Teaching Kids How to Manage Emotions

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Teaching kids how to manage emotions

It’s essential to creating a solid foundation of emotional well being.

Thanks to Mightier, it’s easier than ever with the power of play.Teaching Kids the Importance of Emotional Health - Powered by MomMightier makes learning about your emotions fun through play, technology, and your very own personal coach! This system is backed by years of research and development. 

When you sign up for the Foundation Program from Mightier, they will ship you a box that includes a tablet, Mighty Band, stress ball, welcome guide, chargers, and a quick start guide. 

When emotions get the best of us.

As a parent to three boys, I have experienced moments when emotions get out of control. These emotions can stem from a variety of feelings including, hunger, lack of sleep, injury, hurt feelings and more. Feelings can be overwhelming, especially for kids who have not yet developed the skills necessary to manage their emotional health.

We all know that it’s okay to have feelings, both good and bad. After all, it is what makes us human. Recognizing and processing those feelings is crucial because it creates a rock solid foundation for our kids. As they continue to grow, they will have the tools to conquer a roller coaster of emotions.

Teaching Your Kids How to Manage Emotions can be harder than what it sounds. We don’t like to see our kids struggle. We want them to be successful

Why Mightier?

Mightier is much more than a product, it is a program that is backed by years of research. Through this research, the folks behind Mightier created an approach to mental health that includes support, technology, coaching, and curriculum.

Teaching kids how to manage emotions is a breeze thanks to Mightier.Teaching Kids How to Manage Emotions - Powered by Mom

I received a box from Mightier for their Foundation Program. It came with the Mighty Band, tablet, chargers, and directions to get started.

Set up did take a bit of time, but it was easy thanks to the simple to follow directions.

After we set up the account, it was time to play. With the push of a button and placing the Mightier band on my son’s wrist, the Mightier app was able to read my son’s heartbeat. You can see in the picture of the app below showing the Gizmo with his heart rate.

When the player’s heart rate is high, the Lavalings appear!Teaching Kids How to Manage Emotions - Powered by Mom

The goal is to lower your heart rate and capture one of the Lavalings that have taken over Mightier City.

All of the games take place in Mightier City where you will meet Mr. Dragon. He helps players throughout the game as they navigate the Mightier app.

When my son’s heart rate started to rise, the gizmo reacted and the Lavalings appeared. To start, you tap the gizmo and the breathing exercises.

Dr. Dragon shows you on the screen how to take a deep breath.

The gizmo measures the heart rate and then prompts the player to start a breathing exercise to lower their heart rate. Dr. Dragon is here to help with his animated visual of how to take deep belly breaths.

The goal is for the player to get his heart rate under control. Once that happens the arrow will move into the blue zone.Teaching Kids How to Manage Emotions - Powered by Mom

Once the player’s heart rate is within the normal range, the Lavaling is captured! These little critters resemble the emotions a player will experience while playing the Mightier games.

You can see the cycle of a Lavaling below. The more you play, the more Lavalings you will capture. Each one has their own name and stats.

Teaching Kids How to Manage Emotions - Powered by Mom

Currently, there are over 20 games available to play in Mightier City, but that list keeps on growing. Players buy the games with acorns. You can win acorns by making progress in the games. Once you have collected enough acorns you can buy more games.

Mightier for Parents

Teaching Kids How to Manage Emotions - Powered by Mom

Mightier Perks

  1. One on one coaching. Loving this feature. Through the program, I had access to a one on one coach. We scheduled a call together and jumped on the phone after we set up the Mightier app. Clara, my coach, was able to share with me all of the highlights of their program. She addressed all of my questions, which was fantastic! It has been a wonderful experience to have her on my team. She had some fantastic advice and tips for us to follow which has helped us utilize the game to its full potential. At the end of our phone call, we scheduled another call so she could touch base with us again a few weeks down the road. I will update this review with any progress we made with the Mightier team.
  2. The Mightier program utilizes the power of play to learn about emotional health. Learning through play is such a powerful tool. That, combined with the ability to use technology as an advantage, really makes teaching kids how to manage emotions a breeze. Playing video games is a blast! This makes it easy to get your kiddo on board with the program. My two younger boys, ages 10 and 5, both showed interest from the very beginning.
  3. Parent Hub. This is where you can keep track of your kiddo’s progress, update their information, join the Mightier Facebook group, and schedule calls with your coach.
  4. Backed by years of research and studying in conjunction with Boston’s Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Not only does the Mightier program center their program around the joy of play and technology, but they also base it off of science. You can learn more about it here.
  5. Kids love it. The Mightier program isn’t a daunting task for your kids to complete. It’s FUN! There’s no convincing or rewarding your child to take the initiative to learn, they just start playing the game!

My Thoughts

I can see how this program has already helped my sons manage their emotions. As they go about their day, I have witnessed both of them use the breathing technique to help them cope with overwhelming emotions.

Teaching kids how to manage their emotions is possible through this program. It provides a way for them to develop coping skills to manage their feelings before emotions get the best of them.

As we continue to use the Mightier program I will update the review with new information.

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  1. We need to model healthy emotional self-management by resisting our own little “tantrums” such as yelling. Even older children need to feel connected to us or they can’t regulate themselves emotionally. We need to accept our child’s feelings, even when they’re inconvenient (as feelings often are).