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Soufeel Jewelry Brings Charm Bracelets to a New Level

Soufeel Jewelry brings the true charm to charm bracelets. Their charms are classy, sentimental, and much more elegant! When I was a teenager, charm bracelets were a BIG deal. Getting a charm for every occasion and loading up the bracelet where you could hear a girl coming from a mile away.

Soufeel JewelrySimple Bracelet Creates More Charming Look from Soufeel Jewelry

I love how simple the Soufeel bracelets look. With a solid rounded band versus a chain, your bracelet can be dressed up or dressed down for the occasion with the choice of charms you add. Bracelets are made to fit each wrist specifically. Just measure your wrist and add an inch when ordering!


Charms That Tell a Story

When I am wearing my Soufeel bracelet, anyone can see that my husband and my kids are my life. I also chose charms that had meaning behind them. Of course, I have a long list of additional charms I plan to add to my bracelet!

Personalized Photo Charm Infinite Love – I added a photo of my husband and I from my favorite trip (to the BVI) that we have ever taken! So many memories in just one photo. Plus, the infinite love my husband and I have for each other is shown on the back with the “infinity” symbol etched into the heart-shaped charm.


Patience – This blue and silver “patience” charm shows how much patience my husband has for others but most of all for ME! He is known for his patience!! He also loves Duke Blue Devils, so the color is his favorite as well!


Live, Love, Laugh Personalized Charm – What a perfect charm for photos of my kids. The horizontal photo leaves plenty of room for all three of my children. By all means, I would never laugh as much as I do without my children!! Their love gives me a million reasons to live so the engraved “Live, Love, Laugh” is PERFECT to represent my kiddos!


Rose Gold Green Star – Even though I may not be a “star” in the world’s eyes, I am a star simply because I have such an amazing family. Plus, I just liked the look of this charm.


I can’t wait to add more meaningful charms to my bracelet. What charms will YOU choose? Use code blog5 to get a 5% discount from Soufeel.

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  1. Cindy S. says:

    So pretty and unique. I especially love personalized, attention grabbing jewelry like this. Would be so fun to put together as a gift.

  2. I’ve never been into charm bracelets. I can’t even keep a neck chain. I always end up breaking them.

  3. I love these they’re adorable and such a great cause too!

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    This is beautiful! What a great idea as a gift for my daughter—charms that have meaniing for her milestones.

  5. Such a lovely charm bracelet. I really like how they slide onto the bracelet.

  6. I love these charms. I use to have a charm bracelet and it got stolen and I have always wanted a new one.

  7. Amber Ludwig says:

    Omgosh they are so pretty!! I love anything with purpose or anything I can wear and personalize to remind me of amazing memories or people!! Need one!!

  8. I love these charms and they’re personal too,I also would bet they cost a lot less than Pandora charms

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