Star Wars BB8 Theme Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath Bomb Recipe – Star Wars BB8 Theme

Are you or someone you know a Star Wars fan? If so you can make this bath bomb recipe as a BB8 theme. If they’re not a Star Wars fan that’s okay too the colors (orange & white) used in this bath bomb recipe make it easy to use for any theme, spring, summer, baby shower, wedding and more!

If you love bath bombs stop buying them. Now you can make your own, it’s easy and you have them in whatever color you want as well as adding whatever essential oils you want to them. I love having a bath to relax and it’s just a nice to have a bath bomb scented in my favorite doTERRA essential oils. I’m picky about what essential oils I use on my skin so this is just another reason to use my own bath bomb recipe to make as many bath bombs as I want.

bath bomb recipeEssential Oils in the Bath Bomb Recipe

I am a Star Wars fan so that’s what made me think of doing an orange and white bath bomb and going BB8 style. As you can see though these colors can be used for any theme or just because you like them. Some of my favorite doTERRA essential oils to add to bath bombs are as follows:

  1. Wild Orange
  2. Lavender
  3. Peppermint
  4. Lime
  5. Lemon
  6. Geranium
  7. Eucalyptus
  8. Frankincense

Whatever essential oil you want to use just make sure it’s one that can be used topically and read the label to see if photosensitive (wait before going out in the sun). All the citrus essential oils are photosensitive.

star wars bb8 bath bomb Now onto this fun bath bomb recipe!

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Star Wars BB8 Theme Bath Bomb Recipe
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  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup citric acid (canning section)
  • ½ cup cornstarch
  • 4 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 3 drops of doTERRA essential oil of choice (make sure the one you select is okay to use topically)
  • 2 drops orange gel coloring.
  • Bath bomb mold
  1. In a bowl, add in corn starch, citric acid, and baking soda stir well. Add in coconut oil and stir with a fork to keep light and fluffy. Add in essential oil.
  2. Separate the white into two and dye one orange.
  3. Using the mold, pack both sides of mold then press together.
  4. Once you press together leave in mold for about a minute then remove and place on a tray to dry (harden) overnight.
Remember to always check the label of the essential oil to make sure it's one that can be used topically and if it's photo sensitive or not. All doTERRA essential oils will have this information on the bottle.

Super easy right? You’ll wonder why you didn’t try out a bath bomb recipe before this. Imagine all the fun gifts you could make for friends with these bath bombs. This bath bomb recipe is great for in gift baskets for baby showers (for mom), weddings, birthdays, spa themes, the Star Wars fan of course and much more.

Need the supplies?

Click on the links below for where we get our for this bath bomb recipe:

orange and white bath bomb

Now go and give it a try and enjoy a luxurious bath with your favorite essential oil. I think I’m going to go and use a lavender bath bomb myself.

diy bath bomb

If you try it out, let us know how you like! Enjoy this bath bomb recipe. Make sure to check out our other DIY recipes with essential oils like the ones below.

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  1. Karley Moore says:

    I’ve been wanting to make some of these. Thanks for the info!

  2. Isabel Arraial says:

    I want to give these a try with my kids. They Love Star Wars

  3. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    Great idea I love making gift baskets for the holiday’s and now I have a new idea for some. I’m gonna make some and see how they come out. Thanks for recipe

  4. This would be a great craft for myself and my daughter.

  5. This is very cute! It would make a great gift. Do you ever use any oils other than coconut? I have a topical allergy to it so I was just wondering.

  6. Tara Betterley says:

    What an awesome recipe. thanks I have always wanted to try to make the bath bombs but, couldn’t find a good recipe.

  7. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    These are so cool, what a great gift idea. These would be great for Star Wars theme parties.

  8. Amy Green says:

    You have made such a fun treat for true-blue Star Wars fans! I have been waiting since the Eighties for the movies to get good again, and I’m so glad they have. This is perfect to make just in time for Force Friday II!

  9. I had to SHARE to my facebook (Candide East) so I always have it and friends can try this SUPER EASY recipe! I love the smell of citrus–anyone else?! #LugzHiboots

  10. Birdie Skolfield says:

    I printed off the “recipe” and Im gifting it to all my friends at a Bachelorette party I’ll be attaching it to individual bottles of Pink Champagne thanks so much its perfect for this occasion

  11. OMG I never knew these were so simple to DIY!! Thank you for sharing.

  12. denise low says:

    I think these are really cool. They seem like they would be easy to make and would make great Christmas gifts.

  13. gloria patterson says:

    there are so many different ways to use baking soda ………….. have you ever had problems with these bombs not fizzing??

    For the first time I made toilet bomb yesterday and today I tried them and they did not fizz

  14. mary taylor says:

    This is awesome, I printed the recipe, I always wanted to try to make bath bombs and now I have a recipe to use thanks so much , I just gotta find citric acid

  15. So – these are awesome! Please come share at Reader TIp Tuesday:
    It’s open all week & growing. The girls are going to LOVE these!! They’ve been trying to make bath bombs unsuccessfully. We will give these a try! xo

  16. ellen beck says:

    I keep wanting to make bath bmbs and have them on my to do list They dont seem tough and I just love them. This is super cute.

  17. My girls are gonna LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Tamra Phelps says:

    Very cute idea! I like the bath bomb idea & incorporating BB8 is cute!

  19. I’ve always wanted to try to make bath bombs!! thank you for this easy looking step by step!!

  20. I’ve never made bath bombs before and didn’t know they were so easy to make! These would be great for Halloween too!

  21. BARBARA SCOTT says:


  22. josh dillard says:

    ok how are we getting bb8 without artoo haha j/k i mean do not liste to me i named my son Valor Anakin Skywalker haha

  23. Darcy Koch says:

    The kids would love these. They are big Star Wars fans. I do have essential oils and love creating different things using them.

  24. These are so cool! Looks easy to make too!

  25. Jessica W. says:

    We are a Star Wars family, so I will need to try just for that reason alone! And of course it sounds like an awesome bath bomb.

  26. Debbie P. says:

    The BB8 Bath Bombs are awesome! I am going to make them!

  27. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. I never knew how to make the bath bombs. We may have to give them a try.

  28. Kim Hillman says:

    I have always wanted to try bath bombs, now that I can make my own, I finally will! Thank you!

  29. Terri Quick says:

    I love bath bombs. These are so cool!

  30. They sound not only easy & luxuries, but delicious enough to want to take a bite out of!

  31. Chelsea m says:

    These seem simple enough to make. I love all the oils that are in them.

  32. We are going to have to try this!

  33. Margaret Appel says:

    I like bath bombs, and have thought about making them for myself and as gifts. I pinned the Star Wars BB8 so I have it when I get around to making some. I love how easy it seems to be to make them. Thanks for sharing how!

  34. I’ve been wanting to try to make some of these!

  35. These are so cool! I didn’t know it was this easy to make bath bombs. My kids are obsessed with these and they are going to be so stoked to try making them on their own.

  36. This is a fantastic and simple to make recipe for making bath bombs. I will be making these soon.

  37. Sally Hill says:

    Wow – what a super idea to make your own bath bombs!!! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Kim Beaupre says:

    Love bath bombs my favorite is vanilla or lavender

  39. Armando Rincon says:

    lol this is so much fun, I gonna make them for a especial someone that loves Star Wars, thanks.

  40. Tara Torres says:

    My kids would love to make these- I’d have to change the name for them, though 🙂

  41. Linda Madden says:

    Oh I am definitely making these for my grandkids! Their mom buys them from the store and they are pricey.

  42. These are so cool looking,id love to make some .

  43. I want to make these! Thanks!

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    How cute, I adore bath bombs.

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    What a great recipe. I didn’t know it was so easy to make these. Once I get all of the ingredients, I’m going to try and make some.

  47. Nancy Burgess says:

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  48. Marthalynn says:

    How fun! I haven’t used bath bombs in so long because they got kind of pricey. I used to get mine from Lush and they were so natural and pure and fragrant. Now, I can make my own thanks to you!

  49. So cool! I use my doTERRA oils everyday but have not made bath bombs yet. Thanks for the recipe. I think I’d use lavender oil.

  50. I need to try making my own bath bombs. They do look easy enough to do.

  51. rochelle haynes says:

    Nice like to do this looking good

  52. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have never tried bath bombs but I see them advertised alot. I love using essential oils. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  53. These look pretty easy I wanna try to make these.thank you for the recipe

  54. Laurie Nykaza says:

    These bath bombs look so fun to make and that you can use the oils and make them different scents is so nice.. My daughter and i love to buy them now will have to try your recipe and make them our selves nice gift to give too.

  55. Linda Szymoniak says:

    There are so many great recipes for homemade bath bombs. I really need to find time to just soak in the bathtub so I can take advantage of all the DIY posts about them. I love how you used a Star Wars theme for yours.

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