Remember Your Dogs This Holiday With Hartz Dog Toys

Hartz Toys For the Holidays

Christmas is coming up very soon, and you probably have your list of family and friends you plan to get gifts for.  Did you remember the fluffy furbabies in your life when you made that list?  Those sweet companions that love unconditionally.  If they could give you the world they would, so make sure this year you get them something special like some great toys from Hartz.

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About Hartz

The Hartz company is passionate about pet care, and have been committed to improving pets’ lives for 90 years.  Since their research team is made up of veterinarians, chemists, nutritionists, biochemists, entomologists, and engineers they look at all angles of products to ensure a safe environment.  They are continually striving to develop exceptional products, and seeking new technologies that can be applied to products.  All of this is to bring safe, quality products to enhance your pet’s wellness.

Hartz toys

Dog Toys

Hartz offers a vast collection of dog toys, from nylon tug a war toys to hard, teeth cleaning chew bones.  All these toys are made to stand up to your dog, and make them happy.  My dogs were very excited to try out some of these toys for the sake of research.  I have three dogs: Macey, a ten year old Basset Hound, Remy, a four year old Yorkie/Peke mix, and Charli, a 6 month old Dachshund.

Hartz dental duo

Macey’s Thoughts

Macey was in love with the Chew ‘n Clean dental duo.  This bone has a hard nylon exterior, and a long lasting edible bacon interior.  Therefore the bone kept her busy while she was trying to eat out the treat part.  During that her teeth got a good work out from the nylon chew part.  Another fun chew bone from Hartz is the Chew ‘n Clean Tuff Bone.  This one has no treat so it might be better for dogs with allergies or very sensitive tummies since they do not eat it.

Hartz Quakers toy

Charli’s Picks

Charli my puppy loves every toy.  She is so funny, and is worse than a 2 year old toddler.  All her toys are across the entire house, and when I pick them up and put them in baskets, she takes them all back out.  She played the longest with Dura Play Ball,  grasping it by the edge to carry it all over.  She liked to get it to squeak, but did not really know how she was doing it.  Therefore it was fun to watch her play because it was so random.  She also takes the chew bone from Macey and chews on it.  Surprisingly they have not eaten all the treat out and it has been two weeks.  Charli also drags a large duck around by its face.  This Nature’s Collection Quackers makes a cool grunting noise when the dog squeaks it.  We squeak it for her because she doesn’t grab it right.  Since she is six pounds it is hysterical to watch her drag these big toys around.

Hartz toys

Mom’s Thoughts

Remy does not play with toys, and he had no interest in anything but the edible chew toy, which he chews occasionally.  He is a lazy couch pup that would rather cuddle.  I put some of the dog toys aside for my babies for Christmas this year.  They will receive the  Dura Play Tug of fun, a cool rope toy with a ball in the center.  A Tuff Stuff Nose Diver, a neat colorful bird made of ballistic nylon.  This great toy even floats.  Lastly under the tree will be the Tuff Stuff Flyer which is a disc you can throw that wont hurt your dog when they catch it.  This toy also floats, squeaks, and makes a great tug toy due to its ballistic nylon and double stitched seams.

If you have a dog that likes to play they will love these neat dog toys.  They have different sizes as well if you have a small dog, and want to get a small toy. Charli likes big toys so she had a ball with these Hartz dog toys.  They are durable and made well so they should hold up to my crazy puppy for quite a while.

Why not grab a few Hartz toys for your dog this holiday, and don’t forget the cats,  Hartz has them covered as well.

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  1. These toys looks like they’re made of durable material and would be a good doggy present.

  2. belinda bell says:

    My fur baby Angel always gets Christmas gifts. And I buy Hartz toys. She is hard on her toys and these hold up better

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