Power Rangers Costume Everyone Will Love

Power Rangers Costume Everyone Will Love

If you're looking to dress in a Power Rangers Costume this year, then I have you taken care of! You can create your own Power Rangers DIY costume, or buy one offline with these tips.

FILE – This publicity file photo provided by Saban Brands, shows a scene from the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” TV show. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. said Tuesday, May 6, 2014, it was partnering with Haim SabanĂ­s Saban Entertainment to produce a live-action feature film based on the spandex-wearing, martial arts superheroes who are usually called upon to save the world. “Power Rangers” have had a continuous presence on U.S. TV since 1993. (AP Photo/Saban Brands, file)

People are going crazy over looking for a Power Rangers costume this Halloween season, especially since the release of the new Power Rangers movie that came out earlier this year. Some might say that the movie was a huge box office disappointment, but I’m going to disagree. The movie brought back so many nostalgic feelings of my love for watching the Power Rangers on TV. Now did the producers make some changes to fit for the big screen, yes they did. However, I couldn’t get enough of it and have actually watched it 3 times over! Here’s the movie trailer for you take a sneak peek. Watch and relive those fabulous memories!

I’m telling you that this trailer gave me pure chills up my back when I saw them morphing. There’s just much amazingness on in this movie, and that’s everyone is searching for a Power Rangers costume to wear this year.

Power Rangers Costume DIY Helmet

The helmet portion of a Power Rangers costume is everything amazing and right about life. Yes, you can easily purchase one (we will get to that later), but let’s talk about stuff that we can do on a DIY aspect. This tutorial is so easy to follow along with, and you’ll be so happy and excited to know how to make one to add more authenticity to your Power Rangers Costume. This pattern will help you make the Red and Yellow Power Rangers helmet.

Here’s a DIY tutorial for the Pink Ranger helmet using a pepakura design program:

Here’s one for the white Power Ranger:

Some of these tutorials are very easy to follow along with, and some require using kits, or using the pepakura design program to print everything out on card stock paper and then doing a paper mache around it, and then finishing with different types of gloss paint.

Megazord Power Rangers Costume Inspiration

Now, if you want to go super crazy, then you can make a Megazord costume completely out of cardboard boxes! When I came across this video, I let out a small squeal, as I knew that I could easily scale it and make it for any size. Now, if you don’t know who Megazord is, well then you and I can’t be friends. I kid, but seriously…let me tell me know you so you’ll know, and then our friendship will stay in tact. Megazord is a combination of all of the Dinozords: Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, and Pteradactyl. When needed, they come together and form the Megazord. The Red Ranger, as the leader, is the main command console.

While you’re watching the video below to make your Megazord, I’m going to start gathering supplies!

How cool is this Power Rangers costume? It’s seriously something that my life needs so desperately needs. Knowing me, I would probably carry around a speaker so I can play the theme song while posing and screaming, “Morphin’ Time!!” The funny thing is that you think that I’m kidding.

Buy A Power Rangers Costume Online

I love a great DIY project, but let’s face the facts: sometimes we just don’t have enough time to put that much effort into it. It’s just so much easier to run to Amazon or eBay and buy what we need. To help you along your search, I’ve found a TON of great Power Rangers costumes that will help you out a little bit. The hardest part is going to be exactly what Power Ranger costume you want, and what character you want to be. Special Note: These are all costumes sized up for adults, but I’ll share a Power Ranger costume or two with you for kids.

Pink Power Rangers Costume

Everyone loves the Pink Power Ranger. With exceptions of one Power Ranger episode, she’s normally the subordinate ranger and is a designated female role, so you will always see her in a pink skirt in the costume – even her Zord has a little pink trim in it. However, just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s fabulous! She always get’s the most amazing powerful and candid weapon, and kicks some major butt! I love her.
If you're looking to dress in a Power Rangers Costume this year, then I have you taken care of! You can create your own Power Rangers DIY costume, or buy one offline with these tips. This costume is as close as you can get! It comes with everything but she shoes and the gloves. But wait! I have you covered on the gloves, too! Just look how cool these are!
They are a total must to complete your costume!

Black Power Rangers Costume

The Black Ranger has the Mastodon Coin power and Dinozod. Those dinozods are freaking amazing! This ranger totally relies on his quit wit, agility, strength, and will to fight all of this battles, and he’s actually part of the original Power Ranger team that was chosen by Zordon.
This costume is such a fab replica of the original! You can finish the look off with an amazing Ranger Sword!

Yellow Power Ranger Costume

The Yellow Ranger is one of the top three favorite Rangers that everyone loves. No, I’m not going to tell you the other two – I’ll let you figure that one out by yourself! However, you probably already know the other two. The Yellow ranger is a little bit of a tricky, mostly because the were mostly played by male leads, and then a female lead! Yes, that’s so exciting! So here’s what I found for you to help you decide what to wear.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a whole female outfit, but this is a great base for guys. However, we can piece together the female costume with a few different items! You can get the Yellow Rangers Top here, the ranger mask here, and a pair of yellow socks here. IF you’ve got a little girl, then she can totally rock out this costume!

Red Power Ranger Costume

The Red Ranger has always been the leader of the group, and normally comes the best of the battlelizer weapons of the group. In fact, they’ve been known to be strong enough to take on the different evil leaders. This one has so many cool things for me to share!
The traditional power ranger suit is definitely super cool, but wait until you take a look at these ultra amazing red ranger boots! I know the costume comes with a soft pullover mask, but once you see this red ranger mask…you’re gonna want to ditch and buy this. To top the whole outfit off, grab this weapon.
This is exactly you need to be this halloween!

White Power Ranger Costume

The White Ranger is actually the 6th ranger, but has been used in so many episodes and was a super popular character on the different versions of the show. He’s so super cool with all of the gold and black accents!

I love this costume because it’s ready to go with everything! To add some extra flare, you can always buy this fab sword.

I have a bonus costume for you!!

Megazord Power Rangers Costume

This is one of the rarest costumes for you to find anywhere, and it’s definitely a little bit on the pricey side of life, but let’s admit…it’s SO worth it!

No matter what Power Ranger Costume that you decide on, I hope you have a super might morphin’ time! Share photos with me if you dress up as a ranger so I can share with the world!

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  1. Sandra Watts says:

    Good costumes. My grand kids like the Power Rangers.

  2. Sonya Allstun says:

    My grand sons would both love these costumes they love Power Rangers and have to watch them all the time

  3. These are so much fun. I still cant believe that this is a show my son watched and now my grandson is enjoying. They certainly have stood the test of time.

  4. Jerry Marquardt says:

    Thank you so much for the nice idea for a costume this year. I am hopping right on Amazon to see about ordering one up now.

  5. My son still loves the Power Rangers and he just turned 30! LOL

  6. I think my son was a Power Ranger one Halloween. Oh, how I wish I had been as creative as the people in the videos!

  7. Wow this sure goes beyond anything we’ve ever done for Halloween costumes. So fun!

  8. Very good costumes. My nephew would love them.

  9. beth shepherd says:

    Very cool! My son would love this!

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    This is great! My son wants to be the Red Ranger for Halloween!

  11. These are so cute!!

  12. Rita Leonard says:

    My son loved these when he was small. Miss those days

  13. These are amazing my son would love this .We like in the mountains so we aren’t going out

  14. Julie Lundstrom says:

    My son is just starting to get into Power Rangers. He would love one of these costumes.

  15. ellen beck says:

    That really is an adorable costume. I like how it would work for either a boy or a girl(or even an adult) I like the colors and also it lookls very safe.

  16. Jennifer Keating says:

    I wasn’t nearly as huge a power rangers fan as my little sister was! I remember going to a mcdonald’s when we were kids cause there was a meet n greet with the white power ranger Tommy…he was her favorite! We got there late and she never got to meet him…she was so upset, screamed that dad ruined her life…she was like 7, hah. Tell her that story now and she would just laugh about it..lol.

  17. my son was a red power Ranger for 3 years in a row. He loved it.

  18. vickie couturier says:

    how awesome,,my grandkids would totally love these

  19. Brandon Sparks says:

    This is what my son wants to be this year.. So cool..

  20. Armando Rincon says:

    OMG the classic ones, these is the best I wish I was a kid again lol

  21. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    Boy does this costume bring me back. What a cool costume for Halloween.

  22. Karen Giasson says:

    My grandsons would love for me to make this for them. I know that at least one of them is going to be the red ranger for Halloween.

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