Oofos Women’s OOmg Low Sport Shoes

 Oofos Women’s OOmg Low Sport Shoes 

The Oofos Women’s OOmg low sport shoes are one comfy pair of shoes. As someone who has knee and feet issues it’s very hard to find comfortable shoes that can also look good with everything. It would get to the point where I would be happy if I could last an hour in a pair of shoes no matter what they looked. I so love these Oofos OOmg low sport shoe!

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Oofos OOmg low in grey and black

The 411 on the Oofos OOmg low sport shoes

The first fully closed shoe to feature OOfoam technology! We combined the OOFOS patented footbed design you know and love with a 4-way stretch mesh upper to create an unbelievably comfortable shoe that enhances the recovery process. Take the stress off your tired soles, joints and give your feet the freedom of natural movement in a shoe you can wear all day, every day.

oofosIt’s a rare event when I don’t have to break in shoes but with the Oofos Oomg low sport shoes I didn’t have to. With their 4-way stretch, feather weight lightness and super cushiony soles my feet were in heaven right away. I am glad I went up a size though as I wear fairly thick socks and the thick, strong rubber strip that goes across the shoe doesn’t have any stretch. So when my feet swell (with my feet issues they will) I feel that band and it doesn’t stretch so I need the room.


I received the Oofos OOmg low sport shoes in both grey and black and all solid black. These have seriously become my go-to everyday shoes. I can walk/stand on concrete for more than a few hours which has always been a challenge before. I don’t have to break them in and I’ve even worn them to the office with dress pants, they go great with jeans and casual pants like I’m wearing below.


oofos black

Yep our cat Ollie just had to come and check out what was going on

Revolutionary OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet and joints. The OOmg features a breakthrough in shoe construction that eliminates unnecessary layers and leaves only OOfoam between your foot and the ground. New OOtex 4-way stretch mesh upper conforms to your feet and the stretchable strap adds support over the arch without binding. These technologies combine to aid in the recovery process and create an incredibly comfortable shoe you can wear anywhere.

The Oofos OOfoam technology reduces stress on sore feet, knees, and back- Enables more natural motion- Minimalist construction technology for extreme light weight (5.5 oz for women’s size 7) and are even machine washable. It’s no wonder I found these shoes so comfortable right away!
I also love the look of the black and white Oofos OOmg low sport shoes although I’m not sure how white those soles would stay white with just walking around our neighboorhood alone. They also come in a fun lime green color that my daughter is dying to have. I’m just glad she can’t quite wear my Oofos OOmg low sport shoes yet otherwise I’d never see them.
If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that you can wear right away that will make your feet happy then you want to check out these Oofos OOmg sport low shoes. I can’t recommend them enough. Stop by their site HERE to check them out and all of their other shoes.

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  1. These look so comfortable and soft! I haven’t seen this brand before, but they look like quality shoes. I need something now that I can slide on and off (pregnant belly makes it hard to bend over to tie my shoes)… these look like they would be a good option!

  2. These shoes sound awesome. On my work days I am on my feet for twelve hours. My feet hurt along with my back. I will have to give these a try. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  3. I really like the technology that allows the shoe to absorb the impact of walking but my main concern is that band across the top. I have a very high instep and usually need to have a shoe that allows for adjustment such as laces. I’m afraid that getting a larger size would only provide more space at the toe and not at the instep.

  4. OH these would be perfect for me. I get sore feet and back and I’d love something to alleviate that when i go on long walks. At my work, we are also always walking to a restaurant at lunch, and I need to be prepared and comfy. Thanks for the info about no stretch. I would probably need to go up a size as well. My feet swell.

  5. I love that they help keep aches and pains from your knees and that they absorb more impact than other shoes. They would definitely help my lower back pain when I am constantly on my feet.

  6. The older I get the more I need a shoe that takes the stress off my tired soles and joints. Plus the Oofos Low Sport Shoes are really cute.

  7. I really like that these have a thick sole for good support. I like the mesh to help keep feet cool in the hot seasons.

  8. I love your picture, you look truly happy, especially since there wasn’t a break in period, and your outfit looks very sharp. Also, Ollie is looking wonderful. Purrhaps Ollie is just trying to get fur on your clothes for not paying attention though!

  9. My job is primarily a desk job but we have desks that raise so I try to stand as much as possible during the day and these would be so much better to stand in then my dress shoes !!! I love that they are flexible and lightweight !!

  10. I love how lightweight these are. I have foot and knee problems and It’s hard to find cute shoes that are supportive. These seem to fit the bill!

  11. I like the black, white, and grey colors. The citron color doesn’t seem like it would go with much and probably wouldn’t match anything in my closet.

  12. I just recently have been dealing with a bad knee and really haven’t thought about the kind of shoe i need. I might just have to try these out for myself now. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I am looking for shoes that will work for my 91 year old grandmother. She has swollen feet and I think that these would be perfect for her.

  14. these seem like a lot of thought was put into the making of them. I like that they are lightweight and the material will stretch with your feet if they are to swell as mine tend to do. I think these make for a great shoe for people with foot problems like diabetics or older people. Or even myself. Thank you for introducing these to me

  15. These look like a cloud for your feet! I am always looking for comfortable shoes and when I find them, they are so ugly- I am excited about these because they are also cute! Thanks for the great information!

  16. As a mom with psoriatic arthritis, these shoes would be a godsend to own. I’m always looking for easy, comfortable shoes.

  17. I struggle with finding shoes that fit right without being so heavy. With the feather weight lightness, if these are available in my size then I may have to give them a try.

  18. I have Plantar fasciitis so would love to try a pair of these. Not clunky or heavy and they are highly rated for the Plantar Fascitis! The stretch feature sounds like it would be very comfortable and make for better circulation in the summer. A shoe that might help one relax while walking and relieve some of the stress on the rest of the body

  19. I loved my pair of OOFOS sandals prior to one being lunch for my dog. I’m sure these are comfortable too. I love that they are lightweight. Clunky shoes annoy me.

  20. These look so comfy! I have a lot of problems with my legs so comfort in shoes has become increasingly important to me!

  21. i really would love to get these they look comfortable ! i have flat feet so most of the time i really need to get out a regular pair of footwear just because of the discomfort

  22. I love the slip on design. This looks like a shoe I can wear to work and be comfortable since I am on my feet all day.

  23. There’s a few pointers in this review that I really like. I can relate to you on the knee and foot issues but mine is that I’ve had three back surgeries and a good comfy shoe always helps! I also like the technology of this shoe, I think it would be great for my daily activities. The doctors want me to walk up to three miles a day but it’s extremely hard when you don’t have a good shoe. The last but not least thing I like is the variety of colors they come in, matching outfits can be a plus! I like that they also come in different styles. My main like is the technology and comfortable soles that my back would probably not hurt as much with activity with the soles being made the way they are.Also, another problem I have is my feet get hot quick, does these help with that? Does the mesh top leak into your shoe if it’s raining outside? I’m loving everything about this shoe, it would be awesome to try out a pair!

  24. These shoes sound amazing. I have so much problem with my feet hurting when I walk my heels hurt I would love to try these and see how comfortable they are. The blacks are specially nice. I know the songs in sandals are soft and I know the songs in sandals are soft and comfortable because I know the songs in sandals are soft and comfortable because I more than before

  25. The four way stretch is dreamy! Then put in there comfort and helps with knee, back and joint pain. I’m in love! After numerous feet surgery these are go to shoes.

  26. I have Plantar fasciitis and I am always looking for a comfortable shoe that will help alleviate the pain. With the stretch in these i bet I could wear my gel pads with them which I have had an even harder time finding shoes to accommodate them!

  27. These look very comfortable 🙂 I also like that these could be worn in the spring, summer and fall seasons, maybe into the beginning of winter, where I live! These shoes also look very sturdy which is always a plus when you want to wear them very often 🙂

  28. I like that these shoes have a 4-way stretch mesh upper, they’re lightweight and machine washable. They look very comfortable.

  29. These shoes look seriously comfortable. Though I’m a little concerned about that band over the top of it. These shoes do have a sleek look to them. And I would agree with the white bottom, though — it would probably get dirty quickly.

  30. These sound so nice. I am on my feet for twelve hours a day at work. My feet hurt so bad at the end of my shift. I also have low back problems. I would love to try a pair of these great shoes. They sound perfect. I love that they are light weight also

  31. I love how they have 4-way stretch mesh upper. My feet swell a lot and I have problems with shoes that do not stretch.

  32. I think these shoes would be comfortable because they havea 4-way stretch mesh upper. The powered by mom review has a photo of the all black shoes and that isthe color I like the best. I think the black shoes are no longer available because on the website for the shoes they show black with a white sole, gray with a black sole and a lime green color. I do not like the lime green shoes.

  33. I learned that they’re made with 4 way stretch mesh upper; sounds very comfortable. I’ve had too many pairs of footwear that are uncomfortable.

  34. I love these shoes because the technology reduces the stress on the feet,knees,and back and I need this because my back is always sore and uncomfortable and these shoes may help reduce the that.

  35. I learned by reading the above statements the following. First and foremost these shoes are for the individual with multiple problems related posture and joint issues. I learned that the padding provides this posture and the shoe then conforms to your overall fit and relaxation as a pose. I learned that these shoes would be a great fit for my mother who is having such issues with posture and comfort at the present time.

  36. I learned that New OOtex 4-way stretch mesh upper conforms to your feet and the stretchable strap adds support over the arch without binding Ive worn OoFos sandels for years glad there now making shoes.

  37. This review seems honest and very helpful to me. I had been looking for shoes like this for a while. I learned that because my foot is wide, I would need a bigger size. Even though the shoe stretches, the band does not.

  38. I’ve had OOfos clogs and sandals on my wish list for a long time now, and I guess I’ll be adding these sport shoes now, too. The black pair looks great with your dark slacks (love the cat, too!). They must feel good, too, being that lightweight. I can’t believe they’re machine washable!

  39. I prefer slip on shoes and sometimes it’s hard to find a pair that looks good, I love the look of the oofos and am so happy to have found out about them.

  40. I had a pair of their sandals and loved them. These would be great since they have the stretch mesh because I had bunions and my feet are different and sometimes tender. These would be so comfortable!

  41. I like the fact that I could wear these shoes with a variety of different clothing. I’m a diabetic and comfortable shoes are a must.

  42. I love that they’re SUPER light and comfy!! Not something you find often!! They are super cute and I love that they slip right on!

  43. I had a pair of their flip flops until my dog decided to have them for dinner 🙁 These look like they would be great for everyday as well.

  44. These shoes look super comfy! I love the style as well, and that they can be worn both dressed up and down! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  45. I like the 4-way stretch mesh upper to create an unbelievably comfortable shoe which i had not seen before and these are stylish and look really comfortable to wear too.

  46. I love that they absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear. That would be helpful for me because my feet always hurt!

  47. I love cushy shoes and these sound like they’d fit the bill. The fact they’re lightweight would mean I’d get tired out less quickly. The dogs would be happy!

  48. As someone who needs comfort in a footwear these seem to meet the qualifications. They have a cushioned footbed that helps to cradle a tired foot.

  49. Helps you stand straight and work longer due to comfort and light weight. The color of black and white would be the colors of choice.

  50. I’m a fitness instructor and runner. I am a HUGE fan of Oofos flip flops, as are many of my friends who are workout buddies. They are so soothing for tired feet and really aid with recovery. I have been really wanting to try a pair of the new Oomg shoes! I am so excited about the opportunity to win them!

  51. I love that the shoes absorb 37% more impact than others. I like the stretch and the footbed the most. They sound really comfortable.

  52. I like that they are lightweight! I don’t really like the ones with the white sole either but the all black ones look good.