Samsung Smart Wifi LED HDTV Review

Powered by Mom shares her Samsung Smart Wifi LED HDTV Review

We had the opportunity to review this fabulous Samsung UN32EH5300 – 32 inch 1080p 60Hz Smart Wifi LED HDTV!


Samsung Smart Wifi LED HDTV

Our Samsung Smart Wifi LED HDTV arrived within a few days and we were eager to set it up. This is the first smart television we’ve owned so we were curious to see what options it offered and what we could do with it, not to mention what the picture would look like. Hubby set it up the same day we received it as we just couldn’t wait to try it out!

samsung tv box

The Samsung Smart Wifi LED HDTV was lighter than even a current LED tv that we owned, so that was a nice bonus as my husband had to install it up above a mantle piece in our upstairs living room. He said it was very easy for him to set up as it had all the necessary outputs and inputs and it was just easy to figure out. It only took him about 30 minutes to get it up and running, I think that’s a record!

Keep in mind with this picture I used the flash on my camera so the screen is not dark like it looks below. You’ll be able to see how bright it is in the next picture of our Samsung Smart Wifi LED HDTV

samsung tv

Doesn’t it look good above our mantle piece? We have it on a mount too so that we can position the tv anyway we want, we can even turn it towards our dining room if we want to see the screen while at the table. That’s not something I encourage of course but it’s nice to have options :). The picture is so clear and crisp, it’s quite impressive I have to admit even I was impressed, HD really does make a difference but the Samsung television itself has such a great picture, the colors are vibrant but true, the sound is great and we discovered some of the awesome features!

If I wanted to I could even check my Facebook page from the television, that is handy for a social media manager like myself 🙂

samsung tv screen

One of the things we didn’t know it would do until it was set up was that we could control our speakers (amp) volume right from the television remote, that is so handy! We also no longer need to go through our PlayStation or any other external device to use Netflix, that’s a total bonus. Since it’s our first Smart TV as I mentioned we’re not used to all these features as we have to use an external device on our other television to go to Netflix etc..

Features of the TV

32″ Class (31.5″ Diagonal) LED HDTV with 1080p Resolution


  • Smart TV
  • Smart Content with Signature Services
  • Web Browser & Search All
  • Smart Hub
  • WiFi built-in
  • AllShare Play
  • ConnectShare Movie
  • Clear Motion Rate 120
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  • Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse
  • SRS TheaterSound HD

To say we are impressed with our Samsung Smart Wifi LED HDTV after only a few days is an understatement! We can’t wait to see what else it does as anything else is just a bonus.

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  1. Jerrica Evans says:

    We bought a TV a few years ago and were thinking about getting another one. This one sounds like the one that we need to get.

  2. Melissa George says:

    wow i love this Tv and my most favorite feature is the WiFi built-in which is so much fun that means i can download my favorite songs and movies.

  3. Kristina Glidewell says:

    We are looking into getting a new tv but they are all so complicated looking- but this one, looks very easy to set up and use.

  4. Shannon R. says:

    I have heard of smart tvs before but had absolutely no idea what they were until now. Looks complicated to me. Great review.

  5. tammy ward says:

    This is awesome and the pics you took are great i love it,would love this for my parents,they are having hard time seeing theirs its way old and not big enough for their living room

  6. Megan Fisher says:

    Thank you for your awesome review!! This TV sounds like a dream!! It’s pretty amazing that you don’t need any additional streaming device and can watch netflix or browse the net right on your your TV?!! That’s so handy!! I also love how you mentioned the TV was lighter than you expected and easier to set up. This is a huge thing for a woman like myself, who’s man is deployed in Afghanistan. I would need to be able to do this on my own and by your review, you have given me the confidence to believe I actually could. I can only imagine the wonderful “movie nights” my boys and I could cuddle up to with this TV. With such a crisp, clear picture, my boys would think they were in the movie theater!!

  7. Awesome review! Love how this Smart TV functions much like a computer! I would love to access Facebook via this TV instead of my phone. It would definitely be easier on my eyes and neck! Lol :0)

  8. Jessica Burress says:

    I love how informative this review is. It touk he’s base on everything! It is good to know that it only takes 30 minutes from box to set up and is lightweight. Most TV are so heavy it takes more than one person to lift. Even more exciting to know that you can use the Internet on it!

  9. This seems super easyto set up n WiFi is a huge plus

  10. Sandra Crispo says:

    WOW. is amazing how many things can do.and with ease, on this system. Love to win, because I know on just a Social Security income could never afford!!

  11. Sounds like an awesome TV! I’m still amused that technology has advanced so much you can pretty much do everything on your tv as you can a computer!

  12. Samantha krejci says:

    I”m so jealous I want this tv.

  13. suzanne esaine says:

    Technology is really on the upswing!

  14. Courtney Thomas says:

    Your review has been really helpful! Thanks for being so thorough!

  15. It would be great to replace our CRT (old tube) TV which is on it’s last legs.

  16. Chrissy Kim says:

    I’m loving the pictures. You review helped me find out what the specs are. It’s good to know that it’s light because I live on a 2nd floor apartment and there’s no elevator. I’m glad it’s light enough to carry up the stairs!

  17. Denise Osborn says:

    I like that it has the wifi built in. I need a smart tv like this one. Time to move up to the big league. lol

  18. maria carrasco says:

    It sounds like an amazing TV. I love all the features but my favorite is the built-in WiFi. Thank you for your review.

  19. Robin Creager says:

    Smart t.v. is the way to go! I’d love to own one. You did an awesome review on it; how easy it was to set up, all the cool features and the photos were eye catching. Love it!

  20. Wow, this TV looks awesome! I would love to own one!

  21. I thought a Smart TV was only for doing email…I had no idea this is so much like a computer! Now I really want one! LOL

  22. I’m so jealous! Lol! I have a 32″ old tv, the bulky kind that probably weighs 75 lbs. My picture gets smaller and smaller every day. I consider myself blessed to have this tv. It is on it’s last 2 legs I think. This LED HDTV is just so purty. I love all the neat things on it. Especially being able to check FB on it. That’s so cool! Thank you for all the great info 🙂

  23. What an amazing looking and sounding TV! I love the idea of being able to use the TV to directly access services such as Netflix and the like – no PS3 or other device needed. This is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist!

  24. DEBRA DUBOIS says:

    I have never known much about the smart TV’s thanks for the review I sure learned a lot about these they are amazing I would love to own one.

  25. Becky VanGinkel says:

    It really does look good above your mantle piece!!! And 30 minutes to set it up and get it going is awesome. I’d love to win this for my family.. I’d like to experience the whole SmartTV thing for myself.. and I can tell just by your pictures how awesome the picture on the TV is!! Great review, thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. this would be an amazing TV to have all the features are incredible! I love the smart hub i have heard great things with that feature!

  27. Karen Koval says:

    I didn’t know Smart TV’s did all these things. I love how easy it seems to do everything thru the remote. Looks and sounds like the dream TV that I’ve been looking for.

  28. Janette Polivka says:

    Wow, even on your pic it you can tell it has such a crisp picture. And the fact that it is light and has simple set up, is a great factor being as I am a single mom. In all honesty, this sounds like a blessing to own! 🙂

  29. Caire Rheinheimer says:

    I really like that you can check your social media on this, very cool!

  30. Megan Filzen says:

    Love how you don’t need to go through playstation to get netflix. Thats what we do.

  31. Richard Hicks says:

    This is a tremendous TV with so many great features. I love that it has WiFi!

  32. Jennifer Gleaton says:

    What a great review! It was very informative and educational. Seriously makes me want to go out and get this tv! The specs and extras on the tv are amazing! Thank you

  33. I liked the detail about how quick it was to have it up and running!

  34. Annette Cruz says:

    The things that sound appealing to me is the fact that it is light-ours is heavy-older model. I also like that it has the Smart hub & the Wi-fi built in. These are features that are important to me.

  35. Melissa Jean says:

    AWESOME! I love the set up and how its on the mantle (jealous) I have always wanted to be able to hang a tv. Thats cool it came super fast. I am very impatient when it comes to getting new things I can’t wait to play with. I never heard of this site, and the fact that you showed it was fast and also delivered perfect made me check the site out and looking to purchasr things from there now!

  36. Mary Songer says:

    This looks like a great TV. I’m fascinated by a TV that I can access Facebook on as well as all the other services, like Netflix. The best part of the review for me was that it was so easy to install and so light weight. Sounds like the perfect TV for my bedroom.

  37. We would love to have a new tv! We currently use an old box style tv that was given to us by Grandparents. Tv was made in 1997 🙂

  38. It sounds like what I’m looking for

  39. sandy weinstein says:

    i actually have this tv but a 40 inch, really like it, but do find that it is hard to program if you are not pc savvy….had to fet a friend to help me…would like one for the living room or 2nd bedroom

  40. This TV looks like it has a bunch of features that would be great to have. This would work great in our bedroom to replace an ancient 27″ CRT TV and since it has WI-FI, it could connect without having to run any Ethernet cables.

  41. The Smart TV is so light weight. That alone is an improvement over the older LED TV.

  42. WOW!!!!! We have evolved from rabbit ears to smart t.v’s!!!! It’s just amazing of all the things we can do to upgrade electronics that we once thought we couldn’t get any higher than we already were at but, evidently, we can go way up higher than we initially thought!!!!! I’m impressed!!!!

  43. trista hoskins says:

    I like the fact that you give lots of details about the product and how easy it was to install. I have always wanted to own a smart tv but wasn’t really sure if it’s worth the money. That’s what i like about your reviews, you help me decide whether it’s worth the money or not so thanks.

  44. Heather Bridson says:

    I have an older flatscreen tv. But I like the idea of a smart tv. Thanks for the great review!

  45. Carla Foster says:

    I guess we’ve come a long way from tin foil on rabbit ear antennas, from the 1970’s. This thing has so many bells and whistles, it almost scares me. I’d have no idea how to turn it on. lol

  46. Again, I have to say, that this is one contest where I really see so many great comments from other consumers. The reviews are believable honest, (I hope! Why lie?!?) and having been in the retail sector for a period, the least expensive type of advertisement is WORD OF MOUTH!!! It can make a company soar high as the sky, or tank to the sea. Sales + Service ARE A MUST!!!! I would love a Samsung Hi-Def Flat screen tv (I particularly love the curved one; the commercial, which I only see occasionally now; run it again Samsung! It’s a great one!). But having a review apot like powered by mom, let’s face it, most of the women in the families handles the finances. They spend ore times home (occasionally) or ae just more into having the product being what the family wanted. I am not saying that the husband/partner has no say, it’s usually the female who has to deal with the issue. GREAT SITE POWERED BY MOM!!!

  47. We have an LG Smart TV and love it. We are looking at replacing the TV in our family room. Samsung looks like they have some awesome TV’s too…we will have to check them out as well.

  48. This TV sounds awesome! I love that it is lightweight, has all of the Smart TV Options which makes it a mini computer and I love that it hooked up with your sound system as well! Fabyulous review, Thank You! I am a HUGE fab of Samsung, they make amazing products that last and that are built with quality in mind!

  49. i like that it has wifi, thats what i need.

  50. Samantha M. says:

    This TV sounds amazing! It’s not too big or too small and the built in WiFi really sold me on it as I use Netflix and Hulu Plus everyday! Thanks for a great review on it!

  51. I love it above the mantle. That is what we would do. It looks perfect. I like that it’s lighter than most and it is a LED. I’m sure I would enjoy it as much as you have. The picture quality looks very good. Thank you

  52. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I love the fact that it has built in Wi-Fi~

  53. Jaime Nicole says:

    I love that it has the built in Wi-Fi and apps.

  54. Jessica Lodge says:

    I love the built in wi-fi. Like you we go throught the PS3 to get Netflix and Hulu, and I always think we are wearing down just to watch movies. The picture looks fantastic too.

  55. Yvette Figueroa says:

    It’s amazing how far these TV’s have come!

  56. Carrie Goodin says:

    I have been following Powered by Mom for several plus years now. one of my favorite Blogs. Not much she misses when she reviews products. Whats not to like she covers it all.

  57. I think I might have commented on this before but I guess I keep coming back to dream over it. I would love to get one but my husband won’t buy a new one until the old one is no longer working. Maybe I can help that along, lol.

  58. Thank you for your review. It was helpful to know all the technical aspects (benefits!) and to know that it was easy to set up!

  59. Denise Osborn says:

    I have always had luck with a Samsung product. This smart TV would be great and last for many years.

  60. Sarah "Rachel" Joslin says:

    What I like best is a toss up between how light the screen is and the built in wifi.

  61. Bertha Wilson says:

    Sounds like a very nice TV, I think my husband would like the fact of how easy it was to figure out and install. And I like the fact that is a lighter TV and not to heavy to handle. Plus all the nice features that it has with it.

  62. Pam Dickson says:

    I love how you wrote it shipped quickly, the picture color was true, and how fast it was to set up!

  63. I love that it only took him 30 minutes to set up! That’s awesome! I hate it when things are so confusing to set up that you want to give up lol.

  64. i love how bright and bold it is and the fact that its led and hd

  65. Jennifer Burns says:

    I love the smart tv aspect of the tv.

  66. I love that you can go on social networking and Netflix

  67. Toni Porter says:

    Not only would this be the perfect size for my living room (which isn’t very big in my apartment), but it would be a big step up from my 720p non-Smart TV (which, in turn, was a step up from a TV that was older than me!).

  68. Stephanie Lashbrook says:

    This TV looks great and I love all the different features that are available. I also like that it’s LED as well as HD. Thanks for the review!

  69. carl forrester says:

    I love the fact you can check your social networks

  70. Thank you for review. That def makes our choice of a new television a lot easier.

  71. It’s amazing how far TVs have come. I love the built-in WiFi and theater sound.

  72. Calshondra Williams says:

    Awesome looking TV. I love the features: built-in WiFi, Netflix, and being able to control the speakers from my TV remote. Thanks for the awesome review and fingers are crossed.

  73. This would be so fabulous to win! Currently we stream through our Playstation 🙂

  74. Jennifer Heintz says:

    Thanks for the review, and taking the picture. Our older “Smart” TV is great quality, but I really liked that interface to everything your picture showed. And easy set-up is something that our home requires. Guess we’ll be looking at Samsungs.

  75. Katherine Riley says:

    I like how you talk about ease of setup and the great features such as being able to get online.

  76. Sarah Emery says:

    I have such an old tv and got a PS4 and can’t even use it because I need this unbelievable tv 🙂

  77. This review was very informative The way you described its features makes me want one. I’m going on the website, may even got to a store and check it out. Thanks for a great review..

  78. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a nice television. It does look really good on your mantle. My daughter would love having this tv for the Netflix feature.

  79. Karen Beckett says:

    I would love to have this TV. Ours is 14 years old & we really should be getting another one soon.

  80. Ashley Scarberry says:

    Love the easy set up and how bright the picture looks!!

  81. Ashley Scarberry says:

    Love this TV! It has so many features “regular” TVs don’t! Seems so Ashley proof 🙂

  82. I would love to have one of these. We’re currently doing all our streaming through our Playstation. I’m always paranoid that the Playstation will burn out with all the hours we log. I also love that we can access social network straight form the television and, of course the high quality picture is a definite plus.

  83. I have a Smart tv and love it a lot! It literally has everything!

  84. the tv i have a re the older one with back on them

  85. Gwen Hawes says:

    I think this TV does everything! How can we go any further with technology? Amazing!

  86. Maria Iemma says:

    I have a very old TV in my bedroom and this one sounds perfect for me to watch and enjoy my shows.

  87. Samsung is a wonderful brand. There is so many tv’s out there it is hard to know where to begin. We need a new tv that is updated with the new items. We have many tv’s but all of them are old. Thanks for the detailed review. I need to know this information to purchase in the future.

  88. would love to have a new tv under my christmas tree this year

  89. Angela A Simmons says:

    I loved the reviews you did on the Smart TV you did an amazing job. Makes me want to go out and buy one right now for my hubby. I loved the different features the TV has to offer. Technology keeps getting better and better! Thank you for the review

  90. Wow! I absolutely loved reading your review, I have always wondered what a smart tv is! With your review I now know what a smart tv is and it looks awesome!

  91. Lisa Garrett Herring says:

    This is a tv I would love to own. It sounds perfect for us.

  92. The SmartHub reminds me of a Roku menu. I love Samsung products and quality.

  93. Beverly Strong Chisnall says:

    Sounds like an awesome Tv wouldn’t mind having one

  94. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds like a nice TV. I really like Samsung electronics. We have a Samsung TV and all our kitchen appliances are Samsung. Thank you for sharing

  95. Sumbul Aslam says:

    Loving the looks of this awesome TV.My living room has space for this one

  96. Now this looks like a tv to die for…I love Samsung products so I am sure it is great quality. So glad you received this tv for review…I am sure you will enjoy it. Great review!

  97. Kerri Alexander says:

    Thanks for the review!

  98. Wow, this looks awesome!!!

  99. tammy young says:

    that is so awesome i would love to have a tv like that

  100. Great tv. Sounds like its easy to use. Good review, not too technical.

  101. Bertha Wilson says:

    Thanks for the review, I would love to up grade my TV for this one. I love all the new features.

  102. Kellie Murray says:

    OMGosh this tv looks really bad azz!! I have a console TV that I bought in 1989…no kidding lol. I can hook it up to cable but not to the DVD player….no HD…no bells and whistles…just a basic TV lol. If I won this TV it would be simply amazing. I could never afford one on my own due to me being disabled. Thank you for the opportunity. Best of luck to all and happy holidays!!!

  103. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This is such a wonderful TV. I would love to have a TV that works so well and has so many awesome features.

  104. Angela A Simmons says:

    that is one cool tv loks very easy to use. My husband would be doing cartwheels if he seen this under our tree. He keeps hinting around for a new tv

  105. Tasheena Stowe says:

    I like how in your review, you listed the smart TV’s features as well as gave pictures of its impeccable screen and the little details, such as how you can use the TV remote to control your amps volume! Awesome review!

  106. My TV that was my Dad’s just went out! I got it when he passed away this year and it was only a year old. This TV is awesome! I would love to have this TV!

  107. crystal walborn says:

    I’ve never seen A smart TV work before but I think. It’s awesome she can check her Facebook from her TV .. And browse the internet .. Such amazing technology .. I also like that she said the delivery was quick !!

  108. I would love to be able to buy something from this place it’s been sucha rough year, something like this would be so good for our family.

  109. My neighbor has a new Samsung smart t.v. The picture is unbelievably sharp, bright and so clear I was jealous. lol. No seriously, for me it’s important because my eye sight is very bad and I fell in love with it. You’re going to keep loving it. 🙂 When they hooked up the computer to their t.v. it was just amazing. Thanks for your great review and the pics.
    Carol L

  110. candi doucet says:

    just love how clear and crisp the picture is and not to mention too cute on the mantel…great idea !!!!

  111. Nena Sinclair says:

    I would love to have a tv like this and I think that Samsung makes fantastic products!

  112. OMG, this smart TV looks amazing!!! It has everything. The only problem I will have with it is learning how to do all those things. The built in WIFI is awesome. I have a LED TV and I thought that it was a nice one but not compared to this one. I so want this!!

  113. Courtney Biggs says:

    I would love a TV that does all of that! It would save money on getting a computer monitor. With the WiFi and internet access, I could just get a wireless keyboard and do my work! This would be awesome! I would love this TV! I need to check into that. Great review!

    -Courtney Biggs from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

  114. We have bought some Samsung products & have never been disappointed with them. I have heard of Smart TVs, but didn’t know what it was capable of doing. How awesome all these features in one place!! Wi-Fi & HD to boot! This TV sure is SMART!!

  115. May Lynn Mahler says:

    Wow! I mean wowie wow! We have an 18 year old dinosaur so anything else is an improvement but to be able to get FACEBOOK on the tv- that just brings tears to my eyes- ok that’s a bit dramatic but were talking television here people there is room for drama!!!

  116. Jerrica Evans says:

    Thanks for the review, I’ve been looking for a TV to get my husband and I think he would love one of these.

  117. I have been dying for a smart TV and Samsung is my go to brand so I would be over the moon with this tv! That and then I could move the Roku into my bedroom to watch all my british shows

  118. I love the 32″ size of this flat screen. Not too big, not too small! And only 30 min. for set up? That’s a record! I won’t even tell you how long it took us to set up our only flat screen! And who can not like that it’s a Samsung? Great reputation!


  120. Alicia garnet says:

    Great review . Looks like it’s easy use setup and show great quality pictures.

  121. I remember the first TV my folks got: a small black and white TV. This is so advanced with all that it can do.

  122. Pam Fiore says:

    Looks like this may be more than just a Television, all communications are opened according to the review.

  123. Susan S., TN says:

    It sounds just like the tv we are looking for. It is so hard now a days to find the right electronic item w/ all the choices. The review was great & it pin pointed everything I was interested in or looking at. Thanks for the review, it really helped!! I know it will help others..

  124. Leslie Kiley says:

    My tv is very old and has none of the great features this one has. 10 years is long enough. The wifi would be such a great thing to have on the tv screen!

  125. Cynthia Smith says:

    You didn’t include any experience in operation, like lag, ease of navigation, settings control or connectivity to other devices except that it had them and your mount I assume was purchased separately. You did indicate it was lighter than your other set….. which it weighs how much? You were brave to drill your brick.

  126. This sounds like it offers an amazing viewing experience! my whole family would love this.

  127. Just what I’ve always wanted: a tv that’s smarter than I am

  128. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    Thanks for your review of this tv. It looks like one to think about when we do decide to get a new one(which my husband thinks is right now hahaha)

  129. Renee Patterson Travis says:

    We have a Samsung also, but I didn’t know it was capable of all these things. Ha Ha! I guess I am going to have to check further into all the apps. you can put on it! Great review and thank you!!!

  130. Candace Adams says:

    I need a new tv the one I have is from the 90’s and I hate it.

  131. Susan Broughton says:

    Great review for the TV. I am in need of a new TV so this is a real help in looking for one. I have only heard good things for this particular name brand too.

  132. Scott Jackson says:

    Love this new Samsung TV. I have owned a Samsung for several years with zero problems and a GREAT picture

  133. Lots of great info about the TV, now I want one! Love that it is so light and didn’t take more than 30 min to set up!!

  134. I would love to have the t.v. We need a new one for the bedroom. Cool prizes.

  135. Kaylanicole says:

    Great, helpful and detailed review!!

  136. This looks like a fantastic TV. I’ve been shopping around for awhile now so this definitely looks like a good site to check out. Thanks!!

  137. This TV sounds amazing! I have an older TV and would love to replace it. I think it’s great that this TV is a Smart TV and has WiFi.

  138. Thanks for the review. This tv looks super fun and cool !!!

  139. The Samsung Smart-TV sounds fantastic, I am so praying for this as my living room TV went out a few months ago. There is nothing wrong with watching it while dining as long as the family converses during commercials, ENJOY IT.

  140. Lorna Patrick says:

    Wow really nice! I love that it is easy to set up and love where you have it on the mantel! Checking Facebook from the TV would be a great bonus! Thank you for the review!!

  141. Fabulous giveaway! I hope to win

  142. This sounds like a fantastic television. I have been looking at tv’s lately. We would like to get a new one. Ours is 17 years old!!!

  143. We stream everything instead of cable, so having a smart TV would be awesome for us. Thanks for the review.

  144. Jeff Toplak says:

    That it has built in wifi of course. Surf the Web while surfing channels

  145. Karen Jaras says:

    This would be great for the bedroom or playroom with the built-in WI-FI.

  146. Its great that it has the wifi in it. sounds like a tv that has it all. great.

  147. Linda Short says:

    I really like that the wifi is built in!

  148. Teresa Weiss says:

    This sounds like a really amazing tv! I will definitely be checking out smart tv’s for our next television purchase!

  149. Lauren Rogers says:

    I like the built in wi-fi

  150. I like that it has Wi-Fi built in

  151. Tracie Russell says:

    I was excited to read about how light it is and how you don’t have to use so many external devices with it 🙂

  152. I need a new tv and this one has all the features I want on a new one. Very nice.

  153. Sonja Samples says:

    I like that the set up time is so quick and the fact that it doesn’t weigh too much. Very nice tv

  154. I enjoyed your review! I’m looking for a new T.V. that is super clear and crisp, and HD TVs are better than ever! This tv has all that and more!

  155. janet aycock says:

    your review is great it tells all of the important things about the tv

  156. Brigid OHara Koshko says:

    WOW! Everything I wanted plus! This TV is amazing and I know my family would love it. Thank you for the review.

  157. Tina Bornheimer says:

    Good review, I only wish you included what the features actually are… I mean you listed them, but I have no idea what they are, what they do … smart tv is new to me and I’m very interested in what those features are. 😉

  158. Wow, awesome TV!!

  159. Marthalynn says:

    Perfect timing on this post! I’m in the market for a new television for my husband and I’m kind of clueless. All I know is that I want a wifi one that is easy to set up. This one fits the bill perfectly!

  160. I think this would make an awesome Christmas present for my fiancee/

  161. Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    I really like this review and I like all the features listed.

  162. Teresa Null says:

    this is a wonderful review.. sure helps me understand exactly what each one of the giveaways consist of.. it is so helpful to have the reviews.. i would love to get started in doing the reviews!!

  163. Daniela Tapia says:

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