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Going to Orlando, Florida? Stop by The Spa!

This past summer my family and I went on a wonderful vacation that started with our first every Caribbean cruise and ended with four days in the Orlando, Florida area. We’ve been to the area more than once and have spent lots of time at Disney World in the past. This time we decided to only go to Disney World for one day so that we could enjoy some other things that the area has to offer, like The Spa. We were so happy we decided to take a day off just to relax as we all know how busy vacations can be. If you’re looking for a day to relax, be pampered and not have it cost you a fortune you definitely want to stop by The Spa.


It was raining very, very hard when we arrived, so much so we were soaked just getting from our car to their entrance even though we were only parked steps away. We received a warm greeting, our coats hung up for us and asked if we wanted coffee, tea, water etc.. While we were filling in our forms we also got to check out their own in-house scrubs and creams that were in the front waiting area. They all smelled so good and felt amazing on our skin.


My husband liked them so much that he bought one jar of cream and one jar of scrub. He’s doesn’t typically go out and buy such things for himself but he liked them so much that he bought them and warned me that they were his and if I wanted some to get my own jars, gee thanks honey. Actually I don’t blame them as I wouldn’t want to share mine either.


Those are the ones my hubby decided to buy, one scrub and one body moisturizing cream, he was the best smelling guy in Orlando that day haha.


If you’re a first time guest to The Spa they have amazing specials so that you can get to know them and try out their services so you can experience for yourself just how amazing they are. You can check out their specials HERE. My daughter did their first time guests 60 minute nail service for only $35! She had a pedicure which she absolutely loved. No wonder look how cute her toenails look!


Everyone was very friendly, helpful and the service is seriously fabulous. I had a facial and my Esthetician was amazing, she asked me about my skin which is very sensitive due to my roseacea. When I have the right kind of facial it really helps my skin but if the wrong kinds of products are used on it my roseacea gets irritated. She talked to me every step of the way, telling me what she was using and why. always making the first priority my comfort and making sure to not irritate my skin but help it.


I forgot to write down how to spell her name so instead of taking the chance of completely messing up the spelling I’m sharing a photo of the lovely lady who took care of me and skin. If I could have taken her home with me to take care of my skin trust me I would have, she’s was so good, funny, easygoing and most of all extremely knowledgeable. I went away with absolutely glowing skin, it felt so soft and supple for days, it was my most relaxing day of this entire vacation.

I would have loved to try out more of their services but you can only do so much in one day. I really liked their enclosed outdoor jacuzzi area.


It looks perfect for couples or how about a spa day with the girls? Imagine sitting out there drinking mimosas in between your treatments? You could if you wanted to and who wouldn’t want to? In addition to facials & skincare services, as mentioned they have nail services along with massages, waxing, body treatments or create a package of a few of the services. You always want to check out their specials as I’ve mentioned before, right now they have ANY 60 minute massage for only $57.50 for new guests.


There are also some massage chairs to just sit back in and relax in. My husband had a deep tissue massage, he has issues with his hip and back so any help he can get with that he’s always grateful for it. He told me his massage therapist was the best one he’s ever had and she gave him some stretching tips to help him wit his hip issues. He had a great sleep that night, something that doesn’t happen for him often enough.

Take a look at the short video below to have a virtual tour of The Spa and their wonderful facilities. All of their treatment rooms are serene and the entire spa caters to your comfort and having a good experience.

If you haven’t figured it out by now my family and I were very impressed with The Spa, we have visited several spas over the years and we know a good one (and a bad one) when we see it. We’re happy to say that The Spa is top notch, in fact we’d have to give it two thumbs up from all of us. Thank you to the team at The Spa for hosting us for a wonderful, relaxing day.

Make sure to check out their website and follow them on their social media channels.

The Spa

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While our visit to The Spa was hosted we paid for our products and my daughter’s pedicure. My treatment & my husband’s was comped as part of my review but all opinions are always 100% our own.

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  1. denise smith says:

    I need a spa day this would be wonderful i have never had a spa before so this would be a treat

  2. Lived there 6 years and never once thought about a spa. Am I odd?

  3. I would love a spa day, It sounds so wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow id love to do this with my stepmom ! I’ll keep it in mind when I go visit

  5. DENISE LOW says:

    This would be great to visit in Florida. We go to Florida every other year. My have to try this out.

  6. Sounds like a great place to go when in Orlando!!

  7. Krystal Waters says:

    Oh it looks so lovely, I would like to go to The Spa with my husband for our next anniversary. The video was great, I’ll have to check it out a little more.

  8. I’ve never been to a spa. Maybe I’ll visit one someday. I’d love to get a deep tissue massage and then sit in the jacuzzi tne rest of the day lol . Thank you for the review 🙂

  9. Terry Poage says:

    Looks like Heaven. My Cousin lives in Orlando so the next time I am there maybe we can visit this place.

  10. ERICA WEAVER says:

    this looks like avacation within its self i would love to take a trip here and refresh

  11. Beverly Edwards says:

    A spa day would make a vacation complete!

  12. donna porter says:

    This sounds like some me time when we go on our summer trip to Orlando, Florida.

  13. Maryann D. says:

    I lived in Orlando, Florida when I was young and I do miss it there. I would love to take a trip and go to this spa!

  14. I’ve never been anywhere like this before, but it looks amazing!

  15. I’ve never been to a spa. It sounds relaxing.

  16. David Heath says:

    looks relaxing

  17. What a wonderful spa! I’m so glad to hear they were responsible and asked about your skin and made sure not to aggravate your rosacea.

  18. Steven Epstein says:

    I think I am going to make plans with the wife to go

  19. Bethany Suire says:

    This is great!

  20. alicia szemon says:

    I have never had the pleasure to enjoy a spa day!

  21. Katt Lewis says:

    I lived in Orlando for 12 years, it was awesome! I’ve been away so long and things have changed. Would love to go visit the spa…..and Ikea!

  22. I’ve always wanted to go to a spa, but I have never made it. Hopefully one day, looks amazing!

  23. shannon fowler says:

    We just moved to orlando. Ive been wanting to try this place. It has such good reviews.

  24. nidhi chauhan says:

    This place looks amazing. I never been to any spa day but now i want to go this spa in orlando.

  25. This sounds like a vacation that my entire family would enjoy. Maybe some day we can go.

  26. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  27. What an amazing, relaxing vacation! Seems like a nice break from all the Orlando theme parks.

  28. Ronald Gagnon says:

    Wow, I never had a spa vacation, and did not have a clue what was all involved

  29. justin orkin says:

    I want to take a Caribbean cruise. Sounds good.

  30. gloria patterson says:

    Looks like you guys had a very special day………… I was at a spa in Israel and still remember how wonderful it was

  31. Nancy Burgess says:

    I’d love to go here.I’ve never been to a spa.All the pampering would be so nice.

  32. Heather W says:

    This spa looks amazing. Orlando vacations with kids can sure leave a mom tired. I think this would be the perfect way to end a vacation or as a pick-me-up relax day part way through.

  33. Linda Manns says:

    This sounds like a wonderful relaxing day. I live in Florida so I can’t wait to go and enjoy this. Thank you so much for sharing

  34. Leslie Crosbie says:

    Sound divine!!
    I have never been to a spa or really gotton pampered, its too expensive!

  35. I appreciate your point about the right facials for rosacea. I have rosacea too, plus lots of allergies to some products and fragrances. i would not have remembered to mention rosacea, to get the right kind of facial. I’ve only had one facial in my 70 years, and it was nothing special.

  36. Dotty J Boucher says:

    This place looks amazing! I love what they have to offer and love how cute your daughters toes game out lol with all the sparkles, I really like the rooms and its nice that they offer refreshments and all.

  37. justin orkin says:

    It’s good you were able to try some new places in orlando

  38. I get a massage often but have never tried a neat place like this.

  39. Richard Hicks says:

    Looks like a great place to get some relaxation

  40. This looks so soothing and relaxing ,I’d love to go

  41. What a beautiful space! I love that your family visited together. Your daughter’s toes are so cute!

  42. Cassandra D. says:

    Nice spa.

  43. Michelle Elizondo says:

    I would like to visit Orlando, FL.

  44. Build One in LA and I’m there.

  45. Heather Amos says:

    I love Florida and can’t wait to get back. Thanks for sharing, I will check this place out when we go again.

  46. I love Florida! Looks like a really great place to go! Sometimes, you have to indulge!

  47. I have never been to a spa this looks amazing and relaxing.thank you for telling us all about it

  48. Stephanie Lashbrook says:

    I’ve never done a spa day but this place looks amazing.

  49. Oh this looks divine to be so pampered. I wish that i could be there!

  50. Terry Stevens says:

    I have never been to a spa. I would love to be pampered for a day.

  51. This looks so wonderful-I’m jealous!!!

  52. A spa day with my wife sounds terrific

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