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Travel Smart

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 I received the luggage scale and a purple set (of course) of the travel cubes just in time for my trip two week trip away to Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Palm Springs and back to Las Vegas. Yep it was quite a busy trip as you can see and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS for the luggage scale and the packing cubes! I had looked at several travel scales online and in stores and didn’t either like the look of them, read bad reviews or some even required that you only lift the luggage with one hand. Um excuse me 50lbs with one hand?! I don’t know about you but that is not something that I can do!

I was at my wit’s end as I couldn’t find a travel scale I liked and I really wanted to bring one because the last time I traveled to Chicago just a few years ago when I was leaving to meet up with my family for vacation it turns out my suitcase was a few pounds overweight. Great, just great I got to be one of those people going through her suitcase at the airport, not a lot of fun and I wanted to avoid that at all costs. I did bring an extra bag with me because I had been forewarned that the conference I was attending I would be leaving with a LOT of stuff. However I was still worried as the not so great airline that I was only flying on between Chicago and Las Vegas had an even lower weight allowance of 40lbs instead of the more normal one of 50lbs!

Thankfully when I asked another blogger recommended the EatSmart Luggage Scale she said she loved it. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself as I have an EatSmart Scale and know that EatSmart produces high quality products. In fact you can read my review on their awesome scale HERE that was on my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide it’s a fantastic scale.

The luggage scale is so easy to use and easy to hold which is important when you’re trying to lift 50lbs! As you can see below it goes on the handle of the suitcase quite easily and you can adjust the strap to get a snug fit.

Travel Smart luggage scale

Two of my favorite features are that only a few seconds after you lift it, it will beep and the weight will  be “held” so you can put it down and see what your suitcase weighs in at. I also love the backlit display and the ergonomic handle. Okay that’s three things but really I love this scale period!

I used this scale several times before leaving Chicago as did my roomie at the conference, then my entire family and I including my father-in-law all used it on our 4 + suitcases before we left Las Vegas to come home. Guess what? None of our luggage was overweight, we were darn close to that 50lbs but not over so the scale came through with flying colors!

Travel Smart luggage scaleTravel Smart luggage scale

Now let’s not forget about the awesome purple packing cube system that I also got to use on my trip. I’ve never utilized any packing cubes while travelling before and I’ve travelled quite a bit. Well I have to say I will never leave home without them now! Just a few weeks before our big trip I went away for a long weekend with my daughter and another mom and daughter and I was constantly going through my suitcase trying to find undergarments and other items what a pain. The packing cubes help to eliminate that quite a bit! I used the smallest one for my skin care and make up items, another for undergarments and the large one for a few outfits I knew I’d wear the most. It was fantastic I could easily spot the cubes and the items I needed and I didn’t have to constantly dig through my suitcase, loved it! They are made of of high-quality nylon fabric; Both lightweight yet durable with two way easy-pull zippers. You can just keep the cubes in your suitcase or put them in drawers which is what I did in Chicago keeping them neat and tidy either way! They come in about 5 different colors and are definitely worth having at the very cheap price they are available for!

Travel Smart packing cubeTravel Smart packing cube


Both the luggage scale and the packing cube system can be purchased on Amazon. Overall both the luggage scale and packing cube system get a big TWO THUMBS up from Powered by Mom and family for making our travels so much easier. We will always travel smart now thanks to EatSmart!

One lucky person will receive the EatSmart travel luggage scale AND the TravelWise Packing Cube System! Enter on the rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    I want to win the luggage scale and packing cube system because it looks very useful!

  2. I would like to win this so we can use this when we go on vacation.

  3. My husband works out of town for 28 days at a time. He has to fly to and from his job, and it is always a guess of how much his luggage weighs.

  4. Daniele Holmberg says:

    I would love to win this because I travel often and our bags are always overweight:)

  5. Dawn Sterner says:

    This looks so nice & it would come in handy every time I visit my daughter!

  6. Teresa Thompson says:

    I want to win this to use when I travel to my sons house.

  7. I am a terrible packer so anything that would make it better would be welcome.

  8. I want to win because I always seem to have trouble properly packing my suitcases….this would help for sure.

  9. Any help with traveling would be good. I’m a disable senior in the Midwest with most of my family on the west coast.

  10. Cynthia Sizemore says:

    I would like to win this so my luggage doesn’t go over the weight limit.

  11. I need luggage really bad. Thank you, Jerri Davis

  12. sherry butcher says:

    To save money I try to take only my carry on bag so this would be the best way to do it. Thanks.

  13. I travel internationally for work

  14. I would love to win this for my daughter she travels all the time and it would be great to know how much her luggage weighs also when shes away and buying stuff she knows for her return trip.

  15. kristin h says:

    this would actually be perfect for my sister – she will be traveling to disney with 2 kids and her husband

  16. michelle E says:

    I want it to when I travel to the philippines.

  17. We travel alot. This look really handy dandy.

  18. My husband and I live in the US but have family in Argentina and Canada meaning that we travel A LOT! Since we always want to bring gifts with us we really have to watch our suitcase weights. While staying with family it can be a challenge to keep our things neat in small rooms while living out of suitcases and I think packing cubes could really help with that.

  19. I’d love to win this so that I can keep our things organized when we travel 🙂

  20. This system would make it so much easier to travel.
    I would know the weight of my luggage, and it would help to keep it organized.

  21. I am notorious for overpacking, so the scale and luggage cubes would help me pack smarter and avoid extra fees! Thank you!

  22. When we travel I have such a hard time trying to figure out the weight of my luggage to make sure it is not over the limit which would end up costing us extra.

  23. This would make international travel much easier.

  24. I hate to pay extra fees at the airport so this would be perfect!!!!

  25. Jill A. Collins says:

    I am ALWAYS sweating it out when I put my luggage on the scale at the airport and I have wanted a luggage scale FOREVER!

  26. We live out of state from family and have to fly to see them- I am always stressing about the weight of our suitcases! This would be so helpful.

  27. casey martz says:

    I would like to win this because we go to my moms every weekend. We have 2 kids and a dog so we have been packing our stuff in plastic bags. This would be nice to win and replace those plastic bags.

  28. I want to win it for my mom because her suitcase is almost always over the weight limit, and when we travel together, she always has to put a few of her items in my suitcase! Oh, and bringing back souvenirs…don’t even get me started! Hahaha

  29. Katherine Oliveira says:

    My husband works out of state, so he travels a lot. My daughter and I also visit him a lot of the time. We travel A LOT lol. I think the cubes would be fantastic because, like you, I can never find anything in my suitcase. Also, I had an experience that my luggage was too heavy, so I would LOVE to have the scale so I wouldn’t embarrass myself again 😉

  30. Any tool that makes traveling easier would be great for me when I travel alone with my toddler.

  31. We travel a lot and could really use a luggage scale!

  32. I have come so close to meeting the limit-this would help so much!!

  33. It would make traveling easier.

  34. easier packing and cute

  35. I would love to win this for my son who travels a great deal. This would come in so handy for him.

  36. To make packing easier.

  37. Lyndsey W. says:

    I am a military spouse stationed overseas and traveling is something we have to do all the time and something we choose to do some of the time. We are alwasy trying to balance a suitcase on our old scale in the bathroom and losing things while living out of suitcases. This would be a major win for me!

  38. Jessica D says:

    I always over pack so having a scale would help me with that issue ( I hope). I’m also not a very organized packer, can’t remember where I put things. So the cubes would help with that.

  39. Would love to win this, as we are taking a family trip to (via plane) in December for my husbands 40th Birthday!

  40. We are planning a trip to Ireland after my daughter graduates high school next year. This would be very helpful with our packing.

  41. we travel with 2 little kids thus a lot of luggage. this would be big help

  42. We came real close to being over the weight limit on the way back from a trip. It would be nice to know how much your luggage weighs before getting to the airport so that items could be dispersed differently between suitcases in order to avoid extra charges.

  43. Stephanie Foster says:

    I would love to win this because it would make packing and traveling so much easier.

  44. We need one! We always over pack!

  45. The packing cubes look awesome I travel with my grandson using one suitcase it would really help with keeping clothing etc seperate.

  46. Denise Elliott says:

    my husband and I never had a honeymoon in may 2014 we will be married for 15 years our kids are big enough now to be left with family so honeymoon here we come

  47. my husband travels a lot and this would work out great for him

  48. I have a set of these packing cubes and love them. We’re taking an international trip in October and I’d love to have another set to pack our grandson’s things. The scale would be handy, too!

  49. Jessica Rinker says:

    very soon i am going to start traveling constantly for business and this will become my best friend!

  50. Marisa May says:

    We have five in our family and packing for trips can get crazy, so I’d love anything that can help us stay more organized!

  51. I am an organizing freak & these cubes are calling me like crazy. Then the scale will come in handy when my sis comes to visit cause we are always worried she is going to go over the weight limit on her luggage. lol

  52. Kim Pinch says:

    My husband travels a lot and is always complaining that his stuff is wrinkled, the cubes would really help him. Hopefully with the scale he would realize he can still get me more gifts!

  53. Kimberly Sheridan says:

    We always buy a lot when we travel and it would be nice to know before we leave the hotel if we are overweight. I’m all for anything that helps organization and these cubes (purple for me too!) sound great

  54. Heather Freeman says:

    I would like to win because my luggage was ruined in a basement flood.

  55. KAREN COCHRANE says:

    because i need it

  56. Kimberly Sheridan says:

    The above is my correct email address.

  57. Kimberly Sheridan says:

    I would love the travel scale, and the packing cubes sound like a great way to stay organized

  58. Cindy Bowling says:

    Need this to travel

  59. Debbie Lewis says:

    I would give this to my daughter who travels a lot. I think she could really use it.

  60. Stephanie Easterling says:

    We are hoping to travel soon and do not want to go over the weight and the Luggage Scale would be great. The packing cubes sound great to keep my things in better order. They sound great.

  61. jeri boss says:

    i want to win this

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