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Minute Meals from Red Copper

What do you cook in your home?  I cook everyday for dinner, and the kids also cook their own breakfast and lunch.  Therefore there is a lot of cooking going on any given day.  My kids make their own eggs and sausage, and I make eggs often as well.  Plus we all love to eat desserts, and my daughter and I bake often because of that.  Red Copper products make it much easier to cook and bake all your favorites quick and easy.


About Red Copper

Red Copper Products are the best solution for all your cooking needs.  They are infused with copper which helps make them non-stick, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.  The Red Copper collection has a variety of sizes and styles to choose from to meet all your needs.  From the 5 Minute Chef, to the Red Copper Brownie Bonanza, you will not have to scrub baked on food again.


Red Copper 5 Minute Chef

This little Chef is great.  I plug it in on the counter and in 5 minutes my kids can make eggs.  Clean up is as simple as wiping it with a damp dish cloth.  Plus it comes with a recipe book of things to try like a cut up hot dog in cornbread, or even a dessert cake with some cake mix, soda, and a chocolate bar.  I have made eggs and they come out great in the 5 Minute Chef.  It will even cook meat, though I left it in a little longer just to be sure it was cooked.  Not one meal has stuck to the pan, and slides right out with a rubber scraper.  This is a great way for the kids to cook while I am not home, because I fear the stove top will be left on.  I do not want a burnt down house, so this Red Copper 5 Minute Chef gives me peace of mind.


Red Copper Brownie Bonanza

Since Brownies are easy to make, the Red Copper Brownie Bonanza helps with the cutting and clean up which are not as easy as the making of them.  My brownies always get cute in odd shapes, and end up looking messy.  With this pan it bakes them all perfect, and cuts them into even sizes for you.  All the sides of each brownie get baked as well versus a chunk of raw brownies in the middle of your pan.  Once your done baking them you just place the stand underneath, and it raises the brownies out.  You get perfect brownies that do not stick to the pan every time.  Most noteworthy is the recipe book that comes along showing you all the other things you can use this pan for.


Red Copper Mug

The Red Copper Mug has a ceramic liner that will keep your coffee at its best all day.  Since this mug has a drip guard, leak proof lid, and no-tip technology it is the perfect travel buddy.  It will keep your hot drink hot for 8 hours and your cold drink cold for about 12.  My favorite part of this mug is the vacuum seal base.  It locks onto the surface so you cannot accidentally knock the drink over.  This prevents tipping and spills, and is really just innovative and neat.


Mom’s Thoughts

Red Copper products are really great since they are non stick.  My children often forget to spray the pan and tend to burn up pans and scratch them to death.  We got them a Red Copper Pan for Christmas and it is still holding up wonderfully.  Now they have these other great Red Copper products to cook with.  It is like Red Copper knew my kids when they designed these great cooking pots and pans, and innovative tools.  We love all our Red Copper products and will add more to our collection as our other pans bite the dust.  I know these will hold up even against my kids.


Which Red Copper product do you like best?

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  1. I love that these are infused with copper and that makes it non-stick. I would love to cook brownies – my family’s favorite- and not have a mess left over.

  2. I learned the Copper is infused on these pots and pans to make them scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and non-stick. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of Red Copper products, so there is one to fit your needs. I love the brownie pan. Thanks!

  3. I learned Red Copper Products are infused with copper, which helps make them non-stick. scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

  4. 5 Minute Chef is my favorite! As I just can’t seem to get the omelettes right! With this pan~Only I will know the secret! LOL

  5. I love the idea of quick meals that aren’t “fast food”. Easy cleanup sounds great as well.

  6. I have heard many good things about these products but have not tried them myself. When I do go to buy some new non stick pans I will definitely be trying these.

  7. I would use the thermos mug the most… Most of the cups I find don’t seal well and the lids leak.

  8. I have wanted some of the Red Copper products for some time and your reviews make them even more tempting. Would especially like to try out a fry pan.

  9. I have the red copper frying pan and I LOVE it better than anything I have ever used. I am definitely going to add to my Red Copper products in the near future. I even told my husband I want more for our anniversary next month.

  10. I don’t have any red cooper products yet. I really like the idea of the red cooper 5 minute chef and the fact that I can make the kids a hot breakfast on those days that we have to rush out the door.

  11. I have a red copper frying pan and it’s my favorite pan ever. They are so easy to cook with and to clean!

  12. I’ve been wanting to get a 5 Minute Chef. Such an easy way to throw together 2 different meals for my picky boys.

  13. I like that these are non-stick and easy to clean. I am most interested in the brownie pan for the “perfect brownies”!

  14. A lot of times the non stick items last for a short time, then they start to stick. We have a frying pan that is like this and so far it has held up well. The brownie pan is a good idea with the dividers in it as I can never cut them evenly.

  15. I thought your review was very informative and didn’t lack any information regarding these products. I am familiar
    with these pans and am anxious to try them especially the brownie pan. My brownies never come out the same size they are always terrible looking, however in your review I enjoyed reading how (your brownies always get cute) know that you meant cut, but it made reading very enjoyable.

  16. I really want to try the Brownie Bonanza pan. I always, always end up with under cooked brownie in the middle. I actually rarely make brownies even though we all love them. Once in a while that Hershey’s perfect brownie recipe will come out perfect but it is a fluke when it does.

  17. I love the 5 minute chef. Easy to clean up and versatile.great for meals instead of using frying pans. The brownies I would love to use.

  18. I would love these because they seem like a safer way to prepare and cook food than the other coated cookware………..I have to be careful on the metals etc that I use while cooking and this RedCopper would be something I would be willing to try.

  19. I learned that by being infused with copper, makes them non-stick, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

  20. I like the additional Red Copper products. It seems like I’ve seen the same commercials for their square pan. I am pleasantly surprised to see a smaller, compact vessel for cooking on the countertop, that I know will have the same easy cleanup as their larger products.

  21. My inner child just wants to keep melting cheese and having it not stick. They always show that on the commercials and I feel like I have to do that.

  22. I have been interested in trying these brownie pans for awhile now. The 5 Minute Chef sounds like something my family would love.

  23. The one minute chef sounds like a life saver in the kitchen! I love the idea of cooking fast with minimal clean up!

  24. I love that these are all nonstick. I also love how the brownie pan makes all the brownies the same size and cuts them for you!

  25. My brownies always look terrible too-although they taste great. These products look great, and I would love to try them.

  26. I saw a comment above about using this in her rv. I think that would be perfect because they are so easy to clean. Great idea.

  27. My youngest granddaughter is starting to ask to help in the kitchen,which I love btw. So having the 5 minute cooker would be a wonderful product for her to learn with.

  28. I always have trouble cutting the brownies(I have a heavy handy when it comes to a piece for me lol) but this makes it so easy for portion control.

  29. Thank you for this review. I have not heard of these products and now I am looking for more information and how to buy. I am excited to try them out.

  30. I live in a RV with no dishwasher, so the easy cleaning of the Red Copper products definitely appeals to me. Wiping out the residue before washing is great since it keeps the food particles from going to my grey tank.

  31. I have a Red Copper frying pan and love it because nothing sticks!! I want the Red Copper Brownie Bonanza next.

  32. The 5 Minute Chef looks simple enough for my Dad to use. It would be great for him to be able to make himself an easy hot meal so I could get an occasional break from taking him dinner.

  33. Although the brownie pan looks familiar (think ice cube tray), using the same idea is genius. Taking a simple idea, such as this, and finding a new use for it is great. I love it!

  34. This would be so amazing to have. I love how easy it looks to make some incredible recipes. I want them all, but the minute chef looks like something i would use daily.

  35. I love that these pans are non-stick! I hate scrubbing burned on food out of pans. The 5 minute chef would be a good option for older kids to use instead of the stove!

  36. I love how technology keeps advancing to make it easier for us in the kitchen with our busy schedules.

  37. I’m all about the nonstick feature! The fact that they’re so easy to clean is awesome! Sign me up! 🙂

  38. The brownie pan looks fun! My kids always bombarde me as soon as brownies come out so having an easy way to cut them would speed up from cutting.

  39. I’m with you about trying to cut brownies. Mine always have a messy cut too, so I never make them for company. This brownie pan seems to solve that problem.

  40. I would like to have all the Red Copper products. After reading the review on this blog I found out that the Red Copper Mug keeps drinks hot for eight hours and cold for twelve. I’m always putting my coffee in the microwave to reheat it because I set it down and forgot about it.

  41. The Red Copper mug is a product I haven’t seen. Sounds great, right up my alley and looks classy too. Thanks for the info.

  42. I would love to try the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef. I like that it is non-stick and easy to clean.
    Thank you for the review!

  43. These sound so nice. I love that they are non stick and scratch resistant. It is also great that they are dishwasher safe.

  44. I would love a Red Copper Mug. Keeping my coffee hot for 8 hours sounds great. I’m always reheating my coffee in the micro (I like to sip it though out the day).

  45. I saw a commercial and thought the Red Copper Brownie Bonanza was amazing. You just showed me the 5-Minute Chef and this even beats that one! I love that it’s as easy as plugging it in to cook and wiping down to clean! No more scrubbing! Yay! Now you increased my wish list! LOL

  46. These sound so nice. I love that they are non stick and scratch resistant. It is also great that they are dishwasher safe. I have been wanting to get some of these for a while now. Thank you so much for sharing

  47. I’ve heard a lot about the 5 minute Chef. I would like to try it. I like how nothing sticks to it for easier cleaning.

  48. These products all look amazing! I like the non stick feature and would surely love to use any of the red copper products.

  49. These have all the great perks any parent would love! Easy to clean, non stick, AND scratch resistant! HELLO! These are awesome!

  50. I didn’t realize the Red Copper Mug had a ceramic liner. Since metal can sometimes make things taste a bit odd (especially hot drinks), that liner would be a big improvement.

  51. Wow u must have read my mind. I’m not much into cooking any more but the right pans make a difference. I was sold at the picture of an omellete because I could eat them every night. If I had that chef pan I would probably need to buy a chicken. I’m thankful we have blogs like yours to review products. I hate when I buy something and it’s just the opposite of what I need or want

  52. What a great collection. I’d like to make omelettes with the red copper device. This is the first brownie pan I’ve seen like this. Great idea!

  53. These seem like such good products. I got some of those “green” pans before & they did not hold up, but I have only heard god things about the copper.

  54. The 5 minute chef would make mornings so much easier with being able to make breakfast in just 5 minutes. My granddaughter loves to cook and she could make dishes independently with it.

  55. My daughter has one of the skillets and I used it while spending the weekend with her and it was great! I came back home and ordered two different sizes for myself.

  56. Are anti-stick and anti-scratch allowing for fat-free cooking without oil, butter or grease and easy clean up. Moreover, these innovative pans and skillets are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for cooking on stovetop and in the oven! Get to know the entire Red Copper Ceramic Cookware Collection.

  57. I love them all but my favorite is the Red Copper 5 Min Chef. I can see me making scrambled eggs, pancakes and cheese sandwiches a lot with this. With it being nonstick, it would be practically mess free.

  58. I need a new set of pans. I have seen these and have been considering trying them. I would love the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef

  59. I havent tried any of these but i would love to try the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef and make good stuff for my grandkids and omelets and pancakes etc

  60. Oh my gosh, I want ALL of these products! Everything you made looks so good. I’ve seen commercials for Red Copper products and have been dying to get my hands on them. I’m asking for these for my birthday this Summer!!

  61. That Red Copper 5 Minute Chef seems like it’d be awesome to have! There’s so many things you could do in it. Love that it’s a non-stick and you don’t have to scrub them like crazy. Those eggs look yummy… I think I’d do something like that with the pan… make a breakfast “casserole” for one in the 5 minute chef.

  62. I have always loved the Red Copper products but just never had the chance to buy them, I love the 5-min chef the best cause you can do so many foods with it. The brownie pan would be so much easier than regular pans and the copper mug would keep my coffee hot for alot longer than my coffee does now

  63. All of these products sound amazing, I love Red Copper products!! I received a skillet and a knife for my birthday this month, and I am now officially obsessed! I really want to try the 5 Minute Chef though, this sounds like such an amazing tool to have in the kitchen. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  64. I would especially like the Copper Brownie Bonanza although I don’t bake brownies much due to being low carb eaters, I believe that this pan would be great for making a wide variety of other things I do bake.

  65. I have never tried these products, but I have only tried the cookie sheet. It works amazing! I’m really excited about trying these too!

  66. What a great item the 5 Min chef is because it allows for little chefs to make a quick easy meal especially with the recipe booklet.

  67. I have wondered about these products. I saw infomercials about them and of course was skeptical about them. Thank you so much for the review!

  68. I love that this Red Copper Collection is non-stick, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. I always seem to have a problem with scratches on my cook wear. These seem wonderful and easy to use.

  69. I just can’t believe how many different types of RED COPPER products there are. Bet there are a couple of “Shark Tank types” wishing they had gotten in on this fad early.