Top 5 Reasons Adopting from a Pet Rescue Rocks

Thinking about getting a pet? Go with a pet rescue organization.

You’ll never regret adding a dog or cat or other pet from a pet rescue organization.

It’s true what they say that a dog or cat that has been adopted from a shelter or pet rescue organization truly appreciates and loves the humans who adopt them. It’s like they know they’ve been rescued and once they settle into their families you can see the joy coming from them. There are those who have been abused, neglected, abandoned and more and yet they tend to be the best pet additions to any family. Despite their difficult starts to life they can move on and truly enjoy their new families.

pet rescue

Since October is “adopt a pet rescue and/or shelter pet month” I thought this would be a great time to share five of many, many reasons to adopt a pet rescue. All of our pets that we have with us now have been adopted from a shelter or a pet rescue. Our cuddly cat Oliver pictured above was our last addition and he was rescued from a kill shelter. Thank goodness for these pet rescue organizations as I can’t imagine that our Ollie could have been euthanized. We got him when he was about 6 months so not a small kitten but not fully grown. Ollie is by far the most affectionate cat, if not pet we’ve ever had.

Ollie gives face rubs, neck rubs, loves to sit in our laps and snuggle and the list goes on with how affectionate he is. Our rescue pet Ollie alone is a fabulous example of why you never want to buy a pet from a store when you can adopt a pet from a shelter or pet rescue. You’re literally saving a life. There are so many unwanted pets why would choose any other way?

pet rescue Say hello to Little Zeus aka LZ if you haven’t met him already. Yes he’s another reason why you want to adopt from a pet rescue. Instead of me going on and on though let me give you our top 5 reasons for adoption from a pet rescue:

  1. You’re saving a life
  2. Adoption costs less than buying from a pet store or breeder
  3. You’re giving a pet a second chance at a better life. Many have such sad stories it breaks your heart
  4. You can’t buy love but you sure can get it when you adopt from a pet rescue or animal shelter. You’re bringing infinite joy and love into your home. An adopted pet always seem to know they’ve lucked out and they show it!
  5. Many pet rescue organization and shelters include vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering in the adoption fee.

This list could go on but in case you do need some more reasons why adopting a pet is the way to go check out 8 Reasons why adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do. Even better take on that extra special, amazing pet when you think about Adopting a Senior Pet. Senior pets love living life and loving their family. It’s an extra special love you just can’t get anywhere else.

If you can’t adopt maybe you can fosture a rescue pet? Volunteer your time or make a donation. There’s so many ways to help the great organizations who dedicate their time and hard work to rescuing vulnerable animals. Giving to Your Local Pet Rescue: Given the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and fires – now is a great time to adopt, donate and volunteer. Many local rescues and organizations are seeking help.

With the holidays coming up remember to do your research so you have an idea of what kind of pet, breed etc.. is the right fit for you and your family’s lifestyle. After all adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. Check out our Holiday Pet Adoption Tips HERE.

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  1. We adopted 2 of our dogs Lacey & Boone they both were abused really bad and not taken care of. Really makes me so mad

  2. Abigail Gibson says:

    I have always supported rescuing animals from a shelter versus buying retail unless you are into showing or breeding.

  3. Bilger Susan Scribner says:

    We have 3 Shelties and one PomChi rescue pet. I won’t say raising 4 dogs is easy especially because I am disabled myself but I love all of my dogs and they really help me when I am feeling depressed. Getting the word out about the importance of adopting animals of all ages is so important. Reminding people of this seems to help clear the shelters.



  5. Leslie Ross says:

    Rescues are the best my Chorkie is a rescue and a life saver, when she was 2 months old she saved my life I suffer from depression and she saved me from doing something really stupid like trying to take my life, she is my whole world.

  6. I have to admit about 20 years ago I bought an AKC Chihuahua, first time Ever! Little Chico lived until he was almost 18 years old, even though he had a Bad heart. I Loved that Dog so much. And in 2004 my daughter brought me a chihuahua Poodle, Maggie, she was 4 weeks old! She is still with us today. By accident Chico and Maggie had a litter if puppies, ine of the puppies jumped off the couch and hit her head and became brain damaged. We kept her. Her name was Chica, She stayed with us until she disappeared one day. We were not watching her and she either got lost in our woods or somebody took her. She was so tiny. I have loved and tried to take very good care of all my babies. But I will never buy an animal again, I would definitely adopt.

  7. Darcy Koch says:

    If I decide to get another cat it will certainly be from a pet rescue. I get so sad and heartbroken when I see any animal without a forever home. I wish I could adopt them all.

  8. belinda bell says:

    I think it is wonderful to adopt rescue animals. They need homes too

  9. Robin Creager says:

    We always adopt when getting a new family member (family pet). Maury, our last addition, is a Jack Russell who has been in the “system” since 2015. People kept bring him back due to behavioral issues. We don’t know too much about his background. He is so loving and wanting approval but also can’t be left alone for long periods as he has separation disorder. When I’m home is is constantly by my side. We load lots of love on him and assure him he will not be leaving us and we love him very much.

  10. Shandi Messmer says:

    Pet breeders are horrible! Adopting is the best thing to do! All four of our dogs have been adopted from shelters.

  11. marthalynn says:

    I echo everything you said! I will never buy from a breeder or pet mill. As long as there are unwanted animals in shelters, that is where I will go to find our pets. Thank you for this sweet and sobering reminder!

  12. Animal shelters are usually the first stop for animals found on the streets or animals no longer wanted by their owners. Our home is filled with our own adopted furr babies: 1 dog and 6 indoor cats. I love each one of them. My dog is a little crazy, but I still love him!! Adopting from shelters is SOOOO important! Back yard breeders and over crowded Amish breeders are adding to the over population. They continue to sell animals that are bred over and over again.. and as long as people continue to “purchase” pets from pet stores and back yard breeders … who usually end up in shelter anyway… the problem will continue to grow! Save a life, adopt!

  13. When I was a child all the way up to adulthood we always had a dog running around, my parents insisted they came from a shelter or pet rescue center

  14. hi i rescued my 3 fur kid king is going to be 7 in dec he was rescued by me fr breeder who was going to kill himprincessis going t be 4 in week she came by a nother breeder she was the runt
    then queenie i adopted her from a women whows going to kill

  15. Patricia B. says:

    We are big supporters of adopting rescue animals. We fostered puppy litters for the local shelter for about 6 years. All of our pets have been rescues. We either adopted them from the shelter, rescued them from bad situations, had them show up at our doorstep, or were from people who could no longer keep them for whatever reason. We have had about a dozen dogs, 3 cats, various wild animals we have rescued and were rehabbing. Currently we have 3 dogs a terrier from the last litter we fostered, one from a breeder who had an unexpected litter and hadn’t lined up families to buy them, and one that was found beaten and dumped in a ditch), a ball python someone found in a field, and a peacock from someone who ended up with too many for her cage size. We also found a litter of 3 kittens in our wood pile. They were only about 3 weeks old. We have bottle fed them and socialized them, but can’t keep them. One of our dogs would attack them. I have found a home for one of them and will have to contact the Humane Society to place the rest or try the Animal Shelter offering to pay part of the adoption fee.
    The favorite dogs we owned were a beagle mix (our first dog) and a black lab mix. Both of those dogs lived to 17 years. We would get another lab any day. The terrier we now have is 16 1/6 and failing. The other two are pit bulls, the older one with a broken back.

  16. Patricia Green says:

    I volunteer at a cat rescue center. Thank you for this article! It is so wonderful to see one of our furbaby’s adopted into a loving home. We give them all the love we can give, but there is nothing like a furever home!!!

  17. Sherrie Cruson says:

    Thanks for this post. There are so many good reasons to adopt a rescue animal. As for my hubby and I, we have a rescue pet, a terrier mix named Pebbles, and she is the sweetest most loving dog ever and so grateful for everything she gets. We have absolutely no regrets getting her.

  18. Nancy Burgess says:

    Thanks for the information I’ll look into a shelter animal.

  19. This is awesome and inspiring. I wonder if I’m ready for a pet.

  20. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I love this, and I have adopted 3 adult cats but one had a liver problem recently and we had to send him off to heaven. But I would and will in the future always adopt..

  21. I have adopted all my pets from pet rescues and one thing that I found so helpful is that the folks there really know the animals and are so helpful in knowing how to best introduce the pet to ones household and other pets.

  22. Both my dogs are rescues and we are so blessed we found them 🙂 We worked with them both to help them adjust to being in a loving family 🙁 My cat, I got her from a friend over 16 years ago 😀

  23. Rachel Browning says:

    I have been looking in to getting a dog from the shelter. Great info

  24. Sandra Watts says:

    I am considering getting another pet. I definitely will rescue one first.

  25. Joy Venters says:

    All of my pets have been rescues – I got my first from the Humane Society – .the rest of the crew were street rescues. All have brought me immeasurable joy and love. I cannot justify buying from a breeder when so many are in shelters and need homes

  26. Susan Woods says:

    Our Gracie is from a rescue. We found her on Petfinder and applied to adopt her. Gracie traveled from New Jersey to Massachusetts and then to NH. She’ll be 11yo in Dec., became diabetic in Feb. 2017, diabetes caused cataracts within a few short months – so she is pretty much blind now. She hates obeying me but is my dog – I can’t go anywhere without her or without her being within 6′ from me. I just love this dog.

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