Scrigit is Your Handy Cleaning Tool that Gets the Small Stuff

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Don’t Scrape it Scrigit!

Have you ever had the brilliant idea to have a craft night without putting craft paper down? Ever gone to bed with dinner dishes piled high and leftovers on the stove? Ever had that bit of dried paint stuck on your window that just won’t budge? I can say a hearty YES to all of the above! I have scraped with my nubby little fingernails until the nubs were even gone. The nubs were gone but that dried on spaghetti was hanging on like a champ! No more! Scrigit is here to save the day (and my nails!)

You may be wondering, “what is a scrigit”, I’m glad you asked!

About Scrigit:

The Scrigit ScraperΒ is a handy cleaning tool that provides a quick, safe and convenient way to remove small amounts of unwanted substances from household and automotive surfaces. It was developed to fill a large gap in the current market for cleaning tools. There is often a need to quickly clean small spots of unwanted substances or reach into edges, grooves and other tight spaces without damaging the surface being cleaned. Existing scrapers are often too large or have metal blades that could damage many surfaces.

The Scrigit name is meant to be a fun and distinctive word that comes from the shortening of scraper and digit (another name for a finger). The name is pronounced the same as digit and widget.


I will have to say my favorite feature (besides how awesome the Scrigit is at getting the gunk off) is how incredibly portable they are! It can easily fit in my purse or my man’s front shirt pocket! Not that I speak from experience, but this little magic pen is great for getting day old dried up toothpaste off of sinks. Not that I speak from experience, ahem. Hence, I’ve stashed one of these babies in my kiddos bathroom should this unlikely event ever take place! πŸ˜‰

It’s great for a variety of uses!


I’ve got a little diva that’s been an interior designer since she could walk. She just loved decorating walls … with stickers! We have wood doors in our home, stickers and wood doors do NOT get along very well. I’ve scraped and scratched but could never get all of those stickers off… until Scrigit! Scrigit took off the sticker and left no trace that it was ever there!

Another reason I love Scrigit is that eldest boy of mine is my little creator. He loves to create things. I love that he loves to create things. I don’t, however, love scraping glue, tape, and who knows what else off of my dining table. Because everyone does their crafts at the dining table, right?Β  Not an issue anymore! I hand him the magic pen and he gets that mess up as easy as 1-2-3!

Go HERE to learn more about Scrigit and where you can get yours!

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    • It would be great to take off price tags, stickers, food stuck on different things with this handy tool.

  1. I would love to use Scrigit to remove price tags off of items i purchase they can be so hard for me to remove.

  2. Oh this would save my nails because I am forever scraping stickers that my grandkids seem to stick everywhere. I kill my nails with dried on food from the stove so this would be the ideal handy man’s special tool.

  3. Yes! I need this! How have I gone this long without one? I especially need this for the grills/ledges behind the oven door handle that i can’t seem to get to for a good cleaning!

  4. Sounds like we both have creators in our home. I love that it looks comfortable to hold. I currently use a butter knife. This would make a lot more sense.

  5. I don’t know where my messes come from, but this product looks awesome! I wish I had it yesterday when i found myself scraping scotch tape off of my countertop!

  6. This is super neat! My table has crevisase in it and there is constantly dried play dough and who knows what else in there this would be such a handy tool to have

  7. I am wondering if this would help with the price stickers that I have trouble removing from some of the stuff that I buy.

  8. I am always shopping clearance sales for gifts… I buy birthday presents and Christmas gifts sometimes months in advance. However, I always seem to have problems getting the clearance price tags off of the packages. A Scrigit pen might help get the stickers off.

  9. My car has some residue from something on it that just WILL not come off. I would like to try using this on it, since it is not supposed to scratch the underlying surface, which has been a reason that I have not tried anything particularly abrasive on the residue.

  10. There used to be a bunch of fabric paint on our table and it was tedious to get it off. This tool would have come in handy!

  11. I didn’t think about using it to scrape stickers off windows! I find stickers and sometimes just plain old cellophane tape stuck to our wood floors; sounds like it might be the perfect item to scrape those off as well without damaging the floor. Thanks for your review. I will check them out at the link you provided.

  12. Scridget will be awesome to scrape of stickers from my refrigerator and the windows. I am excited to find this gadget because I think it will be super helpful.

  13. Oh, man, there are about a million things I can think of to use this on! Especially price stickers. They drive me crazy!

  14. This would be great for my crafty daughter as well. Plus, there are many times I have trouble peeling labels off of things & my nails aren’t very strong for that.

  15. Wow this would be great around the window panes when you’re cleaning up for Spring, cuts out all those little cocoons. Also great for “scrigit” ing those corners around the house!

  16. looks like a tool that’s easy to use and will really come in handy. does it come with a blade protector? thanks

  17. I learned that either end of the Scrigit Scraper can be restored to its original condition by using an emery board or very fine sandpaper

  18. I would love to use this in my cars and home! This is something that takes up barely any space and can be kept in a cup holder for quick access!

  19. This looks especially useful in the kitchen for detailing plates and so forth. I appreciate the great review on this fine addition the the kitchen.

  20. This sounds like a great tool for all of those nooks and crannies that the brooms and vacuum just can’t seem to get to !!!

  21. The scrigit sounds like the perfect versatile tool to clean up behind the kitchen sink, the vents on my stove & exhaust fans, the tracks on our shower door frame, computer keyboards, dust at the edge of the carpet where it meets the baseboards and the vacuum doesn’t pick-up, and the glue left behind from stickers.

  22. very useful and easy o use. i would use it in the kitchen on counters or in the garge on the counters when my husband is finished making a mess πŸ™‚

  23. I learned that it is has two sides the straight edge and the flat edge to clean different things. Looks like a pretty handy little tool

  24. It is a handy tool. I have a purpose for my grilled cast iron pan. It will help clean the grooves in the pan.

  25. I like that this tool is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or glove box, but powerful enough to scrape off dried-on crud of most any kind without scratching any surface the crud has adhered to. I like the clever name the inventor came up with, which was part of the word scraper and the word digit. Scrigit is the perfect name for this little tool that does its job and makes our lives a little bit easier!

  26. I like and learned that is does not scratch the surface and to be safe enough to get gunk off dishes is amazing. I think it would be great to put one of these scrigit’s in every room.

  27. I like that it doesn’t scratch. I learned that I really could use this all over my house. Think of all the things that I could clean.

  28. Wow! What an awesome device that would be so very handy! I say that because I seem to find other products and make them do what this product is intended for, which is awesome! I would love this!

  29. I’d like to use it in my bathrooms. Have a lot of caulking by my husband that isn’t very profesional looking

  30. I love this! I could see myself using it in all sorts of places when cleaning. My bathroom, car, etc…

  31. I’m always struggling to remove baked-on food from my stovetop. Do you suppose the Scrigit will do the trick?

  32. Such a simple yet effective household tool! Love this idea! So many uses for it. I would totally use it for dried on food in the kitchen, but also I have a bunch of areas in the basement with dried on glue this would work awesome on.

  33. I love this little miracle tool!!! I love that you can use it on wood especially. Again, my daughter is in her slime phase, and I seem to find it everywhere. This will be perfect for that!

  34. These would definitely be great all over. My first stop would be to remove so many stickers that my grandson has attached around. They do sound handy for all over our home!

  35. This looks like a great thing to keep on hand. I could think of so many uses for it around the house.

  36. This looks like a great thing to keep on hand. I could think of so many uses for it around the house.

  37. Wow, I’d love to have one of these tools in every room! With pets and teen boys in the house there’s always something that needs to be scraped off!

  38. This goes under the category of “products I never thought I needed”, but it sounds like it would be a really useful tool!

  39. This is sure a versatile tool that can be used in so many ways. It would be handy to have several of them around the house.

  40. This would be nice to scrape up the little globs of pley-doh that my nieces seem to leave everywhere.

  41. The Scridgit sounds amazing. I’d really love to try it out around my house in some difficult-to-reach areas and on spots that are not easy/feasible to scrape. I bet the Scridgit would easily get some of the corners of my stovetop where I usually have to scrub pretty hard – and repeatedly! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  42. Oooohhh scraping stickers off of stuff!! Definetly would help in this chaotic house of 5 kids under the age of 8!

  43. This looks so handy. I think this would be amazing to help us clean the car. There are so many times it would be useful around the house too.

  44. This would be perfect for cleaning the area around my ceramic cooktop area! That is an area that I don’t use razor blades on and so it probably could use a good scrape with the scrigit. I had never heard of it until reading your review!

  45. I am happy that I came across your review and almost immediately realized I need one of these for cleaning around the top of my ceramic stove top.

  46. I really like that you can use this on things like dried tooth paste to old sticks that just won’t go away. There are all kinds of uses for this. And I will have to try this out soon.

  47. This would be so great to have for my medicine supply each month. I need to change the individual labels on each bottle every month and with a lot of meds, this is such a chore. I’d love this tool, to be able to save my fingernails the hassle each time, lol

  48. What a great tool to have. This would be great for some of the stuck on I don’t know what from my dogs!

  49. I never thought about using it for cleaning up after crafts!! I run a home daycare and now I am thinking about cleaning gunk off the table afterwards. Now a way to get “washable” markers off the table and I’m set πŸ™‚


  50. My sister’s kids also have stickers EVerywhere. except on paper and it doesn’t want to come off! This seems perfect for this, brilliant idea. It would save my nails from scratchign

  51. This would be great for stickers and excess paint. My fiance’ is a painter so he needs a few of these.

  52. The first thing I would use the Scrigit Scraper on is removing those annoying adhesive labels they put on everything you buy.

  53. YES! My daughter leaves glue all over the table and it is a PITA to get off! This would make it so much easier!

  54. I’d like to try this handy little gadget to remove wax from my electric warmers! I think it would be great to pop it out of the warmer once cooled.

  55. I love how it is small enough to fit in your purse! It would be a really neat gadget to get the gunk off of unwanted surfaces!

  56. i really like it how easy to use to scrap anything…it would awesome for my panting house projects.

  57. I needed this a couple weeks ago when the great grandchildren were in their play room and I found gum or some kind of sticky substance on the floor!!

  58. This would definitely save my nails since that is what I use usually to scrap at stuff that I am trying to remove.

  59. The Scrigit Scraper does sound like a perfect product to keep around the house or in my purse. It is handy to use and very useful. I need something like this to scrape labels off jars and price tags. I won’t ruin my fingernails anymore.

  60. I had never heard of a Scrigit before. It looks like a handy little tool to have around! I would find it very useful πŸ™‚

  61. i had never heard of this product before,,i could use this in every room,..with 10 grandkids im always scraping something up from them,,and we do a lot of crafts and i buy yard sale items that those stickers are hard to get off

  62. Looking around I can see little spots marring the glass of the art on my walls…where is my Scrigit when I need it! Love this product!

  63. Someone in my home is always spilling wax or getting gum, glue. whatever on something that the Scrigit would work great on.

  64. This really is a brilliant little tool! I could think of so many uses for it already! Thank you so much for sharing this. πŸ™‚

  65. I agree that these would be great to use with my grandchildren’s art projects. Or my poor kitchen table, lol.

  66. These are go good with my vinyl cutouts. They help pull up edges and press others down. I really like them.

  67. This will be perfect for getting all the paint off areas around my old home. I have many windows I would use it on.

  68. I can think of so many places I could use a tool like this. I really like the fact that I can use them on any surface without damaging them. This is so much better than using a knife – which I have done before – leaving scratches on my surfaces. I want one for every room in my home as well as my car!

  69. The Scigit will be great to use on those stickers put on new glasses or plates. I love that it’s so portable. It would be fun to give some to family and friends