Tsukihoshi Winter Boots and Shoes Help Feet Develop Naturally

Tsukihoshi Winter Boots and Shoes For Kids

Winter will be here before we know it. In some parts of the country (and world), winter temperatures are already here! For those of us who live a little closer to the equator, winter will be on its way soon! Are you prepared to keep your little one’s feet warm and dry this winter? Finding the right winter boots makes all the difference in how much fun AND how safe your little one will be outside this winter! Tsukihoshi Winter Boots are simply adorable, waterproof, and warm.

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My daughter loves switching between Tsukihoshi Sneakers and Tsukihoshi Winter Boots

winter boots

About Tsukihoshi

Tsukihoshi offer fun and comfortable shoes that allow your children to move their toes comfortably. Their main goal is to make sure children can benefit from having room to move their toes while still protected inside their shoes or winter boots.

winter boots

When a child has appropriate space around their toes the benefit include:

  • Maintaining a tactile contact with the ground which boosts their sense of balance.
  • Provide exactly what is needed to develop a healthy arch.
  • Allows soft bones and cartilage to align naturally as they grow.
  • Helps a child who is claustrophobic wear shoes without fear.

winter boots

Tsukihoshi’s counter stabilizer braces the heel and the foot arch, providing the much needed stability to achieve a proper walking.

winter boots

Tsukihoshi’s extremely flexible ”Flex-Joint Outsoles” are specifically designed to help children’s feet to flex, to promote natural movements as well as provide maximum comfort to little feet that are still learning how to bend.

winter boots

My Thoughts on the Tsukihoshi Shoes and Winter Boots

My daughter has a hard time with shoes. We do not know everything about her past (we adopted her in January as she was about to turn four years old). We do know that situations from her past made her extremely claustrophobic. For the longest time, we could not get her to wear anything other than sandals. Her toes had to be free. She has come a long way but at times she still flips out with regular shoes. Buying shoes too large for her was what we had to do to relieve her anxiety but it is just not safe. Tsukihoshi provides everything she needs for shoes and these adorable winter boots while still giving her space within the shoe to move her toes freely.

winter boots

We are in our home as I type this and SHE made the choice to put her Tsukihoshi shoes on even though we are not going anywhere. That is HIGHLY unusual. Normally, we have to force her to put shoes on when it is time to go somewhere. I am totally loving the fact that she is excited to be wearing shoes!!!

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    Cool looking boots that I will have to get as a gift his year.

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