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Emily is a single mom to 3 young kids currently living in Kansas. A "jill-of-all-trades" she really loves learning about anything, writing in all genres, hot and iced tea, and anything artsy. Her kids are her world and she is doing all she can to not only get by but support them in all their endeavors in life.


  1. Wendy Pence says

    I love the ease with which I can release the wrinkles in my PSS. I often leave mine in the dryer and have to get the wrinkles out. And they’re so soft!

  2. Leah Shumack says

    I have heard that these are really soft! There are so many color choices that it would be hard to choose just one!

  3. BRIAN E. says

    For us, the breathability of PeachSkinSheets fabric is the biggest selling point; athletic grade smart fabric acts just like your workout clothes to draw moisture away from your body as you sleep !

  4. Katarina Kopasek says

    I’ve learned from your review that PeachSkin sheets have a 1500 thread count and that the corners don’t ride up (which I absolutely cannot stand).

  5. Deborah W. says

    I love PeachSkin sheets and open several sets. They are SO soft and comfortable to sleep on. I’ve found no other sheets I want to use now. The colors are so awesome too!

  6. Gaye McGill says

    I appreciate many things about these sheets, especially that they’re “temperature-controlled” and that the fabric is hypoallergenic.

  7. Stacy says

    I love that they’re temperature controlled sheets cause I sweat really bad at night so it’d be great if I could be comfier.

  8. Jessica Walker says

    I like that they have a high thread count. I dont like to be to warm when I sleep but I live in the northeast and I dont want to freeze either. These sheets look luxurious yes affordable.

  9. Stephanie Larison says

    I love the color! I think this would look great in my bedroom, with my just painted wall color. I also love they resist wrinkles, nothing more annoying!

  10. ashley says

    Love the color of these sheets, they’re so pretty!
    I have raynaud’s, too, as well as dealing with sweating throughout the night. Definitely fun (oh, so, sarcastic).
    Can certainly agree that these sheets help with both of those problems!

  11. Sheila Mulki says

    I was very interested to learn that these sheets are temperature-controlled. Night sweats are a thing even in winter. Plus if the cats approve they much be good!

  12. Stephanie Hirsch says

    Awww your kitties are so sweet, I have 5 kitties of my own, I’m sure 3 of mine would commandeer my bed if I had those super soft sheets too. I’m always looking for soft sheets as mine start to wear down after a while.

  13. Claire McKeon says

    I love the fact that animal fur does not get interwoven! I have 2 dogs and 1 cat who I always seem to wake up next to although they are not allowed in our room. LOL. I spend my life picking hair off my clothes and out of my mouth.

  14. Sandy Sawyer says

    I like the feature that keeps you cool. The thread count is 1500 which I think just says luxury. The corrosive are very nice as well.

  15. Susan Smith says

    I love that the bedding set fits super tall mattresses and that they come in so many colors. I also like that they keep you cool and dry.

  16. Melissa Storms says

    The cooling and wicking properties of Peachskin sheets are the most important to me. The fact that they also come in so many lovely colors are just a bonus.

  17. Ashley c says

    Those sheets you got are so vibrant! I love that they are supposed to stay on! That’s a tough thing to do with crazy little ones running around

  18. jason f says

    Never heard of these sheets, but wow. They do look super comfortable. And thin. Just moved into a new apartment and be a great addition for my new bed.

  19. Carol Brown says

    I adore sheets that are soft, inviting & luxurious The last time I got sheets was for my birthday 12 years ago and they were of a low thread count, poor quality, scratchy & uncomfortable. I love the fact that these these sheets are hypoallergenic, durable, breath plus 1500 thread count. My Sweetheart has put several thick memory foam pads on our mattress. Changing & making the bed at times is a real chore. The PeachSkinSheets have the deep pockets plus are stretchy making them able to fit on taller & thicker beds & not have the corners put out! I have Lupus overlapping with Fibromyalgia & RA. I always feel like a pop-sickle yet tend to overheat and sweat due to my immune system running amok. Great feature that you touched upon in your review is fact that PeachSkinSheets are breathable, that can keep one warm, but not overheat.

  20. Michelle L. says

    I run hot and wake up because of it several times a night. I like the fact that these wick moisture…and I wonder if these might be worth a try…to see if the sheets could help me stay cool and get a full night sleep.

  21. Debi H. says

    I’m from Nebraska…I feel your pain with the cold weather we’ve had lately! Thankfully the last couple of days have been more like fall. I have a set of PeachSkin sheets and love them! They are soft and very well made and the color doesn’t fade after washing.

  22. Terri S. says

    I’ve never had 1500 thread count sheets before. The highest thread count I’ve used is 800. I can imagine how soft these must feel. I like that they’re temperature-controlled sheets too.

  23. Alecia G says

    These look like really comfortable sheets. I got some samples last year and they were super soft. I would love to get a set and now is the perfect time since my current sheets are getting ratty looking.

  24. Karen Propes says

    I love the cooling feature and think they would be so soft. The extra-large pockets keeping the sheets where you put them when you put them on your mattress. I have read so many great reviews on these sheets, can’t wait for them to be on sale so I can get a set.

  25. Leslie Price says

    I just received some fabric swatches from them and they feel so luxurious. I’m really tempted to order some of these now that I’m seeing them everywhere.

  26. aaron r says

    I have two black cats and I know they love having new snuggle sheets and blankets all the time. I like how comfortable the sheets make me feel.

  27. Ashley Chassereau Parks says

    These are so soft and luxurious! I love all the colors they come in and that they are moisture wicking. They sound like quality sheets!

  28. Misty says

    I love soft sheets on my bed. I like that there are so many colors to choose from with these sheets. They’d make a great gift!

  29. susan hartman says

    These sheets sound heavenly. I don’t own any microfiber sheets. I was always reluctant because shots can be expensive and I hate to make a mistake. Maybe I should give them a try.

  30. Robin Abrams says

    Their sheets are so soft and comfortable. I really love all the color choices they offer my favorite is the eggplant color

  31. Steve Weber says

    These are seriously the best sheets out there. They are so so soft, and they keep you cool if you’re a warm sleeper – I like the vanilla bean and blue ocean colors in QUEEN.

  32. Lauryn R says

    These sheets are beautiful, I really like the color that you chose. My favorite part about these sheets is not only how incredibly soft they are, but how they don’t get those fuzzies like a lot of cheap sheets do. I would spend all day in my bed if I had these sheets!

  33. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I heard they keep you cool and dry and great thread count wont get little cotton balls on sheet after several washes.

  34. Sharon Rooney says

    I have heard wonderful thing about Peach skin sheets. They have beautiful colors and also sell everything you need for your bedroom.
    I especially like that these sheets stay cool and have the wick away feature.

  35. Amy D says

    I haven’t gotten new sheets since my husband and I bought our home together about 10 years ago! We are totally due. I love that these sheets have a 1500 thread count, making them super soft. I also love that they would fit our thick mattress.

  36. Laurie Nykaza says

    I love how these sheets stay cool and have the wick away feature too. My daughter has them and loves how cool she stays at night. They come in so many great colors and wash up great too.

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