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For all the cat lovers, have you wanted to use an all natural cat litter but also want one that is 99% dust free?! Here’s your chance to get some for your kitty!

Looking for an all natural litter that is perfect for any cat? If so, we think you will love SmartCat All Natural Litter. This litter isn’t just 99% dust free, but made from 100% USDA farmed grasses with no unnatural chemicals, fragrances, clay free (it is even NON GMO Project certified, and it is biodegradable and a renewable resource, making it the most eco-friendly cat litter out there! Even better, it clumps better than clay and is soft paw safe, making it great for older cat and kittens. Not only does it work better than clay litter, it is also very lightweight, making life better in another way for cat owners! Check out the video below to see why people everywhere are talking about SmartCat!

Want to learn more? Make sure to check out Budget Earth’s latest article – Make Cleaning the Litter Box Easy with SmartCat All Natural Litter!

Would you like teh chance to try out this fantastic litter for yourself? Budget Earth and some of their favorite bloggers are excited to offer you this fun giveaway! One very lucky reader will win 3 – 20 lb bags of SmartCat All Natural Litter ($89.97 value). To learn more, make sure to read the rules below and then enter through the Rafflecopter!

SmartCat Natural Cat Litter Giveaway

  • One lucky reader will win 3 – 20 lb bags of SmartCat All Natural Litter.
  • US ONLY.
  • Winners will be chosen at random using
  • Sweepstakes ends August 22nd at 11:59pm ET.
  • Winner will be notified via email.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • Budget Earth & participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Only one entrant per household.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Entering the giveaway form means you agree to terms above.
  • Good Luck!

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  1. I have one wonderful cat. He came to my house as a stray 17 years ago. He’s a beautiful male black cat with white paws and white under his chin and belly.

  2. I have 2 cats that are sisters born 4 months apart. (Same mommy) Sally Ashes is a Nebelung & Bailey Ditty is Siamese.they are 13 yrs old

  3. We have two cats who are the complete opposite in looks and personality. One we call our fluffy princess kitty and the other probably thinks that he runs the house and maybe even the world, lol.

  4. For 18.5 years I shared my life with a siamese and after losing him a few years ago I honestly didn’t plan to have another house cat. But then two months ago opportunity arose for me to take in three young rescue kittens, kittens born to a feral mother. The plan was to raise them, acclimate them to house life and humans and “maybe” keep one…. Of course seeing the bond those three babies have we quickly decided two things, first that they should remain together and second……that we would keep all three!!!! They went from scared timid kittens to now affectionate lovable trio who get along very well with our shelties and it’s hard to remember not having these little ones around. They are very bonded to each other and I couldnt imagine seperating them. Very happy I was able to have the opportunity to give these babies a chance….coming from a feral mom their lives could have turned out much different from the happy life they now have. I’ve heard a lot of good about this litter and would love to try it for my trio. Thank you for the chance to win.

  5. Jessica M says:

    I have two cats but with how often they use the litter box you would think I have twice as many!

  6. Our dear Charlie passed away this year at age 20 yrs. old. We had her since she was a kitten from a shelter.
    But we have our beloved Sylvie who we treasure every day with. The most we have had is 4x including a stray cat we took in. We have volunteered at vets, clinics, and visit regularly animal shelters to make donations and spend time with the animals!

  7. I have a Grandcat right now who is quite a character. He loves water!

  8. Amber Cheras says:

    I have one cat named shadow cute and cuddly by day party animal by night!

  9. Stacey A Smith says:

    9 4 of them we took in when a friend died and 1 we just got from out side last week poor little boy cat I think around 6 months old.

  10. I have one former feral.

  11. Tina Palazzolo says:

    I had 5 but lost my first on Christmas eve she was 15 1/2 and then my oldest on June 14th she was 18 and now my 3 that i have left are 11, 12, and 13!

  12. I have 2 cats Gotee and Missy they at 10 and 12

  13. Tamara Burks says:

    5 Inky, Wally, Piglet, Squeak , Hedwig

  14. Diana Cote says:

    we have one female maine coon we adopted 9 years a go.

  15. Kortney Lah says:

    I have one that currently lives with me, her name is Spooky, I have had her for about 4.5 years now, she is 5. She is my beautiful googly blue eyed kitty. Then my boyfriend and I just got two more, brothers, named Salem and Bennie, they are about 6 months old. We are about to get at least one more, but possibly two because I love to rescue kitties.

  16. We have one senior cat (13years old) that we adopted 2 months ago.

  17. We have 2 cats.

  18. Tiffany Hill says:

    I have one cat and one kitten. Both were ferrell and we brought them home to live. They are now both fixed, had their shots and are a big part of our family.

  19. wen budro says:

    I would love to win this for my niece. She is a rescuer and seems to attract homeless cats like a magnet. At last count- she had 4.

  20. I cat and he is very spoiled. He talks quite a bit too. He’s very scheduled like me. His birthday was the 8th so we had Tuna Helper just for him :).

  21. Rachel Mauffray says:

    I have three cats. There’s James 13, Gypsy 7, and Big Fish 6.

  22. Alicia Hewitt says:

    I have 5 rescue kitties. Ages 5 yrs-4yrs.

  23. Just one because she’s a brat! She wouldn’t be able to handle any other cats! Lol

  24. Melina Ramirez says:

    I have 4 adult cats and 6 kittens.

  25. Jay Jackson says:

    We have 4 cats and everyone has a different personality. They are all very entertaining.

  26. I have two cats and their names are Lucky and Gemini.

  27. I have 2 cats. A calico and a tortie. Both are rescues with the most recent, the tortie, being newest to our family as of last weekend.

  28. Michelle Simons says:

    I have 1 beautiful white cat that was a rescue baby. She has 2 different colored eyes, ones gold, ones blue. She knows what coffee means, loves to play under rugs, is a HUGE talker. She is a good girl and i love her so, She has short hair. She is 4 years old.

  29. Michelle Cavanaugh says:

    We have 8 cats. All rescues and they range in age from 2 to 14.

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