Star Wars BB8 Theme Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath Bomb Recipe – Star Wars BB8 Theme

Are you or someone you know a Star Wars fan? If so you can make this bath bomb recipe as a BB8 theme. If they’re not a Star Wars fan that’s okay too the colors (orange & white) used in this bath bomb recipe make it easy to use for any theme, spring, summer, baby shower, wedding and more!

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doTERRA’S Trio of Citrus Essential Oils

doTERRA’S Trio of Citrus Essential Oils

Plus 10 Great Uses for doTERRA’S Trio of Citrus Essential Oils

Citrus Essential Oils Bath Salts DIY & More

This fabulous special edition trio of citrus essential oils from doTERRA not only smell amazing but they also have a ton of every day uses. Read on to find out what they are and why you’ll love them too.

If you want to sign up to buy these amazing oils feel free to contact me or go here to sign up.

doTERRA essential oils is always coming up with new products for their consumers and each year they surprise us with new essential oils, too. This year, for Mother’s Day, they released a set called the Citrus Essential Oils Trio. It sold out quickly, but many people were able to get it in its first release, and then in June, they got more in stock and it is now available for purchase while supplies last. (We are all of course hoping that these oils will stay on and become a permanent addition in the Fall.)

Citrus Essential Oils

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Essential Oil Diffuser – Deal of the Day

Essential Oil Diffuser – Deal of the Day

HURRY this is a fabulous deal on an Essential Oil Diffuser 50% off!

For those looking for an inexpensive diffuser these ones are 50% off.

Essential Oil Diffser

I have not tried them personally but I am getting a few to try out at this price. Only $7.49 with discount code: DJC4726S Apply code at checkout! Get it here:

You can add more than one of the one pack and get the discount.

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Top 10 DIY Essential Oils Roller Bottles for Summer

 Powered by Mom’s Top 10 DIY Essential Oils Roller Bottles for Summer

We’re sharing our Top 10 DIY Essential Oils Roller Bottles using doTERRA Essential Oils

We all look forward to the summer every year, but summer time comes with its own set of challenges.  That’s why I like to get my DIY essential oils roller bottles ready to help me with those challenges.

If you are an essential oil user already, you probably frequently utilize your oils and know how awesome they are when things come up. Not only do you feel great using them, knowing they are giving you and your family such great health benefits, but they save so much money and keep up from running to the drug store for remedies, too!

If you’d like to know more about doTERRA Essential Oils please feel free to contact me at

essential oils roller bottles


PRI Manuka Honey Makes Healthy Taste Good #Review


Pacific Resources International brings Manuka Honey to your door!

You don’t have to travel to New Zealand to reap its MANY benefits!

Save 15% and get FREE shipping when you go HERE to order and use code: Beauty15

Pacific Resources International, PRI, is one of those companies that makes a difference in how you view healthy! So many times we think boring and bland when we think healthy – not anymore!

PRI is the first company to have introduced American consumers to Manuka Honey, which has been used by native New Zealand people for centuries and is known for its unique healing properties. In addition, PRI is a leading importer of Clean Pacific Sea Salt, along with numerous other premium-quality health and culinary products all brought here directly from the pristine bastion of natural splendor that is New Zealand.


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Top 10 Lemon Essential Oil Uses

Powered by Mom’s Top 10 Lemon Essential Oil Uses

There are so many uses for lemon essential oil that it would take pages to write them all so I’m going to share my top 10. It’s no secret that I love essential oils and it’s become a lifestyle. I use doTERRA as I’ve learned over the years that it’s imperative to utilize a good quality essential oil. Quality over quantity is important when it comes to essential oils.

lemon essential oil 2

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