Playing It Safe On The Road

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Playing It Safe On The Road

Be Confident That You Have Video Proof With the Cobra Dual View Dash Cam System If An Unfortunate Incident Occurs

My son spends a lot of time on the road making deliveries. He came into my office one day and said he sure wished he had a dash cam. I had never even considered one or looked into them. Then the Cobra Dual View Dash Cam System came to my attention and I knew that would be perfect for him.

This dash cam system fit the bill. In the event of a wreck or some other incident, it would now be recorded. This system also is very easy to get your footage saved from the camera to a computer.  I am not all that tech savvy, myself, but even I could set it up and use it. I love that it has the camera at the front AND back.  This dash cam has clear pictures and the 2-inch screen can be ‘split view’. It brings me peace of mind that my son can record while he is doing so much driving. This camera runs in a continuous loop so you can always be recording. It comes with 16 GB and can be expanded to 64 GB storage. (This particular picture was taken with the sun hitting it. Check out the video below!)

Record Scenic Places

Have you ever taken a drive and just wanted to hold your phone up in the windshield and record what you were seeing? Now you can, let your dash cam do the recording and you drive and you can just enjoy the view. Later you can download the content and have a beautiful video of your trip. My family and I went to Sedona, Arizona a few years ago. It is beautiful and I was trying so hard to record video with my phone, but I also wanted to just look around, so I did not get very much recorded.Are you particular about anyone being around your car in a parking lot? The Cobra dual view dash cam will begin recording if any motion is detected while the car is parked. Now you can see what goes on when you are not around. Maybe you know someone who drives a lot and would benefit from this, or a retired couple exploring the USA, this might be just the thing they wished they could have. Mother’s day and Father’s day is coming up, maybe they would enjoy a dash cam. Make sure to check out Cobra’s site HERE.


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  1. I’ve wanted to get my sister one for her birthday as she has talked about wanting one, but i’m concerned about how it’s powered…will she have to have someone wire it in? does it run on batteries, rechargeable batteries? plug into the lighter socket? while this looks like a nice one, i wouldn’t buy one until i know the answers to those questions so i could give her a gift that wouldn’t be a hassle.

  2. Recently got a dash cam, definitely is a good investment. I think that it’s important to have a reliable one

  3. We have a dash cam that we really like. This Cobra dual view dash cam looks awesome. I saved this page for future use, just in case we ever need another dash cam. Thanks for the great review!

  4. This would be nice to have for the trips we take through national parks. There is so much beautiful scenery and wildlife during these trips.

  5. I didn’t realize just how useful having a dash cam could be. I love the idea of recording beautiful scenery as you drive. That would be really fun to do on vacations and road trips.