Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips

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Enjoy Stress Free Holiday Travel

Relax and Enjoy with these Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips!

The holiday season has begun and for a lot of us that means life will get even busier than usual. My days are so full already, it almost seems impossible. On the other hand, it is one of my favorite times of the year! Once the season begins, it isn’t long before I am caught up in the festive atmosphere and spirit of the season. I begin making out my Christmas shopping list, and pondering the perfect meaningful gift for each special person on my list.

Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips - must haves

Our holidays also involve travelling to see the family. The holidays are a wonderful time to visit family and friends. However, it is also one of the busiest travel times! Over the years, I have found a few tips for enjoyable stress free holiday travel that I would love to share with you.

Don’t worry we didn’t pack the dog (Little Zeus) but he and our other dog Luna do go on trips with us when we travel by car.


Tips for Stress Free Holiday Travel

1. Avoid peak travel dates, if at all possible.

2. If traveling by plane, always pack a set of clothes in carry-ons for all family members. You never know what will happen! Your luggage may not arrive, or the kids might have a major spill on their clothes. It is better to be prepared than not!

3. Pack carefully, but purposely. Create a checklist of all important items. You may also want to include a travel pillow and items for entertainment. Pack your bag and once you are finished, double check your list to ensure nothing was overlooked.

Don’t be afraid to travel!Explore

4. Whether travelling by plane, train or automobile, pack snacks for the journey and some extras for when you arrive at your destination. Not only can packing snacks save you money, but also can be a lifesaver. In the past, I have arrived at places late at night and there was nothing open for food.

5. Leave early! You want plenty of time to get to the airport, or not have to speed through traffic. Always allow for the unexpected.

6. Finally, and VERY IMPORTANT, be silly on vacation! Take funny selfies with the family throughout your travels. Cut loose and have fun together! And, if you are like me and have issues with light bladder leakage, Poise® Impressa® can be your best friend!

We were getting ready for our fun selfie but took this oops photo by mistake, oops 🙂disneyworldIn the past, there have been pads and pantiliners, but these were not always a perfect solution. What if I told you there was a product that can stop the leak before it happens? Sounds to good to be true, right? But it isn’t! Poise® Impressa® lets you enjoy life without the worry of leaks or dealing with pads! Life is too short to let light bladder leakage spoil my fun! How about you? Have you heard of Poise® Impressa?


If not, check out this short video for more information on how it works.

Truly enjoying my time with family and friends during the holidays is a high priority for me. I want to be able to giggle, laugh and act silly without worrying about my light bladder leakage. Poise® Impressa® gives me that confidence whether traveling, having dinner, at a party or simply giggling the night away! I would rather join in the giggling than sit tight-lipped and cross-legged, worrying I may have leakage!

This holiday season, don’t let light bladder leakage destroy your confidence and memorable times with family! Use these stress free holiday travel tips and let Walmart and Impressa help you have a good time and enjoy the holidays! Look for the Poise® Impressa Sizing Kit at your local Walmart store now and be prepared!

Do you have any other holiday travel tips you would like to share with us?


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  1. ellen beck says:

    I have pets and I dont have many I trust to feed the feral colony. I think our last ‘vacation’ meaning more than a day trip was in 1992. Good tips and a buch those that can travel could use.

  2. Shyamala says:

    Useful tips indeed!

  3. I love your tips and those ideas 🙂

  4. denise smith says:

    I love the tips I know as im getting older I have some bladder problems it is embarrassing when it happens great tips

  5. Jessica Rouse says:

    It is such a good idea to always bring plenty of healthy snacks when you vacation it seems like it hard to find food that is healthy and not spendy. Thank you for sharing these amazing tips!

  6. Shekeilah says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Danielle Bee says:

    Love these tips and your blog!! ?☺️

  8. Where were these when I was doing family trips with my kids and hubby I would’ve used them all

  9. Love this tips! Everything sounds great, thanks for sharing this with us!

  10. Anabella Guillén says:

    I love your tips! Thanks for share them!

  11. Traveling can be very stressful! Thank you for all the fantastic tips!

  12. Dani Bee says:

    Love the tips and you blog ?

  13. Deborah Cochran says:

    When planning our family vacations, we always try to remember to avoid peak travel times like Spring break, holidays and weekends. Your #1 tip definitely helps toward having a stress-free vacation.

  14. Nancy Burgess says:

    A lot of great tips very helpful. Traveling can be stressful these tips will help.

  15. Darren Scrubb says:

    These are notes I will keep due to the fact I travel often.

  16. Travel is always stressful. Especially around the holidays. You have some good tips. I, when going by car with young children, would leave at night when they’d be asleep anyways.

  17. Great tips. I always have a list, pack snacks and have a change of clothes in my carry on.

  18. jenn sparks says:

    Great tips! We always try to travel during non-peak times. Its really nice when there’s less of a crowd. Extra snacks and portable meals are a must.

  19. Sheila Vives says:

    I always like to make travel as stress free and easy as possible. I always appreciate new tips and ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  20. You can take a stress free vacation with children?! Lol. We’ve really only taken vacation to Minnesota (about 6 hrs from us) and it was fairly stressful. But we had a 6 month old and a two year old. Fun times! Since then we have gone down to Chicago (about 3 hours from us) and that was a little less stressful when it came to the kids, the traffic on the other hand, oy! Kids were 10y, 5y and 4y.

  21. Thanks for the tip would love to go on vacation haven’t in years

  22. Terry Poage says:

    Thanks for the travel tips Holidays or whenever. Every time I travel somewhere for a vacation I am always more tired than before I left.

  23. Debbie Campbell says:

    I usually get stressed when I travel. My favorite tip is ‘be silly!’ So true- you can’t forget to just let loose and have fun!

  24. Good tips. I always am prepared for the inevitable things to go wrong… And just go with the flow.

  25. Calvin F. says:

    Will consider using some tips next time I plan to travel! Thanks.

  26. Samantha B. says:

    These are great tips! I will remember to pack a spare set of clothes in my next Carryon!

  27. Thanks for the tips on keeping down travel stress. They are greatly appreciated!

  28. DENISE LOW says:

    We don’t travel on the holiday but I still get stressed out hoping that everything will be good for the holidays.

  29. Brandi Dawn says:

    These are good tips. I love the one of packing an extra set of clothing in your carry on. I have never arrived without my luggage but I would hate to not be somewhat prepared if I ever did.

  30. kathi bennett says:

    Leave early! That is a great tip, I have missed two planes this year because I couldn’t get everyone loaded up and on the road in time!

  31. Now that is some sound advice, and yeah I can go for weeks puttering around my house and never giving bladder control a thought; but put me o the road and it’s a bog deal!

  32. Tina Nichols says:

    Last time I’ve been to Disney was about 4 years ago. I didn’t find it to be as stressful, because I didn’t have any children with me, this time.

  33. Sheila Vives says:

    I had not heard of this product. This would be especially good for traveling by car on long trips where there are no places to stop for miles at a time. I do have some questions and concerns about the product though. A link to learn more about the product would have been appreciated. Thank you for telling us about this.

  34. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Traveling is always stressful — thanks for the tips. A few of them sound like they could really help.

  35. these are great tips and ideas to cover the stressful bases

  36. I like these tips! I always try to leave early so that I can be on time 😉

  37. Cheryl Everitt says:

    Thank you for sharing these practical hints. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Gail Williams says:

    Thanks for the tips. I am traveling but we are leaving this afternoon a Thursday rather than a weekend by car. I am starting my list now, won’t forget my pillow and entertainment while hubby drives.

  39. Lynne Chambers says:

    Great tips! I will use them the next trip I take with my family. Anything to relieve some stress and have more fun!!

  40. Calshondra Williams says:

    Great holiday tips! Thanks for sharing.

  41. Jill Miller says:

    Great ideas!!

  42. These tips are good for any time you travel IMO..thanks

  43. Brooke Allen says:

    I try to avoid the airport. Just drive if I can.

    A couple of years ago, we were going on a househunting trip. My boy left his stuffed cat at the ticket counter. He’s had this stuffed cat for 8 years now…

    When we got to security, we put everything on the belt and noticed that his stuffed cat was not there. I had to get everything together and go back to the ticket counter to get this stuffed cat. We had been on time, now we barely made the flight.

    I guess watching your kid’s favorite stuffed animals is important too.

  44. Connie Gruning says:

    I learned the hard way that #2 is important. Now I always pack my swimsuit and extra clothes in my carry on. Along with aspirin!
    These are all great tips!

  45. Nancy Burgess says:

    Thank you for the great tips.They are very helpful a lot I never knew.

  46. #2 is very important! Luggage gets lost way more often than it should.

  47. Debra Gifford says:

    Holiday Travel Tips are very important, if traveling with pets or children but also if just as adults. New places, new scams, & new crimes make all of us a target, more so during the holidays . Thanks for all your advice/tips!

  48. Cynthia A Smith says:

    very nice

  49. Catherine Lewis says:

    I travel to Germany where my son’s family lives, and to Arizona, where my sister lives once a year. I knew several of these tips, especially the one about being silly when you get there. But I learned several new ones too, and I thank you for that!

  50. Such helpful tips to get through stressful times travelling. I do make lists and check them before I go.

  51. Joey Simmonds says:

    My wife lost her checked bag. Do not place any valuaqbles in your checked bag. She was sick as we were going to my sons weddding and she put their wedding rings in that checked bag.

  52. Karen Hamm says:

    I love all your tips, especially leaving early and creating a checklist.

  53. Renee HendersonGray says:

    Thanks for the holiday tips.

  54. Great tips I’m gonna write these down

  55. Definitely good tips, I’ve never packed a change of clothes in my carry-on but something to definitely be doing!

  56. thank you for the tips. Traveling is stressful for people. Any help will be nice to make the trip better.

  57. thanks for such awesome tips. most helpful one is to leave early to the airport which is a must and time consuming too.

  58. Babette Thurston says:

    Love these tips! Especially be silly on vacation! I think so many times we are trying to get to our destination and we don’t enjoy the journey!! We are going exactly to where you were for a Disney Dream Wedding! We are guests and disney lovers so we are sooo excited! Thanks for the tips!

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