Super Durable BuddyPhones Headphones For Kids #Review


BuddyPhones Both Safe AND Durable For Children

Driving in the car and traveling on a plane can be rather boring for a child. Giving them music to listen to or allowing them to watch movies helps make the travel much easier! As a mom, I do not want to listen to kid’s music or listen to a movie while I drive! BuddyPhones are a great product to make sure you have on hand for all your summer travel!

BuddyPhonesBuddyPhone Options

BuddyPhones has a variety of headphones to choose from. My suggestion is to decide which type of use your child will be needing headphones for most and find what best meets your needs.

  • Standard
  • Explore
  • inFlight
  • Moomin

Decibel Level Protection

As much as I love my kids having headphones, my concern has always been about their hearing. I am SURE your kids are not this way (ha!) but my kids love to crank the volume as loud as the device will allow! BuddyPhones has a safe audio level that protects your child’s hearing.


The child proof sound control limits maximum sound levels by measuring outside volume. It allows parents to adjust the settings for the child based on their age and what type of environment they are in. There are three different decibel sound level options which is considered the safe volume recommended by the World Health Organization.

Multiple Children Sharing Devices

I have three kids. If they are all watching something, I typically have to allow them to unplug the headphones so all three can hear the audio. With BuddyPhones, they can connect their headphones together for shared listening. It comes with a built-in Buddy system which is an audio splitter that allows multiple headphones to share one audio source.



Multiple colors and styles are available as well as different sets of stickers that allow your child to customize their own headphones! Each set comes with a travel bag for the headphones.


Comfortable Fit

Soft, cushioned ear pieces make BuddyPhones comfortable for all age children. The headphones are adjustable.


My kids can be ROUGH on their belongings. We have had MANY broken headphones over the years. BuddyPhones are made with kids in mind. Durability is one of the top benefits of these specific brand headphones.


BuddyPhones Built in Microphone Option

On some of the headphone options like the inFlight BuddyPhones, a built-in microphone allows children to communicate with others or with the app they are using. inFlight headphones also comes with an airplane adapter.


Protect your child’s hearing while still protecting your sanity as a parent with BuddyPhones!

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  1. Calvin F. says:

    Looks like great headphones that will last a long time.

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