Skip the misery – Get your flu shot

Flu 101 – Skip the misery of the flu and get your flu shot

Do what you can this cold and flu season and skip the pure misery of getting the flu by getting your flu shot. Be prepared, know the tell-tale signs around you and do what you can to stay healthy.

Flu shot

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There’s no avoiding it, flu season is here and it can last up until April. Right now is the best time to protect yourself and your family by heading to your local Real Canadian Superstore for your flu shot. It only takes a few minutes but it can save you from weeks of misery. Yes, weeks! Seven-ten days is typical for the flu but it can last up to three weeks, so why suffer?

My family and I got our flu shots in early November as we usually do because I do what I can to ensure we take any and all preventative measures against the flu. I don’t need that misery and as someone who has autoimmune issues I have to get the flu shot. It’s important for my family to get the flu shot for their own sake, but also for mine as I’m the person with the compromised immune system. It helps as we have not had the flu in years, thank goodness!

Real Canadian Superstore Pharmacy

In addition to getting a flu shot we also need to be aware of the tell-tale signs around us. Flu symptoms can include headaches, sore throat, body and muscle aches and possibly vomiting and diarrhea and can start one-four days after being exposed to the virus. So yes you could be exposed to the flu from people who don’t look sick yet.

Here are three top tips that everyone should do to stay healthy during the flu season:

Strengthen your immune system: Get adequate sleep (7-8 hours each night), drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses each day), eat healthy foods, and if you stay active it will go a long way in keeping you healthy throughout cold and flu season.

Get sleep

Our cat Ollie knows how to get a good sleep although you may want to skip having the bubble wrap on your bed.

Practice good hygiene: Wash your hands frequently, and for at least 20 seconds (or the length of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”) using warm water. Remind children to wash their hands, little ones love to sing the happy birthday song so it’s a helpful way to get them to wash their hands.

hand washing

We can’t say this one enough as it’s the most important one, get your flu shot. Yes it can depend on how well the vaccine is matched to this year’s common viruses, however, 70-90% of flu cases CAN be averted through vaccination. Take a few minutes to get the flu shot to save you 14 days of misery. It’s definitely worth the few minutes to me! The in-store pharmacists at Loblaws and Superstore stores across Canada make it easy for you by offering flu shots which are given by injection certified pharmacists at all hours, without an appointment.

Coconut Matcha Smoothie

Coconut Matcha Smoothie – link to recipe below

Loblaws and Superstore are even sponsoring a $100 President’s Choice gift card giveaway to help you and your family be as healthy as possible this cold and flu season. Tell us how you keep your family healthy during flu season. What special tips do you have? One of my favourite ones is to have nutrient rich but yummy smoothies packed full of immune boosting goodies like our Coconut Matcha Smoothie. Smoothies are great because you can put whatever nutrient-rich ingredients you want in them to create a power packed drink. I love to add chia seeds and for flu season citrus fruits for the vitamin C.

Visit the Real Canadian Superstore online to find a store near you!

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  1. Sab Edwards says:

    CONGRATS to the lucky winner

  2. Our family gets our flu shots, take vitamin C, and practice frequent handwashing.

  3. Ginger Ale is a must when anyone is sick in our house.

  4. Kristin smith says:

    We get our flu shots every year! And I’m on my daughter constantly to wash her hands!

  5. Travelbuds says:

    I try to keep reminding my kids to wash their hands. When either of my 2 kids or I get sick we all need hot tea to make us feel better.

  6. Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands frequently, and to practice good skin care because cracks in the skin can harbour bacteria and/or viruses. Thank you.

  7. Getting rid of germs by washing your hands is the best way to avoid getting the flu. Tea is good for making your throat feel better.

  8. Laurel Harrington says:

    We get lots of fresh air and exercise, and wash hands frequently with real soap.

  9. Doris Humber says:

    We walk almost every day. We also take daily vitamins.

  10. I get my flu shot, wash my hands all the time, and try and avoid being run down.

  11. Nena Sinclair says:

    We take vitamin C daily, wash our hands often and use hand sanitizer to try to prevent getting the flu.

  12. We regularely wash our hands and use hand sanitizer in between

  13. Carol Denny says:

    The flu shot, vitamins and lots of hand washing.

  14. Rose Langill says:

    We have been getting our flu shots for years now. And washing hands often is a must.

  15. Lisa Johnston says:

    I buy extra fruits and vegetables and of course make sure everyone is taking their vitamins. If someone does get sick then chicken noodle soup is the go to food.

  16. wendy hutton says:

    I stay healthy by taking vitamins C & D daily, I actually have never had a flu shot and I rarely get a cold or the flu. I eat lots of fruits and veggies also, get plenty of sleep each night.

  17. We have been getting our flu shots for years now. Thanks for the reminder as we need to do this soon!

  18. We take multi vitamins and are always washing our hands. I love Chicken Noodle soup when I am sick

  19. We all get our flu shots! I also take oregano oil throughout the season…

  20. One of the things I do is to teach my students proper handwashing.

  21. I make hand washing a priority and ensure everyone gets adequate sleep, eats wholesome food, and stays active!

  22. InezbyDesign says:

    We try to eat healthy and take our vitamins. When we are out and about in public, I hate to say this, but we try and avoid those with coughs and sniffles. As we age, if is more important to stay healthy as the flu and knock you down and out.

  23. we try and eat as much fruit and veggies as possible!

  24. i always make chicken noodle soup when we get sick.

  25. Our go-to foods are saltine crackers, chicken or vegetable soup, & toast. When we’re getting more appetite we have plain chicken sandwiches. And always take vitamins & electrolyte drinks to rehydrate.

  26. Tara Gauthier says:

    We take our vitamins and wash our hands lots, especially getting the kids to wash after coming home from school or other outings.

  27. I prevent the flu by getting the vaccine every year, eating healthy, and washing my hands frequently!

  28. Dana Miller says:

    To keep my family healthy during flu season we practice good hand washing techniques. We always wash before we eat. We have a habit of washing our hands as soon as we come home from being out in public.

  29. ivy pluchinsky says:

    We try to prevent the flu by getting our flu shots, taking our vitamins, washing our hands often, and trying to stay away from sick family members.

  30. Our family eats lots of fruit and are constantly handwashers during the flu season.

  31. We do a lot of hand washing to a avoid sickness and when we do get sick we stick to the standard chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers.

  32. melia whyte says:

    we take 6000 IU of Vitamin D daily, and I don’t eat from communal bowls of chips or platters of cheese at parties. skip the germs, skip the flu!

  33. Washing your hands is key, so constant, I mean constant, reminders to wash your hands. Also continuing to eat healthy, and stay active.

  34. Marrion G says:

    Washing hands! Chicken Soup is good too.

  35. Rosanne Robinson says:

    We take daily vitamins, eat healthy, wash & sanitize our hands, stay hydrated, get 8 hours of sleep & stay away from sick people in order to avoid getting sick during flu season. Due to allergies we can’t get a flu shot.

  36. Aarone Mawdsley says:

    i wash my hands lots and eat vitamin C

  37. michelle hebert says:

    Our go to meal for when we are sick is chicken noodle or broth veggie soup with some garlic.

  38. we drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, get the flu shot and take extra Vitamin C to help keep the flu and cold at bay

  39. drink lots of water and get the flu shot

  40. We drink a lot of orange juice.

  41. Jennifer P. says:

    We get a flu shot, take daily multivitamins, eat lots of fruit, drink tea, and get plenty of rest. If we get sick we love tea, orange juice, and chicken noodle soup to make us feel better.

  42. Heather MacNaughton says:

    We take vitamins in the winter and make sure to sneeze/cough into our elbows

  43. Andrea Amy says:

    Wash our hands sneeze into our sleeve and dress for the weather

  44. Tracey Budgell says:

    Drink plenty of water. Take vitamin C and echnacia to help prevent or shorten colds and flu.

  45. Eat clean, dress warm and flu shots

  46. Linda Hall says:

    We get our flu shots,cough into our elbows and wash our hands constantly.

  47. drink homemade ginger tea whenever a scratchy throat is coming on.

  48. We get the flu shot and wash our hands frequently.

  49. We get more sleep, wash our hands, and if we do get sick, it’s time for chicken noodle soup!

  50. Jessica G says:

    We get our flu shot and practice hand hygiene.

  51. Eat clean, stay clean and dress appropriately.

  52. We get our flu shots and take V-C

  53. Flu shots, dressing warm, extra vitamin C this time of year, lotsa hand washing, and hearty chicken noodle soup if someone is under the weather.

  54. We wash our hands all the time! We make sure to regularly change clothes and do laundry. We eat extra vitamin c and try to get enough sleep.

  55. We get our flu shots and try to be very aware of the importance of hand washing. Taking vitamins and trying to eat a healthy diet go a long way as well.

  56. Elaine Buonsante says:

    Frequent hand washing is one of the most important items in the tool kit for us. If we do get a cold or a flu bug we all want chicken soup. Even though it’s not the most nutritious chicken soup, Lipton chicken noodle is our favourite.

  57. I take a dose of vitamin C and oregano oil as soon as I feel the beginning of cold or flu.

  58. Melissa denny says:

    Vitamins for sure and amazing bone broth! Wash wash wash our hands!

  59. We get our flu shots end of October and hand washing is a must!

  60. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    we regularly wash our hands – especially when we are out in public

  61. My family gets flu shots and we keep our home clean and get into the habit of washing our hands often.

  62. We take Vitamin C and always wash our hands frequently throughout the day. I find drinking plenty of water also helps keep up your immunity.

  63. Our family keeps healthy during flu season by eating lots of fresh vegetables and washing our hands often.

  64. We eat well, cough in our elbow and keep our hands washed.

  65. Number one tip, get your annual flu shot; my office is great and provides us our shots every year they become available. I also encourage staying active during the fall and winter seasons and eating natural, whole foods (i.e. stay on the outside aisles of the grocery store).

  66. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    I enourage my kids to sneeze into their chicken wing (elbow) and was their hands.

  67. Sara Lima says:

    I try to dress properly for the weather – it’s easy to catch a chill on some days! I also make sure to frequently handwash, and when I get sick, I drink lots of hot beverages and vitamin c – thank good ness this is mandarin orange season, lol!

  68. Belinda McNabb says:

    We get flu shots and I also make sure that I and my family washes their hands often

  69. W try to stay away from sick people, get the flu shot and wash our hands like crazy 🙂

  70. cassandra says:

    We all get the flu shot and I make sure that surfaces get disinfected regularly so germs don’t spread.

  71. Brenda Penton says:

    I find staying fit and eating well helps a lot. We also take vitamins daily.

  72. Rose Holloway says:

    Lots of handwashing, vitamin supplements, nutritious foods and lots of water to stay hydrated.

  73. Heather Pettypiece says:

    We get our flu shots.

  74. We always wash our hands before a meal and try not to touch public door handles.

  75. Handwashing is the best defence! We also keep hydrated and eat well and try and get enough sleep!

  76. Mike Gismondi says:

    I try to get everyone to wash their hands often

  77. Heather N says:

    We do the normal things, eat well, be active, get lots of rest and we all got our flu shots this year too.

  78. flu shots are so important

  79. Sab Edwards says:

    i TRY to get plenty of rest. The other day I ended up doing 2.25 hrs of OT, til almost 11pm at night and the next day I could not make it thru my 8hr shift at work, slept for 4hrs in the evening and then got another 8 hrs of sleep that night. Being fatigued for me is a way I often get sick

  80. This year is a particularly nasty flu, get a flu shot!

  81. We wash our hands often, drink lots of water and take our vitamins!

  82. Shane smith says:

    we eat healthy foods and keep our hands as clean as possible. We encourage the kids to keep their hands off of their faces

  83. We make sure to take more vitamins during this season and eat more veggies and fruits. Also hand washing is very important

  84. I drink lots of water.

  85. Wash hands regularly.

  86. Vanessa L. says:

    We take multivitamins everyday, get our flu shot and make sure to wash our hands often!

  87. michelle matta says:

    I’m immunosuppressed so both me and hubby get the flu shot. When he, in particular, is sick we wipe everything down all the time, dont share toothpaste (my own conspiracy theory here) and all around wash our hands and avoid as much as possible contaminating eachothers area.

  88. jenn beckett jennpup says:

    We make extra sure everyone is doing a good job with handwashing. I wipe down all surfaces we touch. I also believe in keeping ears covered outdoors – keep the cold out of your head, lol.

  89. If we get the flu we gets lots of rest, drink lots of fluid and snuggle lots

  90. Clair Palmer says:

    Flu shots, lots of sleep, drinking water, taking our vitamins and lots and lots of hand washing is how we avoid it

  91. Darren Scrubb says:

    Ginger tea daily is the best for colds and flu.

  92. Angela September Smith says:

    we always encourage the kids to not touch their face, keep their hands clean and eat a little bit of fresh garlic to boost immunity every day!

  93. Amber barrett says:

    We try to get plenty of sleep, clean kids toys often, change toothbrushes often and take vitamins. Thanks for the chance.

  94. Flu shots for everyone and rest and good chicken noodle soup if we get sick

  95. Rebecca Roberts says:

    I try to prevent flu by take vitamins every day, staying hydrated and eating healthy!

  96. We take vitamins, wash our hands properly, use kleenex when needed and get recommended amount of rest

  97. Make sure we get lots of rest and eat our vitamins! If we get sick… chicken noodle soup!

  98. I like to always wash my hands when I come home from being out, I eat a lot of fruit and veg, and I think supplements like vitamin C and zinc.

  99. We get our flu shots and chicken noodle soup is a favourite when we are sick.

  100. I use disinfectant on the door knobs and often touched surfaces and wash hands.

  101. nina bergeron says:

    I make sure my kids wash their hands and take vitamins to keep them healthy during the winter.

  102. Linda Fast says:

    We get our flu shots, wash our hands often and eat lots of oranges. Chicken Noodle Soup is really great also when you are feeling under the weather.

  103. I just trap them inside and keep them away from EVERYONE!! Lol

  104. Margaret H says:

    We try to use hand sanitizer and wash our hands a lot to stay healthy.

  105. The #1 rule in our house is to wash our hands and rule #2 is not to share drinks and rule #3 is to get lots of sleep; I’ve found these rules help to reduce overall sick days from school and work during flu season.

  106. Alanna Watt says:

    We get our flu shots, wash and sanitize our hand often, and try to eat a well balanced diet including seasonal fresh produce to stay healthy.

  107. My family get a flu shot, take Vitamin C and always wipe off the handles of our shopping carts, with wipes we carry during the flu season.

  108. Heather Swanson says:

    We wash our hands many times throughout the day.

  109. Flu shot for everyone. And if they still get sick , I make chicken soup.

  110. oil of oregano

  111. I make sure to wash my hands and get enough sleep.

  112. We always get our flu shot every year and take vitamin C every day to help prevent the flu.

  113. kitsa Tsivoulas says:

    I keep my family healthy by cooking lots of soups and making lots of grain salads!

  114. My husband and I get the flu shot and we wash our hands frequently in the winter.

  115. Michelle Policelli says:

    We always make sure to wash our hands often and carry hand sanitizer/and or wipes along when grocery shopping!
    Our favourite go-to comfort when sick is always chicken noodle soup.

  116. Nathalie Lebeau says:

    We relax by puttin on a movie marathon, taking medicine and eating soup. Lots of rest and cuddles! Thanks for the chance!

  117. We wash our hands often, I also wipe down cart handles before I put my little guys in them.

  118. Christine D says:

    Im not sure anyone should take my advice because everyone in my house has been sick with a cold twice for the past 4 weeks.. otherwise i carry around hand santizer and practice handwashing and OH keep my kids home when they are sick!!

  119. I keep my family healthy with giving lots of juice and cooking with natural antibiotics.

  120. Linda Svarovsky says:

    We make chicken soup when we get the flu.

  121. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I keep my family healthy during flu season by getting our annual flu shot and take our vitamins.

  122. make sure to have them wash their hands frequently and give them vitamin.

  123. Homemade Chicken Soup!

  124. I keep my family healthy during flu season by having them get the flu shot and wash their hands on a regular basis.

  125. Florence Cochrane says:

    I get the flu shot, a take vitamins and I wash my hands often. If anyone gets sick we make homemade chicken soup.

  126. Mary Warner says:

    I make sure everyone gets a flu shot and have lots of citrus fruits around for snaking.

  127. joanne darrell says:

    We wash our hands often to prevent colds.

  128. Shannon S. says:

    Regular handwashing and at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

  129. I get my flu shot every year.

  130. Edith Rennes says:

    Getting plenty of rest and taking your vitamins make a real difference.

  131. Alison Braidwood says:

    Consistent washing of hands, and covering nose/mouth when coughing or sneezing is important. My go-to comfort food/home sick meal is cream of mushroom soup with hot buttered toast.

  132. Well balanced diet, and lots of exercise, as well as rest!

  133. We wash often with soap and water, and use hand sanitizer!

  134. Sandy Couzens says:

    The #1 thing we do to keep our family safe from flu is the flu shot. We eat very healthy, wash our hands a lot, try not to touch our face ( that’s a hard one ), stay active and avoid people who are sick. Fingers crossed we are all healthy for the Holidays. Thank you for this great giveaway and Wishing You a Happy Healthy Holiday Season !!

  135. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    We get our flu shot and we wash our hands a lot extra in the season of flu. We also try not to open door with our hands, we use our shirts.

  136. Chantelle Daigle says:

    I find that since we started giving the kids elderberry syrup during cold & flu season, the sicknesses in our house are waaay down!

  137. When I am or anyone in my family is sick, we all go to chicken noodle soup to make us feel better! 🙂

  138. I make sure the kids wash their hands frequently and give them lots of vitamin c.

  139. Flu shot 21yrs flu free. Knock on wood!

  140. I get the flu shot. I always make sure i’m washing my hands a lot. chicken soup makes me feel better.

  141. The biggest thing we do is wash our hands all the time!

  142. The best thing I can say is HAND WASH!

  143. Lisa Bolduc says:

    We take voramkns daily and get our flu shots. We like to drink lots of water daily

  144. I clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home, work.

  145. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I like to make my husband soup when he is sick. We get our flu shots every year.

  146. Anu Chopra says:

    My best flu prevention tips are to keep your hands clean, your home clean, take vitamins and drink lots of water!

  147. Sarahjferg says:

    I do things to avoid getting the flu from others. For example, I disinfect my keyboard regularly because I know my fingers get dirty throughout the day working with kids and then if I type and touch my face I could get sick easier.

  148. I get the flu shot every year and always wash my hands with soap

  149. We wash our hands very often during flu season as well as get plenty of rest and take vitamins. My go to sick food that always makes me feel better is Pho!

  150. I encourage and practice good hand hygiene as my first defense against germs!

  151. Frequent hand washing is my best strategy for flu prevention.

  152. Juliee Fitze says:

    I get the flu shot , take extra vita C and D plus lots of hand washing.

  153. some of the things we do is take echineacea (sp), multivitamin, lots of handwashing. When we are sick usually neo and soup helps, oh and binge watching netflix on the couch

  154. Christine R says:

    To stay healthy we make sure to wash our hands, take our vitamins and eat healthy!

  155. We take our vitamin supplements and bundle up when we go out! Our go to comfort meal is homemade chicken noodle soup!

  156. Barrie Templeton says:

    We got our flu shots as soon as they were available, as we do each year. No one here has had any flu for many years. Even if we had, I’m sure it would be a lesser hit than it would have without protection from the vaccine.

  157. My best flu preventions are to wash my hands frequently and when that is not possible, use hand sanitizer. I also like to boost my immune system by taking Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil daily.

  158. Trisha Pedros says:

    Great read and we follow all your great tips! Hand washing/sanitizing is key!! I keep bottles of sanitizer in the car, my purse, coat pockets. I always have sanitizer on hand!!

  159. With 4 kids we work a lot on hygiene and hands asking as our primary defense. We also eat healthy to make sure our bodies and immune system have the best possible chance to defend from germs!

  160. We all get flu shots and we wash our hands or use hand sanitizer often. And chicken noodle soup is our go-to comfort food!

  161. We make sure to wash our hands often and thoroughly, and I make sure to disinfect commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs and keyboards, etc.! I find buying a fun scented hand soap encourages the little ones to wash their hands more often!

  162. Catherine Brown says:

    We get flu shots every year.

  163. kristen visser says:

    I keep my family healthy from the flu with a daily vitamin, lots of liquids, plenty of rest and home cooked meals

  164. Linda Bragg says:

    We get flu shots every year. And this year we just got a pneumonia shots. We always keep our hands washed and I replace all hand towels often in bathroom and kitchen. I take extra vitamins daily and my husband takes a couple daily. We make sure to get outside and not hang in the house alll the time where germs can linger. Always cover mouth whenever coughing or sneezing.

  165. We take vitamins, keep surfaces clean, wash out hands often and try to eat healthy foods. When we are sick we all enjoy chicken noodle soup. Thanks!

  166. We wash our hands often. We also use hand sanitizer because it keeps our hands clean. I have also taught my kids to use paper towel when opening door knobs and doors so that your not touching dirty handles all the time. All these things really help in keeping us healthy. We almost never get colds . thank you for the contest

  167. We wash our hands often to try to prevent colds and flu. If someone does get sick, it’s lots of fluids and chicken noodle soup!

  168. Cathy Oppedisano says:

    I keep my family healthy by ensuring they don’t step out of the house without putting on their winter coats on first. Winter doesn’t start when the calendar says so, it starts when it’s cold and windy outside. I myself should have taken this precaution since I stepped out of the house to take out a bag of garbage into the bin and stepped out to move my car for parking purposes and both times, I did not put on my winter gear and got a cold or flu, who knows which one for sure.

  169. Our comfort food while sick is home made chicken noodle soup.

  170. Julie bolduc says:

    We wash our hands more often and if we know someone is sick we stay away

  171. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    We have hand sanitizers in our vehicle and at the door in our home. Always make sure to use these. I also love to wash my hands very well when I come in from being out and around all day. We always have home made soup on hand which is always such a healing thing to enjoy. On hand, we had cold and flu meds just in case.

  172. We always wash our hands right when we come home and before we eat. We eat healthy and drink lots of water to help prevent from getting sick

  173. To stay healthy, we wash our hands frequently, drink lots of water and get a good of sleep.

  174. Amy Heffernan says:

    I try and always get good foods into my kids and we always wash our hands frequently! Thanks!

  175. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    We take extra vitamin C and zinc during the cold an flu season to stay healthy. We also wash our hands frequently to avoid spreading germs to each other.

  176. My family is going to be getting our flu shots this year. We always wash our hands when coming home from being out anywhere. My kids wash hands when coming home from school.

  177. Hand washing, hand washing and more hand washing. It’s also important to drink plenty of fluids and take your vitamins. I always get the flu shot, but my husband and kids refuse to.

  178. I got my flu shot a couple weeks ago. Washing hands is a major part of staying flu-free!

  179. Lace willson says:

    Washing hands. Lots of water. Fresh fruit and veggies and dressing warm

  180. JEANNINE GLEN says:


  181. Darlene Jilks says:

    We stay healthy by constantly washing our hands, getting enough sleep and drinking alot of water.

  182. Martin Keating says:

    lots of hand sanitizer

  183. We always step up the extra vitamins in the winter to help stave off colds and flu. We have lots of fruit available especially those delicious clementines that give a great dose of vitamin C. We get the flu shot and try to stay away from people who are ill. If we are sick we like to have chicken noodle soup and hearty stews once we are on the road to recovery.

  184. Gail Butler says:

    Our family stays healthy by getting the flu shot. Also, we wash our hands frequently to get rid of germs.

  185. crystal porter says:

    Lots of rest, frequent hand washing, don’t share beverages, lots of fluid.

  186. Heather Bush says:

    hand sanitizer and multivitamins

  187. When we’re sick or when we think we are getting sick we drink a lot of tea, add extra garlic and ginger to our meals and take plenty of hot baths. If we have the luxury of sleep there is plenty of that too. A few days of rest really go a long way.

  188. Believe it or not washing hands often really helps

  189. We wash our hands often especially after we have been out in public.

  190. We wash our hands often, eat lots of fresh produce and get our flu shots to try and stay healthy during flu season.

  191. Charity Banman says:

    We include fruits or veggies in every meal and drink a lot of water.

  192. lots of hand washing i encourage and teach my son to sneaze into his elbow and not his hands and to drink allot of vitamin c

  193. Margaret H says:

    everyone has a bottle of hand cleaner and uses it often as well as washing their hands often

  194. Tara Betterley says:

    We wash our hands alot and we take our vitamins and flu shots. I just love chicken noodle soup when I’m under the weather.

  195. We get our flu shots as soon as possible and are diligent on hand washing.

  196. Jeannette McMillan says:

    There’s nothing like homemade chicken soup to help you feel better.

  197. Tammy Dalley says:

    We take our vitamins and practice lots of hand washing to avoid the flu during flu season! If we get the flu we find chicken noodle soup and some tlc helps! 🙂

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