Shed Defender for Dogs Review

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Why would you want or need the Shed Defender for your dog?

There are several reasons that the patent pending Shed Defender would be useful to have for your dog. It can contain shedding for those times or places you don’t want to have to worry about them leaving a fur pile anywhere. Containing shedding also can help with dirt, dander and allergens. They also gives a portion of each sale to animal shelters. I love supporting businesses that give back, especially for worthy causes.

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Our Little Zeus aka LZ enjoying some sun. He loves to sit out in the sun.

Shed Defender

The patent Shed Defender® is intended to be worn in the house, car, or anywhere you don’t want dog hair, dirt, dander, and allergens. You can now take your dog anywhere you want without worrying about leaving a trail of hair.

Shed Defender

Shed Defender has Medical Purposes

Not only is it great for containing shedding but it has medical purposes as well. You can use it on your dog instead of the cone of shame. Well we all know that’s how our poor dogs look when they have the cone on them. It helps by covering up any wounds, surgical sites, hot spots and more. It’s also great for environment allergies as yes dogs can be affected seasonally with allergens just like people. Theirs usually shows up as a skin issue, we have had this happen with our chihuahua Little Zeus pictured below.

Shed Defender

FREE 30 Day Trial & FREE Return Shipping

I have to share that when my daughter saw LZ in his Shed Defender she did laugh at poor LZ. However, I reminded her how he easily gets cold because let’s face it he doesn’t have much to keep him warm. He can easily move around in his Shed Defender too as you can see above. His is unzipped above as well in case he had to do his ahem business.  The size I got for him is a bit big but another great thing about Shed Defender is you have 30 days to try it and return shipping is included! That’s almost unheard of to have return shipping included.
Shed Defender Set
As you can see above the Shed Defender comes in its own pouch. The pouch above is actually for a large size Shed Defender, so they’re quite compact and easy to travel with when your dog is not wearing them.

So many reasons to use the Shed Defender

  • Keep dog hair and dander out of your car and house.
  • Protect against cold weather.
  • Reduce exposure to allergens.
  • Keep your dog clean.
  • Protect dogs with skin diseases and allergies.
  • Replace the medical cone.
  • Alleviate anxiety and help your dog feel safe and confident.
Shed Defender Suit

 Travelling with your dog/s?

I can see the Shed Defender being useful when travelling with our dogs. Even though we stay in pet friendly hotels with them it would be nice to not to have to worry about them leaving fur piles in the car or the hotel room. If you’re visiting or having someone visit who is allergic to dogs again the Shed Defender can help with that!
In case you were wondering, yes the Shed Defender can go on any size dog. You can also contact them if you’re worried about what size to select.
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The more I look at it the more I realize there are several reasons it can be helpful. Who knew? Now I can see why these are selling like hot cakes. Better yet use code MOM25 to get 25% from now until July 10, 2017! GO HERE to order or to find out more.
Check out our Pet section for more great info for you and your fur family.
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  1. What a great idea. Wonder if the dogs like wearing this? Sure would keep the shedding under control. Very interesting product.

  2. It would be great to have for medical purposes, I just wonder if it would make my dog feel hot.

    • Hi Shannon,
      If you look on their site they address that, they shouldn’t feel hot:

      Does it make your dog hot?
      No, it is made out of a lightweight, breathable material that is designed to allow breathability and not retain heat. It has been inspected by veterinarians and they have approved. However, be careful not to leave your dog in hot environments with or without the Shed Defender™ due to heat exhaustion. Every dog reacts differently to the Shed Defender, sometimes it can take awhile for dogs to get comfortable in any type of garment, including the Shed Defender. They might walk a little funny or pick up their hind legs when they walk, but just give it time and they will soon forget they are even wearing it. They will probably give it a shake or two and then be on their way.

  3. Wow I didn’t know there was anything like this.I have a big dog that had allergies and sheds really bad.