Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Food Storage Containers

8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Food Storage Containers


Why will you love Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE food storage containers? If you’re like me and have transported food in a container either to your work or your kids to school and have had it leak liquids and/or food, you know that not all containers are created equal. 


Plastic ones leaked and there was no way we were sending glass containers with the kids to school. I don’t want to transport glass containers so there’s no way I’d send them off with a kiddo to school. Well thanks to Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE you can have your cake and eat it too or in this case, take your soups, stews, heck whatever you want and know that container is 100% leak proof!

Oh yes 100% leak proof & spill-proof, guaranteed, that’s what Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE food storage containers are all about. Can we say hello to being able to take my chicken noodle soup to the office without a worry in the world. I kid you not; I put that Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE container full of soup in my purse, yes my purse. For me that’s the ultimate test, and it did not leak.

Check out our video where we test out just how leak-proof these containers are:

Believe it or not, it gets better, remember I said 8 reasons, and while there are more reasons you will love them I kept it to 10. You can pack your chili, curries and more because the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE food storage containers will also not stain and of course they are 100% BPA free. Parents rejoice you can send your kiddos off to school with their lunches in the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers because they’re lighter than glass and well they’re not glass.

I wouldn’t even let my teenager take a glass container to school, but she loves that she can use the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers. They have a microwave at her high school so she can bring her favourite leftovers like chicken stew, chili and more for lunch. I’m happy she’s getting a delicious and better choice for lunch, we both don’t have to worry that the containers will leak or stain AND they can be used in the microwave!


So not only are they microwaveable but they can vent while reheating foods without splatter or stains. Hallelujah because nothing bugs me more than when the family uses the microwave and leaves good ole splatter behind for mom to clean, ugh. Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE helps to rid us of the splatter, and they make it so easy. Leave the lid on but just undo the clips and latches and the steam will escape from the two small holes in the latches.


Are you running out the door yet to get these Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers? You can find them at Walmart, Loblaws Superstore, Bed Bath & Beyond, SaveOn/Overwaitea and London Drugs! In case you need a bit more convincing (although I can’t imagine why) let me sum up those 8 reasons for you and include the ones I haven’t gushed about yet. Who knew food storage containers could be so exciting?! Hey I like my food, and I want it to not spill in my purse or bag, and I do want it intact come lunchtime at the office. Trust me I need my full meal by the time I eat lunch.

Okay here we go the 8 reasons you will LOVE Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Food Storage Containers

  1. 100% Guaranteed Leak Proof
  2. Freezer and Dishwasher Safe – Say what? Oh yeah mama!
  3. Will Not Stain – Have the spaghetti!
  4. Microwaveable and Prevents Splatters and Stains – This should count for 2 reasons!
  5. 100% Safe and BPA Free
  6. Lighter Than Glass
  7. Will Not Shatter – A must for the clumsy like myself
  8. Stackable and Modular – Easy to Store and Organize in the Cupboards


Now if you live anywhere near me you’d better hurry and pick up some sets of Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers because I’m headed out soon to pick up some more and replace all my leaky containers with these.

Check out more of Rubbermaid on their Instagram and Facebook pages!

If you’re looking for some recipe ideas to fill those Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers with make sure to check out our Recipes section.

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  1. Kimberly Frazee says:

    I have been searching storage containers lately. Im tired of these butter bowls and craziness I go thru to store left overs or anything. Wanna make bets I put this On my List lololol I love everything about them

  2. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. I hope santa brings me some of these containers. I haven’t tried these yet.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I have a set of these and I love them!

  4. Laurie Nykaza says:

    These are perfect for my son gluten free foods so they dont get contaminated while in the fridge with our gluten foods. With a sealing lid this is a must so we dont spill in the fridge love the sizes they make and that i can see whats in them too.

  5. Darren Scrubb says:

    I will have to try out these containers for sure.

  6. Tara Torres says:

    These stack well. I really need to do something about my containers. They’re out of control.

  7. Amy McIlmoyle says:

    How convenient and love the look of these.

  8. These are fantastic!

  9. kristen visser says:

    These containers look of great quality. We have a few rubbermaid products and have no problem with them. I definitely need to get some new containers as mine are starting to crack, are plastic and leak sometimes 🙁

  10. Dale Steele Nicolov says:

    these containers are awesome!

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