or really she could have the cheese and grapes for a snack too. All in one container, love it!

container with dividers

The sandwich container that we received holds 1 1/2 sandwiches and as it has a separate upper compartment you could also put another snack like sliced apples or mini carrots. I also tried putting the Onyx ice pack in there so that I can keep the sandwich cool too when needed.

sandwich container

There are also some very handy small containers for condiments and ones a size up from that which I think are great for dips or puddings or things like that. Below I’ve got pickles in the condiment one and a home made dip in the other one.

Condiments container

Both my daughter and I thought that the cutlery set was just too cute but oh so convenient. Seriously it has a fork, spoon and chopsticks in in that all fit into one slim holder. I love these I may have to get a few sets of these, they are just so handy. You can see them in the bottom left of the picture below.

Onyx containers open

Here’s a better picture of the cutlery set. The chopsticks fold in half so you can fit them in that container. See I told you cool right?

silver-cutlery-set (1)


The next containers we want to try from Onyx are the 2 Layer Tiffin Food Storage Container and the 2 Layer Double Walled Food Storage Container. I think these would be perfect for my husband when he’s on the road. At least with these he could have some home made food that’s good for him instead of junky fast food. I’m really impressed with the Onyx containers and I know we’re going to get a lot of use out of them. Thanks Onyx!



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  1. I learned that Onyx has it all from Containers all the way to Cutlery Sets. They are all stainless which I love. They seal great and you can even take liquids. This would be perfect for children to take their school lunch in or to carry lunch to the job each day. I also love how they are stackable.

  2. I’m glad to hear that something that lasts forever was finally made. I’ve had to throw away so many plastic cereal bowls and bowls with lids because they are starting to crack and peel. I’d definitely love a set of these.

  3. Onyx stainless steel containers are just amazing love that you can keep them for years. We try to be eco friendly with what we buy to use and these are it. I like the divider in the container too so it keeps everything nicely separated.

  4. These are so awesome! I love stainless steel, it is so easy to clean and it lasts so long! These would be so great to have for my husband!

  5. Great information! Less litter is so very important! I love how much food u can put into the containers and that u can use it for travel as well!

  6. wow these are pretty amazing and really neat they would work great for kids to take to school and be able to put everything in the compartments for a very healthy meal thanks for sharing this great reveiw with us

  7. I love these stainless steel containers! Its nice to know that they last forever and keeps everything inside contained and fresh. When I was in India, many people carried their lunches to work in stainless steel containers — they were so durable and reusable. This would reduce a lot of plastic waste!

  8. I have always loved and use stainless steel plates and cups. Every time family go to my country (Dominican Republic) they bring me either stainless steel cups or the little mugs for coffee. From this review I like that these are not harmful to us or the earth and can last forever.

  9. Thanks for the honest review. I’ll have to check these out. I am becoming more and more concerned about the garbage that I produce on a daily basis. It’s sobering and horrible really and then I realize there are billions of people in the world and I get worried all over again. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  10. I like the look of these Onyx Stainless Steel Containers, they look nice and clean, I would definitely use these. Thank you for sharing this review.

  11. Nice to have another alternative to plastic or glass. These remind me of carrying my lunch to school in my metal lunchbox!

  12. I love these dishes I had won a set before and they are amazing to use and you can keep using them over and over with our causing more waste they look like they will last forever!

  13. wow i love these containers they have so many different ones, i really like the lunch containers, the two and three layer ones. very cool review, i think i might get me a new lunch container. awesome

  14. I really like stainless steel best and it’s nice to know that there are other brands out there. I really like that they’re airtight too.

  15. Nice review.I love ALL of their products.Especially the lunch items.I pack lunches every morning so these would be really handy for me.

  16. Wow! I’m impressed by the amount of food that can fit in these. It’s so helpful to see the product in use, as I’m terrible at picturing dimensions.

  17. I learned that the Onyx stainless steel containers can keep your food cool with one of their ice packs, the food is always sealed and they also have some great containers to keep food hot.

  18. I like that they have airtight containers and that they are so durable, I love investing in useful things that will last for a long time.

  19. I love the amount of food these containers hold. I also love that they are stainless. This was a great review, thank you.

  20. Thank you for the review. My favorite part is that you showed pictures of how you used the product. Since I’m a visual learner I need to see pictures of how things are organized.

  21. I learned that these products are available. Didn’t know there were stainless steel containers. Always saw glass to replace plastic, but glass is heavy and breakable.

  22. I learned that these will last forever. I like that. You can use them for pretty well everything including the drinks for school. I like that the food is always sealed too and stays fresh.