Stork and Dove Booby Boons Lactation Cookies Review

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Stork and Dove Booby Boons Lactation Cookies

I have been fortunate enough to nurse all three of my babies into toddlerhood. My youngest is almost 2 (Yikes! How did that happen?) and still loves to snuggle up for some “mama milk” but only on her terms. One day she’ll be a fiercely independent woman, but for now, she is a temperamental toddler. This means she will only nurse on one side. The other side is “yucky.” This leads to a lot of unevenness. Stork and Dove swooped in to help. Their Booby Boons cookies have helped not only to increase my milk supply but even it out. 

Booby Boons come in three delicious flavors!

Booby Boons

The Cookies

These delicious cookies come in three flavors. Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Quinoa, and Oatmeal Raisin. All three Booby Boons are gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, and GMO-free. Some are also nut-free. They do contain dairy but it is Kosher Certified KSA Dairy. Everything in them is preservative-free, all natural and easy to pronounce. The key ingredients, collectively called “galactagogues”, are nutritional yeast, oats, and flax. These three ingredients naturally and gently stimulate milk production.

The Results

Booby Boons

All three cookies taste pretty darn good but the chocolate lover in me loves the Chocolate Quinoa the best.  My kids enjoy all three flavors, and to them, it’s just another yummy cookie. They are not super sweet, which I actually like. The chocolate chips in the Chocolate Chip are small enough I can’t really taste them, but the cookie itself still tastes good. I think the Oatmeal Raisin cookie taste the most like a “regular’ cookie full of wheat and sugar and junk we don’t need LOL.

They recommend eating 1-3 Booby Boons up to 2 hours before breastfeeding. Since my daughter is old enough to dictate when she wants to nurse, and not usually in any regular interval, I have been eating a few of these each day as a snack. I have noticed since starting to eat these each day and definite increase in my milk production! It’s been enough to be noticeable, but I’m never engorged or leaking. It has also helped to even out production to both sides. Even if she still won’t nurse on the one side, I try to pump and store it, or donate it to a milk bank.

I love that these were developed and made by moms, for moms. Every afternoon I find myself craving a couple of cookies, they taste so good! My daughter is definitely loving the extended nursing time that these have afforded her, and I love that I can provide her with a nutritious snack as well.


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  1. Wow wow wow I am soooo sad I found these yet sooo happy. I have 4 kids….breastfed all of them. eating anything bad while breastfeeding I always felt bad. How is this going to effect their tummy….sleep..and of course my figure. Lol. With my 1st I had some issues producing enough milk and often felt pressure to quit and formula feed.. I am soo thankful that I am stubborn and wouldn’t listen. The amazing bond breastfeeding provides for both mom and baby is indescribable. Hoping to experience another child and if that does happen i am definitely getting these cookies!!! Guilt free snacking!