Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

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I love my smoothies and I do enjoy  making different ones, however I usually find that in the mornings I like a fruit smoothie, especially ones with berries and since the last few months there’s been lots of berries I’ve been enjoying them all.

Raspberry Smoothie

I’m calling this one a Raspberry Smoothie because it has more raspberries than the other berries but I’ve got a mix of berries and a few other fruits in this one. 

Of course it can’t be just fruit, we add in protein powder for some energy and extra boost, flax seed or chia seeds (the choice is yours) and I like to switch between coconut almond milk or vanilla almond milk for another yummy flavor. Of course plain almond milk is always good too. However you like your smoothie you can mix it up with your favorite flavors and make it healthy and yet oh so yummy.

So here’s our simple Raspberry Smoothie Recipe.


Raspberry Smoothie Recipe



  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen Raspberries
  • 1/2 a frozen banana
  • 1 cup Frozen Mixed Fruit (ours is strawberries, peaches and a few red grapes)
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • 1 tbsp of either flaxseed or chia seeds
  • 1 cup almond milk (plain, coconut or vanilla)


  1. Whatever system you have blend away until it’s the consistency you want and enjoy

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You can see my mix above and it produced one yummy smoothie. We have tons of other smoothie recipes that you can find on our recipe page HERE.  Make sure to snag our FREE Simply Sweet Desserts Recipe Book HERE.

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  1. My little man is soooo hard to please but he LOVES smoothies so I can’t wait to try this one on him!!! Wish me luck

  2. I love raspberries. This is such a great recipe. I will be giving all of these a try soon. Thank you so much for sharing

    • I really think it depends on how much banana and what you mix it with but you gotta go with what you like. I use the banana as my only sweetener and have never found it to overwhelm the other flavours, as I only use half a banana for one large smoothie.

  3. I love smoothies and drink one almost everyday!! I have never added Chia or Flax seeds but keep hearing they are a great addition!

  4. I would love to try some of these smoothies out,don’t have a machine yet to do so but loving that peaches and cream smoothie recipe.

  5. I finally started drinking smoothies just this year..and I have to admit not all were very enticing…thank you for this recipe..I will definitely try it

  6. I wasn’t the biggest smoothie fan in the past but I’m getting to like them more and more. I especially love raspberry!