Teaching Healthy Habits for Kids

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Teaching Healthy Habits for Kids to Eat Vegetables Without a Fight

Healthy Habits for Kids are a must and this genius method of getting your kids to eat their vegetables without a fight or the need to hide them will change meal time in your family forever!healthy habits for kids

Disclaimer: we received compensation for this post but we are big believers in healthy eating habits for the entire family. All opinions are 100% our own. 

Do your children HATE Vegetables?

Have you ever had the challenge of trying to get your kiddo to eat their vegetables. When my daughter was younger it was a HUGE challenge, she didn’t seem to like any vegetables, NOT A SINGLE VEGETABLE. I was at my wits end as here I was trying to make sure I gave my daughter a balanced meal and trying to teach her healthy habits but she wouldn’t touch her vegetables. Nothing worked, not the oh she’ll eat it if she’s hungry enough, NOTHING!

My daughter just would not eat in that case and she was constantly having to gain weight so of course, I worried. If only I had some of the amazing resources available at HueTrition now, back when my daughter was little and vegetable challenged. It would have been nice to not have to try and trick her into eating vegetables which pretty much didn’t work anyways. healthy habits for kids

Healthy Habits for Kids So They’ll Want to Eat Vegetables

As always HueTrition’s mission is to help families and kids lead a healthy lifestyle.  They have a new, fun & simple way to get kids to eat veggies it’s HuePets! (Pssst you’ll want to reserve your HuePets bundle which will be available in August).

Ever wondered how to get your kids to eat more colorful veggies and fruits so they could develop healthy habits when it comes to their nutrition? Huey is part of our method developed by pediatricians, nutrition, and chef experts to help you teach kids healthy habits. We do not believe in telling lies or sneaking in vegetables and fruits, but actually teaching kids the benefits of colorful fruits and vegetables by making it FUN! Wow, now that sounds like a much better idea to me. I know that trying to sneak in those veggies and fruits certainly didn’t work with my daughter. It just caused frustration for her and me!

huetrition, Huepets

Huey is a mini companion of healthy choices! The first edition of Huey Plushie and Lunch Bag is in development! If you would like to support our mission and/or get it for your kids or a kid you care about, please reserve yours https://huetrition.shop/product/huepets-bundle/Limited quantities!

Make it easier on you and the kiddos to develop healthy habits when it comes to their eating! HueTrition will be rolling out a Fall-Christmas HuePets National Campaign with As Seen On TV in 10 major cities, 10 major TV networks, focused on the HuePets 2.0 launch with includes :

HuePets 2.0, new age program, is the simplest and most fun way to get your kids to eat vegetables!

healthy habits for kids

HuePets is a digital-first program that consists of :

  1. A FREE mobile app that turns daily healthy eating into a game- new characters!
  2. The app is tied to a website that allows medical professionals, teachers, family, and friends to view patients or kids dashboard of colorful choices and even assign rewards!
  3. HuePets stand that to feature educational materials and giveaways
  4. HuePets educational promotional materials and collectibles—including the Huey Bundle: first edition Huey Plushie, HuePets coloring book, and HuePets lunch-bag.  You can see link to reserve bundle at: https://huetrition.shop/product/huepets-bundle/

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healthy habits for kids

So the only questions you need to answer are, do you want your kids to have healthy habits like eating their vegetables without all the drama? No more hiding or sneaking in vegetables in their meals. See how the Huey bundle can save your sanity and get your kids to eat their veggies too! Reserve your bundle now HERE.

Don’t forget to take care of yourselves too mom and dad! HueTrition is all about making it easier for people to eat healthier and make healthier choices. You can also get personalized advice from a nutrition expert all from the comfort of your own home. It’s extremely affordable with a HueTrition subscription! You can get the VIP Full Package Membership From $9.99 / month with a 1-month free trial. That gives you FREE access to all HueTrition Live Events as well as 4 HueDietitian consults! Another great resource is their HueTube channel that has videos with helpful and healthy tips. Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel HueTube and benefit from their expertise!

Make sure to check out our other great tips like Healthy Grocery Shopping Made Easier and How to Eat Healthier.

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  1. Fortunately my daughter likes a lot of kinds of vegetables so that isn’t an issue *but* for some reason, she’s never liked fruit at all… ever. I remember her refusing even the baby food bananas.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I have a very picky 5 year old, and am always looking for ideas to get her to eat fruits and veggies. I will definitely be trying this out!!

  3. What a neat incentive. It is so important to eat organic fruits and vegetable. Another great idea is to plant your own garden!

  4. I appreciate the great tips and pointers ion your review. This is great living and very wonderful in a mediocre lifestyle.

  5. I have to admit I am guilty of sneaking veggies in my daughters food in order to get her to eat them. If I seen something like HuePets I probably wouldn’t have had to sneak things. She loved fruit but she was not too fond of veggies. She’s an adult now and now she finally know the value of eating her veggies. Lol

  6. Smart concept! I love that it ignites the knowledge and love of healthy choices at an early age! Our kids learn to identify a wide variety of fruits and vegetables by color and how it can help them grow & learn.

  7. It looks like a lot of fun. The programme is based on good nutritional information and involves colours which attract children. thanks

  8. I know how hard it is to get kids interested in nutrition and eating healthy, so this seems like a very fun way to do it!

  9. I agree that making healthy habits fun and not a punishment is crucial. My kids will eat healthy things if they are involved in making choices and if the food is cut into fun shapes.

  10. Great information! I sure wish I had had this information when my kids were growing up, but I can use it to help with my grandkids now. Thank you!

  11. I was very fortunate. All of my children liked fruits and vegetables. My biggest problem was keeping enough on hand because fruit seemed to disappear like magic.

  12. I served fruits and veggies every day and didn’t have much trouble with them. Now my grand daughter loves fruit and veggies. I guess I’m fortunate. It’s good to see that there are ways to teach and help children.

  13. THis is a great way for kids to get interested in healthy habits. They are able to make the healthy choices they can be proud of.

  14. I think it’s great teaching kids to eat healthier while having fun is a good strategy,I also think kids will eat healthier when they help their parents to prep food in the kitchen for cooking.

  15. I think it’s great that they thought of an honest fun way to help engage kids to want to eat their vegetables, love this!

  16. I like that there is a free mobile app that makes it fun to learn about healthy eating. It is good to teach and encourage kids at an early age to make nutritious choices.

  17. This sounds so great! I have always loved my veggies and try to introduce them to my grandkids so they will like them too. There is to many bad foods and unhealthy choices on the market today.

  18. Great ideas on how to talk to children about veggies. Wish my parents had read this. Hated veggies until later in life. What a waste of good years of eating right.

  19. My kids would have loved this when they were younger. Helping our kids to eat healthy is so important. My son is Diabetic since he was 2 yr and now has Celicas . Good foods are so important for good health.

  20. My brother was a very picky eater when he was little…I’m sure my mom would have really appreciated this system at the time!

  21. I get them involved when I am preparing meals. It has helped them eat healthier. Fun is always good for kids.

  22. OH, I don’t have kids, but I’ll tell my sister n law about this. She loves trying new things with the kids. I have a friend expecting kids in my family life go from expecting to 18. I like that starting eating healthy early can follow a person for life.

  23. My granddaughter is a picky eater and this could be a great help – will share with my daughter

  24. It’s never to early to start teaching kids about healthy eating. I also think including them in the decision making and preparation of the meals helps.

  25. I love this! My son never had a problem eating healthy, the only thing I am unable to get him to eat are mushrooms and I can make that compromise. I watch my brother struggle with one of his kids though and something like this could be a valuable help!

  26. I love that Huetrition doesn’t believe in telling lies to get kids to eat healthily! I completely agree. I used to work as a medical assistant and I hated when parents would lie to their children and say “the shot won’t hurt”. Umm…yes, it will! Just be honest with them. Anything that helps kids eat better is a great idea!

  27. This sounds like a really great way to help kids learn about good nutrition. My kids are pretty good about eating fresh fruits, but we do struggle a little with vegetables.

  28. I love this idea! What a neat way to teach kids nutrition, such an important topic that we don’t see a lot in kids toys/play.

  29. Looks like a very creative way to appeal to children. Making the learning process fun is likely to work. So important that they develop good eating habits and enjoying fruits and veggies at a young age.

  30. Colors appeal to kids in many ways so this seems like a sensible as well as fun program to encourage them to eat healthy

  31. I have a little one that will be a year the 21st of this month. This gives me some ideas for her birthday and to be honest some of my Mommy friends childs birthday. I love things that kids enjoy plus learn from it

  32. This was pin worthy!! What a great idea! I’ve noticed some kids sometimes listen to other adults, kids, TV stars, characters, etc. rather than their own parents! I don’t know why they think we would do them wrong?! Of course, other parents and grandparents want their children to be healthy!!
    HuePets 2.0 is the simplest and most fun way to get your kids and grandkids to eat vegetables! Especially since my grandkids are on YouTube a lot!
    Sharing this on my Facebook page. Thank you for sharing!

  33. I’ve got to try this, I’ve tried everything to sneak them in, dicing super fine, hiding them inside other things, pureeing them … I’ve sat there watching her nit pick every single shred out of her food with frustration.

  34. This sounds like a fantastic program! Perfect for my grandson, who is finicky about eating his vegetables.

  35. I agree that these technologically advanced kids would respond better to an app than hearing lectures on why they should eat vegetables.

  36. I wish I had learned to love veggies at a younger age! Anything that gives children choices and includes them rewards them with a vested interest for life!

  37. Fruits and vegetables are important to add to everyones daily diet Its great to have a fun way to add them to childrens daily diet

  38. I have been lucky so far with the kids and grandkids when it comes to fruit and veggies , they will eat try everything so far.

  39. I always provided my sons with healthy food options & didn’t bring hardly any junk food into the home.

  40. I think that this app is such an amazing idea. Getting kids involved in food and nutrition will help benefit them so much for the rest of their lives. Having a love for fruits and veg will really go far!

  41. I can’t get my daughter to eat any vegetables. This seems like a fun and educational program to teach children about healthy eating

  42. Kids love colors. I love how this equates color and nutrition and taste and gets the children involved in what they eat.

  43. My great nephew is the only one who hates vegetables. His sister just eats them so she can be done with her plate and get dessert, lol I think as they get older they will learn that fruits and vegetables are healthy and needed in their diets. I like that Huetrition teaches kids this concept with their program 🙂

  44. This seems like a fun and educational program to educate children and encourage them in healthy eating.

  45. Making healthy choices can be a challenge but I do think when kids start young in their understanding of nutrition and being part of the process it can make it easier.

  46. This bundle is so incredibly cute. I like that they’re able to teach kids how to be healthy and be active at an early stage in their life.

  47. I think its very IMPORTANT to start kids in the right track nutrition wise as young as possible! This sounds like a helpful way to do that

  48. Sounds so great I have very picky kids who dont like veggies this sounds like something they could really get into

  49. This concept does sound fun, and changes it from being a frustrating battle to an encouraging journey!

  50. I find talking about the benefits of certain fruits and veggies with kids makes them more likely to eat them. For instance, if you say eating carrots makes you see better, than will be more likely to eat them!

  51. This really looks awesome! I love that they teach kids the benefits of eating fruits & veggies!